The Coronavirus Mirror | An original poem


Last updated 8/26/2020 at 12:02pm

The world is looking at a coronavirus mirror now

What we see is a reflection of what we allow

Do we ignore the potential harm of the virus as just a fable

Or do we take prudent precautions as we are able

Do we act only for ourselves with selfish greed

Or do we respectfully care about others in need

Do we panic, go to the stores, and hoard all we can

Or do we buy only what we need, because we understand

Will we resent when stores and businesses act with cautious care

Or will we finally see the essential workers who were always there

Will we let our lives overrun with anger, panic and fear

Or will we lovingly embrace all that we hold dear

Will we close ourselves off, thinking we can’t possibly help in any way

Or will we reach out and do what we are able, each and every day

Take a long look in that coronavirus mirror, just what does it show

Is it reflecting who you really are, is it someone you want to know

Does it show someone acting out in anger and fear, unable to bend

Or will we see someone who takes as this as an opportunity to rest and mend

Will we be able to look away from our coronavirus mirror long enough to see

We are not alone in this, we never have been and we will never be

So, take a look in your mirror, see what is there for you to learn and grow

Then look away, reach out to others and let compassion and love flow

Judith Grace Hastings



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