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Last updated 9/12/2019 at 12:31pm

Loving the signs

The new 25 mph white signs painted on the Goat Trail Loop Road are wonderful!

Now we need them on Fifth Street (Mukilteo Boulevard), Mukilteo Lane, and really all the streets in Old Town.

For visitors and residents, a reminder that every street in Old Town is 25 mph. Whether you’re going to the ferry, a restaurant, or a home, it’s still 25 mph.

Many people of all ages walk, run, bike and push strollers, and we have no sidewalks on our streets.

Please respect the neighborhoods and people who live here.

Janice Moorhead

Old Town Mukilteo

Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival’s unsung heroes

Thank you Candace Felt, president of the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Association, and Kandace Barnes, logistics chair, for allowing me and dozens of others the honor of volunteering for MukFest 2019. With aching feet and sore backs, we loaded the last of the materials in the truck at 8 p.m. Sunday night.

Barnes brought her A-game coordinating activities, keeping volunteers motivated and hydrated, and for an oddball request of watching a dog so an attendee could go on a potty break.

Barnes’ husband, Brian, is exceptional at diffusing tense moments with a few irate motorists who wanted to park at the Festival and not use the shuttle.

Jon Carpenter and Gary Lockert kept everyone entertained. I would like to thank Carpenter for relieving me on breaks.

I discovered Mukilteo’s very own Super Woman, Nancy Passavoy. Don’t let her small frame fool you, she can lift 100 pounds without breaking a sweat.

Jeff Johnson, Christopher Summit, Debbie Day-Carpenter, Sheree Van Berg, Erica LeDoux, Tim, and Judy were instrumental in setting up the event and ensuring things went smoothly.

All in all, I had fun and truly appreciated contributing to the success of MukFest 2019.

I encourage everyone to volunteer next year!

Mario Lotmore



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