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Police beat (Sept. 1-7)


September 13, 2017

Sept. 1

Truck and trailer

A reporting party advised of a truck and a trailer parked in the 5300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard. Officers tried to contact the registered owner but were unsuccessful. Both vehicles were towed as they were blocking the roadway.

911 hang-up

Dispatch advised of a 911 hang-up call from the 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway with sounds of a recording congratulating someone for high customer satisfaction. Officers checked with staff and confirmed it was accidental.

Car doors ajar

A reporting party in the 11100 block of 56th Place West advised his neighbor’s vehicle was possibly prowled as two of the doors were ajar and the contents appeared rummaged through. An officer tried contacting the registered owner but could not reach him. The officer secured the vehicle and left a note on the windshield.

Run of the roof

A reporting party advised of receiving information that a juvenile was on the roof at Kamiak High School. An officer checked the school with custodians but did not find anyone on the roof.

Missed the boat

A reporting party advised of a possible drunken, erratic driver at Mukilteo Speedway and Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest. The vehicle was located in the ferry holding lanes. Officers contacted the driver who agreed to field sobriety tests. The driver failed the tests and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. The vehicle was impounded.

Sept. 2

Fence defaced

A reporting party advised that sometime during the previous night someone spray-painted graffiti on the homeowner association fence at the entrance to the neighborhood at Beverly Park Road and Harbour Heights Drive.

Child lock

A caller in the 10900 block of Mukilteo Speedway reported that their keys were locked in their vehicle with a child locked inside, as well. Officers were able to unlock the car.

More graffiti

A caller in the 13000 block of Beverly Park Road reported that sometime during the previous night someone spray-painted graffiti on his fence. The graffiti was the same as the previously reported case.

Reflective cat eyes

A caller in the 4700 block of 88th Street Southwest reported that someone put a cutout of a cat with reflective eyes in the roadway. He said that last night his daughter almost lost control of her car trying to avoid it.

Alarming technique

A caller in the 8000 block of 46th Avenue West reported a male in a gray Toyota minivan was driving through the neighborhood. She believed that the male was casing the neighborhood. She said that he knocked on her door and asked if she wanted to sell her old truck. The officer contacted the subject who claimed to be driving in the area looking for older/junk vehicles to buy. The officer advised him that he needs a permit to solicit door-to-door, and that he is alarming people with his technique. He agreed to stop.

Sound asleep

A reporting party in the 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway advised of a female in a vehicle who was breathing, but not waking up. An officer contacted the female and found that she had been taking a nap.

Open door

A reporting party in the 12200 block of Greenhaven Lane advised of coming home and finding the front door open. The case is under investigation.

Ferry furry

A reporting party in the 600 block of Front Street advised that three subjects in a vehicle were upset with the way the ferry was being loaded. The subjects swore at employees and drove erratically in the area. Officers were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

Sept. 3

Aggressive Akita-Shepherd

A caller in the 1100 block of West Mukilteo Boulevard reported walking eastbound on 5th Street with their dogs when an Akita-Shepherd mix charged at their dog. They kicked the aggressive dog away and it ran toward a wooded area. The dog’s owner was not around. Neither the dogs nor the caller sustained injuries. An officer checked the surrounding area but did not locate the loose dog.

Aviation groupies

A caller in the 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway reported a camper with someone “camping out.” An officer found the subjects were parked to watch the Vintage Aircraft Weekend air show at Paine Field. They said that they would be moving along soon.

Car vs. pedestrian

A reporting party advised of a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian in the 4800 block of 92nd Street Southwest. The case is under investigation.

Take a walk

A reporting party in the 8400 block of Mukilteo Speedway advised of a possible drunken driver who had slurred speech and was rambling. Officers were able to contact the subjects who were eating their food. They agreed to walk home.

Street kids

A reporting party at 5th Street and Mukilteo Speedway advised of juveniles running in the roadway. Officers contacted the subjects and advised them to stay out of the roadway and quiet down.

Sept. 4

Elusive golfer

A reporting party advised there was a male hitting golf balls in the 2600 block of Mukilteo Speedway. The subject was gone upon arrival.

Pesky about parking

An officer was dispatched to a report of two vehicles parked too far away from the curb and too close to the intersection in the 500 block of Church Avenue. The officer found all vehicles legally parked.

Garbage theft

A caller in the 11700 block of Wilmington Way reported his garbage can was stolen overnight.

Follow the leader

A caller in the 1000 block of Terrace Court advised that a male in a vehicle was following another vehicle around the neighborhood. The male was gone upon an officer’s arrival.

Fleeing the scene

An officer was dispatched to a traffic complaint involving a vehicle tailgating and being driven erratically on Mukilteo Speedway at Beverly Park Road. An officer located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop, but the vehicle fled, driving recklessly into oncoming traffic lanes at dangerously high speeds. The officer did not pursue the vehicle, which later fled from state patrol troopers while heading southbound on I-5. The officer identified the driver and will be referring charges to the Snohomish County prosecutor.

Armed robbery attempt

A caller in the 7900 block of 53rd Avenue West reported that a masked intruder with a pistol attempted to rob her, demanding her wallet and jewelry. She stated that she pulled out her own, inoperable pistol and threatened the intruder, saying she would shoot him in the face. The intruder reportedly knocked her down and fled, having apparently taken her pistol with him. A police K-9 was unable to track the suspect. The case is under investigation.

Sept. 5

Stuck in New York

A reporting party in the 1000 block of 17th Court requested a welfare check on an employee who failed to show up for work. An officer checked the residence and learned that the subject was stuck in New York after a plane flight was delayed. The information was passed along to the reporting party.

Uncooperative kitty

A caller in the 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard requested assistance with getting a cat into a cat carrier. An officer responded to assist, but was unable to get the cat to cooperate.

Lights out

A reporting party advised a male just smashed the taillights on a vehicle in the 5000 block of 84th Street Southwest and was now leaving on foot. Officers located the subject at a nearby bus stop. The male subject admitted to breaking the taillight. The owner of the vehicle decided not to press charges against the male subject.

Walking down the street

A reporting party advised of a subject walking in the middle of the roadway on Mukilteo Blvd and Lamar Drive. Officers contacted the subject, who was walking on the shoulder. The subject stated he did not need any assistance.

Banging noises

A reporting party in the 11600 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard advised of hearing banging noises and doors opening and closing in the area. An officer contacted subjects who were unloading supplies from their vehicles. No other problems were observed.

Sept. 6

Sleepy trespasser

Officers responded to a report of a male sleeping in the entrance of a location in the 600 block of Front Street. The officers contacted the male subject, who had a warrant for his arrest out of Everett for trespassing. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Stolen plates

A caller in the 11400 block of Mukilteo Speedway reported the license plates had been stolen off the company’s vehicle. The plates were entered as stolen.

Move along

Officers responded to the 600 block of 5th Street for a female who was sitting outside loitering. The officers spoke to the female who was cooperative and agreed to wait at a different location for her ride.

Electronics theft

A reporting party in the 11200 block of 58th Avenue West called to report the theft of electronic equipment.


Officers were flagged down in the 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway regarding a shoplifting incident that had just occurred in the area. Officers were able to identify the subject through security footage, but could not locate the subject.

Asleep at the wheel

While on patrol in the 600 block of Front Street, an officer located an occupied vehicle with a male driver slumped over the steering wheel. The driver appeared to be under the influence. The vehicle was impounded and the case under investigation.

Sept. 7

Homeless camp

An anonymous caller reported a transient camp in a wooded area in the 11700 block of Cyrus Way. An officer contacted a female subject who agreed to pack up and move on.

Dude, where’s my car?

A caller in the 5000 block of 81st Place Southwest reported that his vehicle was missing. Prior to the officer’s arrival, he called back and said that he found his vehicle.

Dude, where’s my toddler?

A caller in the 4800 block of 100th Place Southwest reported that his 2-year-old son was missing. The child was located inside the house, in bed, napping under a pile of clothes.

Peaceful ‘panhandler’

An officer responded to a report of a male “panhandling” in the 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway. The officer observed the male standing on the side of the intersection. He was not interfering with traffic and was not approaching anyone. The officer spoke to the male, who was not trying to cause any problems and was not engaging people. He decided to walk away without incident.

Stolen car recovered

An officer responded to the 11100 block of Chennault Beach Road for a suspicious vehicle that had been parked for three to four weeks. The officer found that it had been reported stolen out of Mukilteo. The officer contacted the registered owner, who responded and retrieved the car.


Officers responded to the 1000 block of 8th Street for a report of a disturbance. As officers arrived in the area, a male subject flagged them down. The male advised he was the reporting party and that people who were wanted for an earlier hit-and-run collision over the weekend were still at the location. The officers arrested the male subject on two outstanding warrants. While he was taken into custody, the suspects in the hit-and-run collision drove past. The officers stopped them and took them into custody, as well. The hit-and-run collision remains under investigation.

Low-flying aircraft

A reporting party wanted to report an aircraft flying low over the city for the past four hours. The reporting party stated that he would call the control tower in the morning to advise them of the noise issue.

Suspicious digging

A reporting party in the 11700 block of Cyrus Way advised of a subject digging a hole in the field. Upon arrival, it was determined to be a construction crew. There were no problems.


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