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I must register my agreement with Beth Lewis' letter (https://bit.ly/3ndzfdT – Who is the mayor of Mukilteo? Mukilteo Beacon, Sept. 1, 2021). A reading of the definition of re-elect (election of a person to a further term of office) could technically get Mr. Marine off the hook but in reality it's been eight years since he held that office. He's not the current mayor. Further, to see one of Ms. Gregerson's signs next to Mr. Marine's, both urging re-election, one would think we had two mayors currently in office. This looks silly, like an effort to make Mukilteo a laughingstock.

Given that, it seems pertinent to take a look at the effort in 2019 to change the city to a City Council/city manager form.

While that effort failed, with the performance and non-performance of the past two mayors, perhaps it's time to revisit that issue. We taxpayers would save $70,000 a year plus benefits plus mayoral staff. We still would have a city manager (with a 6-figure salary) working at the behest of the City Council, which is answerable to the voters. Certainly the City Council is capable of appointing one of theirs to cut ribbons.

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In short, it's time to re-elect neither of them.

Carl Clark



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