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Police Beat: 7/9-7/22


July 9

Gun drawn

The reporting party (RP) reported seeing a male in the street with a gun pointing it "down the street." He then got into a silver passenger car and left. The RP was a passerby and did not see what or who the male was pointing the gun at. While officers were searching the area they were advised that Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was investigating a road rage incident that occurred in unincorporated Snohomish County nearby. This turned out to be the correct location and the same incident. Lincoln Way and Beverly Park Road.

See above

Officers assisted SCSO in looking for the suspect and vehicle who fled a road rage incident at the below location where a threat was made with a gun. The victim advised the male fled south on Beverly Park in a grey or silver Audi A4, unknown license plate. The male was described as white, with a "scruffy goatee" and wearing a white button up shirt. He was not located. Beverly Park Road and 52nd Avenue West.

Not the kids’ fault

An officer was dispatched to the Walgreen's parking lot for a report of three juveniles "surrounding" an adult male in the parking lot. The officer contacted the male RP and the juveniles as well as witnesses who confirmed the adult RP was the problem. There was no crime, however, the adult male RP was warned about his behavior bordering on disorderly conduct. 10200 block of Mukilteo Speedway.

July 10

Vehicle prowl

The RP reported that two of her vehicles were prowled overnight while parked in her driveway. A Canon camera bag, miscellaneous camera equipment, a camo knife and $20 were stolen from one car and $5 of loose change was stolen from the other. There was no damage to the vehicles and they were likely left unlocked overnight. 900 block of 9th Street.

Vehicle prowl

An officer took a phone report for a vehicle prowl that occurred overnight. The RP's Jeep Wrangler had been left unlocked and the RP was missing a pair of sunglasses ($15), a phone charger ($15) and some CDs. The RP does have motion censored cameras at location but they did not capture any footage of the suspect(s). 1300 block of Randolph Avenue.

First Amendment

The RP was upset about Jehovah’s Witnesses handing out flyers in front of the library. The RP confirmed that the subjects weren't causing any problems, but was not happy about them passing on their religious beliefs. An officer determined that the subjects were not doing anything illegal. 4600 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

July 11

Just a slip

The RP reported her Chihuahuas had been attacked by an off-leash dog. The other dog owner was contacted and it was learned the owner's son had dropped the leash, and that the 25-pound dog ran towards the other dogs, but stopped when they barked and growled. There was no fight or attack and the dogs and their owners went their separate ways. 5000 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

July 12

Tone it down

Multiple callers reported a religious group with a loudspeaker was creating a disturbance near the ferry terminal. The loudspeaker could be heard from several blocks away. Additionally, some ferry commuters and others passing by chose to try to engage with the group, causing several minor confrontations. The group was warned about the excessive noise and eventually turned the loudspeaker down. After additional complaints came in the group offered to leave the area and did so. 600 block of Front Street.

July 13

Back for more

Multiple callers reported a religious group was in Lighthouse Park using a loudspeaker that could be heard from several blocks away. Officers contacted the group once, they were warned about the noise, and they opted to leave for the night. 600 block of Front Street.

July 14


The victim reported that back in May she had been contacted someone claiming to be with the Chinese government. The caller told her that if she did not wire $285K to an account in Hong Kong, she would be arrested for credit card crimes if she ever returned to China. The victim wired the money and $40K of the transfer was successfully sent through and lost. Under investigation.

July 15

Bomb threat BBQ

The officer was dispatched to a fireworks complaint at the above location. Upon arrival it was determined that several subjects (likely juveniles) placed fireworks or a home made explosive device inside a free BBQ that had been left by the street. The blast blew the lid off the BBQ several feet away but there was no damage to any vehicles or buildings. There was still another device which had not detonated in the original blast inside the BBQ that was likely a large firework (about the size of a toilet paper roll) or possibly a homemade device of some kind. Pictures of the device were sent to WSP bomb squad techs who advised they would respond to collect the item. Officers closed the road and blocked off the surrounding area for about 20 minutes until the bomb techs arrived. The device was collected without incident and will be stored for several weeks by the bomb squad if it should be needed for the investigation. There are no suspects at this time. 7600 block of 45th Place West.

July 16

Book him

While on patrol, an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver was identified. The driver had several active warrants for his arrest, two of which were Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence. He was arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail without incident. 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway.

July 17

Family issue

The RP reported that her stepdaughter took a tambourine signed by a musician that belonged to the stepdaughter's father with the intention of using it for his memorial service and then returning it to the RP. She was now refusing to return it. The case is under investigation. 4800 block of Pointes Drive.

July 18

Really intimate

A business owner reported that a suspicious vehicle occupied by two subjects was parked in front of the gated entrance. He was watching the vehicle remotely via video surveillance. The officer contacted a male and female who had parked at the location for an "intimate conversation". They agreed to leave. 3800 block of South Road.

July 19


Officers responded to a possible physical domestic situation. Upon arrival, officers found that an elderly man was exercising his front yard and his daughter swatted a mosquito off his head. 9300 block of 61st Avenue West.


The officer was dispatched to a cold burglary at the below address. The RP and her family had been on vacation and returned home to find their front door unlocked and several items inside the residence moved around. There was nothing missing but the residents were sure items had been moved. As the officers were completing the burglary investigation, the RP's daughter admitted that it was her friend who came over while they were gone to hang out. The RP was relieved and did not want to press charges against the subject as she hangs out at their house regularly. The officer will follow up with the subject and her guardian. 8900 block of 48th Place West.

July 20


RP called to report the neighbor was playing drums. When the officer called him, he hung up on the officer. 8900 block of 49th Avenue West.

July 21

Slurpee probs

Officers responded to 7-Eleven for a disturbance. The store clerk reported that a male just broke the cash register and drove off. The clerk confirmed that it was not a robbery. An officer contacted the RP who said that he had a disagreement with a customer about the price for a Slurpee. Reportedly the customer became angry and knocked some items off of the countertop. Reportedly nothing was damaged and the clerk did not want to press charges but just wanted the subject trespassed. While the officer was speaking with clerk, another officer located and stopped the Honda near Patty's Egg Nest. The driver was upset because he believed the clerk was trying to overcharge him. He was issued a trespass letter and advised not to return to the location. 8400 block of Mukilteo Speedway.

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

The RP called because of loud banging sounds in an adjoining apartment. The officers contacted the residents in the apartment who said it was their two children who were playing before bed. They agreed to quiet down. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

July 22

DJ, spin that

A caller reported loud music in the park. A subject with a loud DJ set up agreed to turn the speakers down. The officer suggested he contact city hall for information on how to obtain a permit as he wanted to begin arranging performances at the park. 600 block of Front Street.


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