Police Beat: 2/7 - 2/14


Last updated 2/20/2019 at Noon

Feb. 7

Just at work

The caller advised of a subject looking into a vehicle. Officers were cancelled prior to arrival, as the subject was an employee. 4700 block of Charter Lane.

Too close for comfort

The caller advised of a vehicle parked in front of the mailboxes and they were worried the mail would not be delivered. An officer found the vehicle was not blocking the mailboxes, but they did issue a warning notice for the vehicle being parked within 10 feet of a mailbox.

Your problem now

Officers were dispatched to an area check for a recklessly driven vehicle. Officers attempted to locate the vehicle but were unable to do so before the caller advised they were then headed eastbound on SR 526 at Airport Road. The information was forwarded to Everett PD and WSP.

Feb. 8

Off you go

Officers were dispatched to a theft that occurred. Management advised they did not want to pursue any criminal charges and just wanted the female subject trespassed. The officers contacted the female and she was issued a written trespass letter. 11700 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.

Runaway train!

An officer checked Mt. Baker's Crossing after BNSF reported a minor train derailment. BNSF had advised that no assistance was needed and the tracks were quickly cleared. 1100 block of 1st Street.


Officers temporarily closed a portion of Harbour Pointe Blvd. until a jack-knifed semi was able to move out of the roadway.

Feb. 9

Pole bound

The caller reported that sometime during the night a vehicle struck a pole and the vehicle was still there covered in snow. An officer determined no one was inside the vehicle and it did appear to have occurred overnight. There was a note on the vehicle, presumably from the driver or owner that they would have the vehicle towed that day. The officer attempted to contact the registered owner but no one answered the phone. The vehicle was not a traffic hazard and the pole did not appear to be damaged. 7200 block of 48th Avenue West.

Ditch it

An officer responded for a report of a vehicle that slid off the road and was in the ditch. The officer located the vehicle and it was unoccupied. The back of the vehicle was slightly in the roadway but there was plenty of room for vehicles to get around it. It was registered out of the city and the officer was unable to find a phone number for the registered owner. 10500 block of 66th Place West.

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Snowy camouflage

The caller requested police because he thought his vehicle had been stolen. Officers located the vehicle, covered in snow. The owner was advised that it had not been stolen. 3900 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest.

Feb. 10

Sketchy boy

The caller reported a theft in progress. While en route, an officer called the reporting party who advised the male had not stolen anything and was just "sketchy." The officer asked the manager if she wanted the male trespassed and she said no that they "had no reason" to do that. The manager was advised to call back if they needed further assistance or if the male committed a crime. 11700 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.

That’s dangerous

An officer was dispatched to check for a stop sign missing from the intersection. The temporary stop sign that had been placed there replacing the downed stop sign was now missing. Public Works was advised. 49th Place West and Harbour Reach Drive.

You dang kids!

A caller reported juveniles were sledding in the roadway. The juveniles were not located. 92nd Street Southwest.

Feb. 11

Telephone pole

The reporting party (RP) advised they were involved in a single vehicle collision. The RP collided with a telephone pole and no lines were down. Officers called public works to have them come plow and sand the area again and possible close the roadway. The RP advised they had a tow en route. 10600 block of 62nd Place West.

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An officer was dispatched to an area check for a group of people skiing on the golf course. The officer contacted two skiers who agreed to leave after being advised the golf course was private property. 6000 block of Clubhouse Lane.

Feb. 12

Trying to stay warm

Officers assisted the fire department with a small fire outside of a unit. No residents were moved or displaced. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

Feb. 13


The caller reported a burglary occurred overnight and a vehicle had been prowled. 12900 block of Beverly Park Road.

Block ‘em!

The caller had questions regarding suspicious phone calls. An officer recommended that they block the numbers and call back if they continue to receive the calls. 9500 block of 56th Avenue West.

Feb. 14

The Mukilteo 500

An officer checked the area for a report of three vehicles racing each other. They were not located. 4400 block of Chennault Beach Road.

Please leave. Again

The caller reported that a previously trespassed female was trying to open doors. She left prior to the officer's arrival. Officers attempted to contact her at her residence but she did not appear to be home. 12400 block of Evergreen Drive.


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