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Section 8 is a hand up, not a handout


Last updated 2/19/2020 at 11:34am

Kudos to Anna Rohrbough and Cathy Carter for their Feb. 12 letters to the editor. Their constructive critique regarding the City Council’s recent acceptance of a Housing Action Plan grant, without any apparent consideration of its impact on Mukilteo residents, was well thought out and reasonable.

I agree with them when they said that city representatives should have informed Mukilteo citizens of their plans to accept the grant.

On the other hand, Peter Zieve and Sherry Grosso's responses were vitriolic and quite distasteful. Peter's predictable us vs. them, anywhere but here and it sucks to be you mentality should remind us that wealth and wisdom are not necessarily synonymous.

Sherry Grosso, with her "I DO NOT want social experiments in my community," is based on a profound lack of understanding and empathy for recipients of affordable housing.

Does she realize that the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution are considered a social experiment? The former regards all people as having been created equal, while the latter is, in part, designed to protect us from foreign and domestic adversaries.

Aside from that bit of trivia, I, and years later, two of my daughters were low income and Section 8 housing recipients at one point in our lives.

At no time did I consider the subsidies I received as a handout. I wasn't lazy, ignorant or lacking motivation. As for my daughters? They were single parents trying to raise their children as best they could with minimal financial resources.

The fathers of their children refused to pay child support until they were forced to by the courts. The amount my daughters received from them wasn't enough for them to be able to afford a better place to live in.

They, like me, were not looking for a handout or lacking motivation. Fortunately, all of us are doing well and no longer relying on public assistance or, should I say, a social experiment.

With that being said and, as foolish as it may sound, I wonder if Ms. Grosso would support a proposal to rescind Medicaid, Medicare, the Affordable Health Care and Americans with Disabilities Act(s), for these too, qualify as a "social experiment."

Rod Amburgy



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