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What is this mind creating? l Worship


Last updated 8/8/2018 at Noon

I was standing in the parking lot two weeks ago when I saw this SUV zipping through the driveway and nabbed a parking slot. I debated whether to challenge what she had executed in that zippy little maneuver.

You see, she was in a hurry to get to a meeting and was probably late. She had a brown bag in her hands, most likely goodies wrapped up inside for her meeting.

It was a tough call as I thought about this in my pause and reflection.

Standing outside of my car, looking at her racing toward me, I asked, “Excuse me, but did you drive through this way as you zipped up to a blind curve?”

She acknowledged that she had. “Yeah, what about it is your business?” she asked.

I could just tell that I had gotten myself into a snit.

“Well,” I said, “I am a pedestrian who works in that building you are racing toward. I was curious about why you drove through the exit instead of the entry way, speeding as well; is the rush worth the potential injury to someone walking or driving through the exit?”

Without pause, she blasts out, “I CAN READ!”

She begins to rapidly blink her eyes.

“So, you decided to ignore the warning, as you sped up?” I asked.

“Who do you think you are?” she grunts.

“This inquiry is over,” I think to myself. Calmly, “It’s up to you to decide if your actions have the potential to result in harm!”

In her blank fluttering stare, she crumbles her brown bag, turns around, enters her vehicle and rapidly drives out the exit driveway that she entered from.

Can you guess which mind was creating a potentially dangerous consequence for its entitlement?

In truth, there is really nothing wrong with our mind. In and of itself, it is naturally peaceful.

If the mind is not peaceful these days, it is most likely because it becomes attached to its moods. The real mind is inherently empty - nothing to it; it’s simply an aspect of nature. In his seminal treatise, “Food for the Heart,” Ajahn Chah, says this about the mind, “It becomes peaceful or agitated because moods deceive it…the untrained mind is stupid!”

Stupidity will cause confusion and potentially compromise whatever amount of morality we have. It will undercut our wisdom and distract us from the mind’s natural state of peace, wisdom and cognitive clarity.

The untrained mind when it becomes high jacked by the sense impressions, forgets itself. The sense impressions such as happiness, anger, suffering, gladness, and sadness seduce the mind, but its true nature is not a mood even though it becomes tricked by these things.

When the confusion sets in, then it is we who thinks that we are upset, or whatever mood it is we become it - a temporary insanity! And, this is how the mind forgets itself. This is an insidious vicious circle.

Consider this image. The mind is like a leaf on a strong branch, still, peaceful and unmoving until a wind comes along and flutters the leaf.

The leaf continues to flutter if the wind blows. The fluttering of the mind is due to our sense impressions - it follows them! If it doesn’t follow them it doesn’t flutter.

If we learn to understand the true nature of our sense impressions, our mind will become unmoved by them.


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