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Retired kindergarten teacher Marilyn Jacobson and Explorer Middle School cello student Lukas Weitkamp played music to help observe Global Make Music Day June 21 at Rosehill Community Center.

Musicians from 1,000 cities and 120 countries gathered on June 21 to observe Global Make Music Day.

People would pour into the streets, cafes, parks, and plazas to share their music. Unfortunately, Mukilteo isn't one of those cities.

However, retired kindergarten teacher and cello instructor Marilyn Jacobson and 12-year-old Explorer Middle School cello student Lukas Weitkamp are trying to change that.

On June 21, the teacher and pupil performed a 40-minute informal duet in the cozy Rosehill room at Rosehill Community Center.

"I think Global Make Music is very important because it's a way to get people introduced to music," said Weitkamp, who makes straight A's and plays select soccer for the Washington Rush team.

However, the cello wasn't Weitkamp's first choice. He was originally interested in playing the violin.

"I wanted to play the violin, but there were already plenty of violinists. So, I decided to play the cello," Weitkamp said. "My backup was the cello. It has different strings, so it sounds different. It has higher pitch. The cello has a deeper richer sound and it's much louder."

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"People who play or listen to this kind of music can help for anything in life. It can help you in learning, and it's calming."

Although he has a few years before college, Weitkamp has his sights set on New York City's Julliard School, one of the world's leading drama, music, and dance schools in the world.

"Julliard is a great school, and I know I'll have to work very hard," he said. "But I know if I work hard and stay focused, I can get there.

Jacobson has no doubt that Weitkamp will accomplish his goals. She could see that when Weitkamp wasn't even 9 years old.

"We have so much talent in our schools," she said. "Weitkamp started playing the cello in the third or fourth grade. I really think he can go all the way. He likes to experiment, and he has this great confidence. But he's never a showoff. He's really interested."

Despite his obvious talent, there were times at Rosehill he fell off tune or misread the music sheet. But with a smile, he set his cello aside, and confided with his mentor. He then went back to strumming his cello without showing any sign of frustration. Global Make Music Day has made its way to Mukilteo.

With no performances left on the books anytime soon, the young musician has plenty of time to prepare for his future. He practices every day, his father Jonathan Weitkamp said. "He's very responsible and he knows what he wants. We are so proud of him."

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"I don't spend much time playing video games," Weitkamp said. "I mainly practice the cello and play soccer."


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