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Last updated 2/6/2019 at Noon

The silence

Editor's Note: According to the Frognal developers and Snohomish County, the permits are up to date for what work they've done at the site. Read "Logging at Frognal property again an issue."

For days, a group of citizens stood in the cold to try to hold back loggers from clearcutting the forest on Picnic Point watershed known as the Frognal property.

A judge in Seattle held the operation for a few days but then allowed the permit to proceed.

Proceed they did, cutting down every tree even in NGPA for timber value. The Prosecuting Attorney told residents that they couldn’t park on 58th Street West.

It was suddenly too narrow. Not too narrow for 15 years! The noise of chainsaws and huge logging trucks pulling up Picnic Point Road permeated the neighborhood.

Suddenly silence descended! The silence was deafening and confusing. What did we discover?

The County Planning and Development Department, the judges, the Prosecuting Attorney’s office had let the harvesting of these steep slopes go forward before obtaining the necessary permit approvals for the water and sewer designs.

Furthermore, the developer needed an easement through Lot 74 to be 70 percent approved by the Regatta Estates HOA. This means that the construction portion of this is on hold – indefinitely.

However, this environmental scar means more. More terror for those homeowners at the base of those steep slopes. More chance for a slide to occur or trees left on slopes to fall. More sediment to wash into Picnic Point Creek and Puget Sound to affect salmon and orcas. More puzzlement that government officials did not seek to have all safety conditions secured and needed plans approved before scalping the hillside. More distrust of County officials that are supposed to look out for the welfare of all its citizens!

We cannot be silent about this outrage! These types of policies must change! Write your Council and County Executive!

Joan Smith


No Lighthouse Festival parade?

I have not missed the Lighthouse Festival parade since 2005 and now it is official that the 2019 parade is cancelled.

This is sad, but not surprising.

In 2018, the mayor participated in the parade but she didn't show up at the outdoor fireworks celebration at the lighthouse, the first no show for a mayor in my memory.

The City Council was absent throughout the weekend with the exception of Christine Cook, who is reliable.

I have no idea why Scott Whelpley, Steve Schmalz, Bob Champion, and Richard Emery want to sit on the Council when they have nothing to do with the city or anything that goes on here.

This won't get fixed until we get a Council that is more engaged.

Peter Zieve


Thoughts on vaccines

Editor’s Note: The following is in response to a Snohomish Health District press release we published in a recent edition of our paper. We can’t verify the validity of Mr. Knudson’s claims, but respect his right to have an opinion on vaccinations, though we, and many others, may not agree with them.

A recent article in The Beacon announced the first “flu-related death" in Snohomish County. The article also says the person was in their 80s and had “underlying conditions." The article thus admits that this death was not caused by the flu. No mention was made of whether this person had received the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine can cause death.

Doctors say vaccines are safe. The U.S. Supreme Court has said that federal law declares vaccines “unavoidably unsafe.” That is why we have the semi-secretive vaccine court. No jury trials there.

Monetary damages for death and injury by vaccine are paid for by a $0.75 tax on each vaccine. The Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out $3 billion as of 2017.

Japan delayed giving the DPT vaccine to babies until 24 months and crib death dropped dramatically. Why hasn’t the U.S. followed suit?

The Amish is essentially unvaccinated and autism is next to nil in that community. The Center for Diseases Control wouldn’t comment on why this has not been studied.

During the years in which vaccination dramatically increased, the U.S. has seen a corresponding increase in autism and chronic disease. Are these linked?

The requirements for vaccine approval are less than for other prescribed medications. To gain approval, pharmaceuticals are required to undergo double-blind studies wherein some participants receive a placebo that is inert. Not so with vaccines.

Some say vaccination is an acceptable risk. Ask the parents of a dead or permanently damaged child. Some nurses have quit their job to avoid mandatory vaccination. What do they know what is not being openly discussed? I’m confident that if we had effective whistleblower protections, we would get down to the bottom of this rather quickly.

“As an ER nurse, I’ve seen the cover-up … reactions over the years. It has to be in the hundreds … Too often the parents say, ‘Yes, the pediatrician gave the vaccinations this morning’ … The CDC and HHS admit they hear about 1/10 of the actual number of injuries.” – Vaccines-A Reappraisal page 132.

For 40 years, the tobacco industry covered up what they knew about their products and their CEOs lied to Congress. The secrecy surrounding vaccines is beginning to erode.

For further research: Vaccines-A Reappraisal (Moskowitz); The Vaccine Court; How to End the Autism Epidemic.

All can be obtained through Sno-Isle Libraries.

Arnie Knudson


MYAC events coming up soon

Calling all youth artists!

Looking to have your art displayed, commended, or sold? Register by February 28th for the second-annual Mukilteo Art Contest, organized by the Mukilteo Youth Advisory Committee.

All artists grades K-12 in the greater Seattle area can enter up to three pieces of their original 2D artwork (including pencil, pastel, paint, and photography) for the chance to earn up to $100. All entries will be displayed at the Rosehill Community Center on March 28, and winning works will be featured at the Mukilteo City Hall.

For registration and more information, please visit We look forward to seeing your beautiful pieces!

Also, on Thursday, Feb. 13, the Mukilteo Youth Advisory Committee will be showing the film, Suicide: The Ripple Effect, at Rosehill Community Center. This film chronicles the story of Kevin Hines, a suicide survivor and now a world-renowned advocate for suicide prevention. According to the film’s website,

In the United States alone, there are one million suicide attempts and over 40,000 deaths by suicide every year. This film will shine light on the reality of this ongoing crisis and highlight effective efforts that are helping people stay well and alive. This film is uniting and igniting change that will have a tremendous positive impact on reducing the number of suicides and suicide attempts around the world. It is not just a film; it is a movement.

Join us in viewing this heartwarming and motivating picture, and in contributing to the dialogue it sparks. For more information, visit

Angie Wang


Peoria Home event is next month

The issues of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction are real and growing here in Snohomish County. It is hiding in plain sight on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Best estimates suggest that dozens of people are bought and sold nightly in our county.

Peoria Home is a long-term solution, providing housing and resources for two years for women affected by trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Women making the brave decision to reclaim their lives are in great need for professional services to process their experiences and trauma while living in a supportive community.

What can we, everyday citizens do to help support their healing? In short, we can give: time, resources, and money.

Peoria Home’s fifth annual auction and benefit dinner, Beacon of Hope, is being held March 16, at Edward D. Hansen Conference Center at Angel of the Winds Event Center in Everett. Doors open at 5 p.m.

More information and ticket sales at

Addie Gerlach

Snohomish County


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