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Response to Rohrbough column

When I read this headline, I thought that the author may have been referring to herself and the other half of the dynamic duo mentioned in her article, Councilmember Whelpley.

Not content with the State Auditors’ findings, they (along with other councilmembers) have chosen to seek outside legal counsel to the tune of $10,000 with an additional $30,000 in the 2019 budget.

Yes indeed, let's keep beating this dead horse (that the mayor has done something illegal knowingly), by continuing to run up the tab for outside legal counsel.

The lack of a finding by the State Auditors, the fact that other cities delegate, the lack of a precedent, will make succeeding much more difficult … and cost a lot of money. Ah, but what is taxpayer money for?

They also ignore what has been the mayors' discretion at resolving severance issues to avoid possible legal action on the part of the employee.

The author says that she is asked to be quiet, she might ask herself why? I have heard her make disparaging remarks about the mayor that border on defamation of character.

By hiring outside legal counsel those who voted for it will likely be told what they want to hear. Mukilteo citizens are smart enough to see right through this ploy.

Look at the State Auditors website: “Our performance auditors come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are certified public accountants. Some are specialists in fields that include policy analysis, statistical analysis and information technology.”

Councilmember Whelpley should apologize for his crass remarks about them in The Beacon.

The “quagmire at City Hall” is on the council side; the mud is on those councilmembers (not all) who continue to try to find fault with the mayor, despite all of the other problems in this city that need to be addressed.

It will be fun to see the scramble for her position once she wins a seat on the Snohomish County Council. So many political wannabes in the mix, so much mud to sling.

As to that “integrity" anchor, Councilmember Rohrbough, it seems to be snagged on something below the water's surface, something murky. Could it be political motivation?

Elaine Knapp


Correction to past letter

Correction to my letter of Feb. 13:

Your Mukilteo property taxes were raised 1 percent for an estimated 12 percent revenue increase to the general fund that will be paid by property owners in 2019.

Every property tax increase is especially important because tax rates are perpetual on ever increasing property values. Higher taxes impact all income levels in the community and the ability of property owners to remain in their homes and businesses in Mukilteo.

Mukilteo Beacon subscribe America Newspapers have your back

On the budget: The practice of tuition reimbursement and severance pay should be eliminated. Why are taxpayers on the hook for thousands of additional dollars gifted to city employees already receiving good job compensation and benefits? What do taxpayers get in return from these non-work giveaways?

Taxpayers have limited budgets and many families struggle to pay their own tuition bills. How is it fair or justified to tax us for these extraneous purposes?

I hope the mayor and City Council are keenly sensitive and attentive to budget concerns of the community as each spending decision is contemplated. The goal is better fiscal prudence and money in the bank at the end of this year- and no new taxes.

Patricia Morrison



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