Letter to the editor: Residents appreciate the work by Mukilteo Police Department


Last updated 8/12/2020 at 2:11pm

The following letter addressed to Mukilteo Police Corporal A. Jones was shared with the Beacon by Mukilteo residents John and JoAnn Smith

Dear Corporal Jones,

Thank you so very much for responding so quickly for our call for help when the big firecracker blew up on our side of the fence! It was quite scary for me, as I’m in a wheelchair and cannot move fast. You were so kind and listened attentively and then checked out the area. We feel safe in Mukilteo because you are here.

Several years back there was a person running from the police in our neighborhood. The police came to our door, explained the situation and why they were checking out our backyard. They asked us to remain inside for our safety. We complied and were thankful for their presence.

We are grateful for the police and appreciate everything you do to keep us safe. We feel the police are taking a bad rap for only trying to do their jobs. It feels like the riots are only causing more division and not providing any solutions. How can police do their job, keep order, protect property and individual when their hands are tied, while mayors, governors and rioters blame the police department for the problem! It seems to be me, if we cut the policemen’s salary, we will simply endanger more people.

6 a.m. Yoga Tuesday

Since I am a Christian I believe we should all humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and His peaceful solutions to our problems. Each community needs to assess their problem and come up with actions to fit the particular need and work the plan. Racism can be stopped if we would all make an effort to get to know and make friends with people of another race, religion or political belief. May God help all of us do our part to bring healing.

New listing more than 1/2 acre

John and JoAnn Smith



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