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Letters to the Editor: It's political season!


Last updated 7/31/2019 at Noon

I support Gregerson

Our mayor, Jennifer Gregerson, is running for the Snohomish County Council seat District 2, vacated by Brian Sullivan, who was another of this City’s best mayors.

In the past few months, she has held her head high in the face of baseless accusations, many of them politically motivated.

The reports by BOTH outside legal counsel and the State Auditors did not list one finding against her, so that matter should be old (very old) news.

She is the first female mayor in the City, and has served us well since becoming mayor and prior to that, as a councilmember for several years.

She fought hard against the Paine Field expansion. She guided the City through the waterfront redevelopment plan process. She is a strong advocate for young people and is a great role model for the young women of our community. I have never sent her an email, even some with minor criticisms, that she has not responded too honestly and promptly.

She grew up in Mukilteo where her parents worked in a small, family-owned business. With a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Washington, she is aware of the need to balance growth with a healthy environment.

Working with the Mukilteo School District, she ensured that our schools have a School Resource Officer to protect student safety.

She also invested in Cool Girls in Aerospace, a summer workshop that introduces engineering to middle school girls.

She was named 2015 Woman of the Year by the Greater Everett Business and Professional Women. She served two years as Lighthouse Festival President and has supported the Mukilteo Farmers Market.

She knows Snohomish County well. Her roots are here!

I think that she will do great job for all of the citizens of Snohomish County, just as she has done for us here in Mukilteo.

Elaine Knapp


Response to Emery’s letter

On May 5, two 21st LD Democrat Endorsement Committee members and I interviewed Richard Emery who was asking for the 21 LD’s endorsement.

One of the questions I specifically asked Councilmember Emery was, “If Mayor Gregerson were to win the County Council seat, would you then like to be voted in by council as mayor? Councilmember Emery replied, “ Yes.”

I then asked what would be his goal as mayor and he replied “annexation of the previous MUGA,” which was overwhelmingly rejected by Mukilteo voters.

So, I was surprised by Councilmember Emery’s letter in the July 24 Beacon stating he never wanted to be mayor.

The interview took place at Starbucks, near Ace Hardware.

I am disappointed in Councilmember Emery for his denial in having stated that he wanted to be mayor of Mukilteo, which then brings into question his honesty.

What our City needs more than ever is transparent and honest candidates for City Council.

Also, I have never met or talked to Mr. Hansen who brought up the original claim of Mr. Emery's interest.

Christine Awad Schmalz


Signs are an eyesore

I woke up this morning expecting to see the majestic, purple Olympians and the blue Sound and green Whidbey – the view I am lucky enough to have from my home on Goat Trail Loop Road.

I realize how lucky we are to live in one of the most special, unspoiled places in this country, as I am recently relocated here from New Jersey.

So when I woke up and saw instead a garish sign for a City Council candidate staked into my front lawn, you can imagine both my surprise (whomever I vote for is a personal decision) and my indignation that someone would think it appropriate to use my lawn as a billboard. It’s bad enough that the Speedway is starting to resemble Route 4 in Paramus (Google it); the proliferation of candidate signs in town are unwelcome intruders into this little slice of heaven we call home.

Mukilteo is an amazing city, which I’m so grateful to be a part of each and every day, save for this growing eyesore. Signs are also becoming a driving hazard as I see presumed candidates double-parked in high traffic areas, usually pulling out a competitors sign. This is a preventable disaster we ought to address now.

Candidates: we are intelligent enough to read your positions and make a nuanced decision based on policy, not presumed sign advantages. Perhaps a better use of your time would a debate at Rosehill, which could be streamed for all in town to review prior to voting.

I agree we need new leadership if no one currently can do something that makes a very special place much more ordinary, small, and commercial. That’s what I moved away from.

Mark Materowski


Crawford is welcoming and respectful

Please join me in voting for Elisabeth Crawford for Mukilteo City Council Position 6. I’m supporting Elisabeth because she will bring a fresh new perspective to the City Council coupled with a background in public service. She is a welcoming person who shows respect for all people regardless of their religion, race, or sexual orientation.

She will represent all Mukilteo residents with equal fervor, whether you’re a long-time resident in your own house in Old Town or a relative newcomer renting a place in Harbour Pointe.

Best of all, she is a professional strategic thinker who will use a fact-based approach to decision making leaving politics out of the equation.

Mukilteo needs a person like Elisabeth on the City Council if we’re going to successfully respond to threats to our quality of life.

Glen Pickus


Getting my vote is simple

I. Will. Vote. For. The. Candidate. Who. Promises. To. Sync. The. Stoplights. On. The. Mukilteo. Speedway.

Cindy Clark


Ex-Councilmember Wheeler gives his say

After seeing what is happening with the council, mayor and City, I have concerns with who the people are voting for.

They seem to be voting for their “friends” and not the one who can get this City back in line.

We have a $30-plus million dollar business (the City of Mukilteo) to keep under control, which includes making sure the budget is sound and in line. And who are we voting in office? People who have challenges handling their home finances. Not saying all are that way, but some.

We need the ones who have experience in running such a budget. The ones that know what they’re are running for. We don’t need the ones that don’t even know what position (not district) they are running for. I know this is the primary. We need to make sure we read what the candidates have to say and understand their background.

I beg of you, the Mukilteo citizens, to understand the power you have in voting the elected officials in office.

When we vote the wrong ones in, it’s not their fault, it’s yours!

All this said, I feel we need to keep Scott Whelpley, and elect Joe Marine, Peter Zieve, and James Yoo.

This is a team that can get the job done.

Ted Wheeler

Former Mukilteo CouncilMember

Zieve cares about Mukilteo

First, I want you to know how much I love your paper and look forward to reading it each Wednesday.

Second, I want to thank you for your article about Peter Zieve’s political signs being slashed and destroyed.

It saddens me to know there are people who don’t believe in each and every candidate having the constitutional right of freedom of speech, and being able to display their signs and promote their campaigns. In that same edition was an invitation by Peter Zieve welcoming everyone in Mukilteo to his home for a campaign kick-off BBQ. I decided to attend, and I’m really glad I did. Not only did I meet some really nice people, but I learned that Peter Zieve’s is an amazing man and true humanitarian.

Peter’s company, Electroimpact, provides good jobs to this area. Peter gave $200,000 to the development of the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club, and said he would give 100 percent of his City Council earnings as a Mukilteo City Council representative to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club. Peter’s company has given many Kamiak graduates their fist employment opportunities and attends so many school and community events.

As someone who doesn’t normally get involved in politics, I am thankful for your article that week because it made me stop and really take interest in Mukilteo politics.

Peter Zieve doesn’t deserve his signs being destroyed. Peter Zieve is an excellent choice for Mukilteo City Council because he really cares about Mukilteo and the people who live here.

I would ask two things from the people of Mukilteo:

1: Please respect each candidate’s right to have their signs posted and do not destroy them if a particular candidate is not your candidate. Instead, vote. Let your voice be heard in a positive way – VOTE!

2: I would encourage everyone to cast a vote for Peter Zieve. Peter Zieve is cares about the people in our community and already does so much for Mukilteo. I can’t think of a better person to be my City Council representative.

Peter already has my vote, and I hope he has your too!

Cheryl Bryan


Support for Zieve

Peter Zieve is a neighbor, father, husband, and business owner.

His high-tech business located in our community is an asset and true beacon for STEM oriented workers.

The number-one visited attraction in Snohomish County by last report was still Paine Field and its surrounding museums and venues that support aviation and Boeing. Paine Field is our neighbor, however in Everett. Peter’s company serves Boeing and aviation. It resides within Mukilteo boundaries.

Peter has been involved with the Boys & Girls Club. His children attend our schools. His business brings workers and hi tech jobs to our community.

Peter is well suited to serve on our City Council as he brings a multitude of perspectives to the table. As citizens, we may not all agree on a variety of issues, however, as several have pointed out in recent Beacon issues, sometimes we missed out just due to not enough questions or insight. Peter with his myriad of roles will bring issues to the table. Our community needs that to truly promote Mukilteo’s best interests at the county and state levels.

I cast my vote for Peter for Mukilteo.

Cathy Carter


Please vote Zieve

Please consider voting for Peter Zieve for Mukilteo City Council.

Zieve is against zoning changes in Mukilteo, which would allow for large apartment complexes. The Speedway is very close to becoming like Casino Road, the way Casino Road is lined with apartment buildings.

Zieve will be a voice of reason on the council when it comes to up-zoning for apartments and raising taxes (he is against both), and he is tough yet compassionate on homeless issues. He will not support criminals and drug users camping illegally in our wooded areas.

Over the years, traffic issues and infrastructure projects in Mukilteo have stalled, been nixed, or taken forever. Zieve has the brains and motivation to get them done.

He has degrees in both environmental and mechanical engineering, plus, as a large employer in Mukilteo, he has incentive to get his employees in and out of the area quickly and sees the need for public transportation options.

Recently, at a campaign event, Zieve spoke about how he could improve the City budget without raising taxes, our need for technical training in the schools, and if elected he plans to donate his councilmember salary to the Boys & Girls Club. He even has an engineering lab that kids can attend this summer for free.

I believe Peter Zieve is the only candidate that will preserve the beauty and safety we enjoy in Mukilteo while maintaining the business revenue we need to keep a strong local economy.

So please, vote for Zieve!

Kathy Robinson


Zieve brings common sense to council

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much we need Peter Zieve on the Mukilteo City Council.

Peter is a longtime Mukilteo resident and business owner, and is someone who really cares about Mukilteo and our community. Peter has contributed over the years his own personal money to benefit the community, especially Mukilteo children/schools, and provide local jobs! It doesn't get much better than that

He brings "common sense" and "fiscal responsibility" to the table to enable our local government will make the "right" decisions moving forward and stop the current and past frivolous decisions made from a financial perspective.

Peter is fair-minded, honest, committed and passionate, and an excellent communicator. He is also creative and innovative!

He has the ability to inspire others to do the right thing!

Sharon Swann


Zieve is most qualified for Position 6

I confidently endorse Peter Zieve for Mukilteo City Council Position 6.

I have lived in Washington state most of my life and in Mukilteo for the past 20-plus years. I have been to City Council meetings, have met or listened to many of our representatives, and I’m very much aware of the various problems in our current Mukilteo government.

If you want to see honest, responsible people in government, want new effective government and promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of government finances, join me in supporting Peter Zieve as the most qualified candidate for Mukilteo City Council Position 6.

I can’t think of anyone more deserving or more active in our community that Peter. From being Mukilteo’s largest employer to interacting and supporting our civic events, to his huge contribution to the Boys & Girls Club of Mukilteo, to meeting, interacting with and improving the lives of the people of Mukilteo, and so much more too numerous to list.

I believe Mukilteo is honored to have such an esteemed man that wants to spend his retirement years bringing his vast expertise to this position, which will not only bring a new perspective but also contribute new wisdom and insight into the Mukilteo governance.

I ask you to join me in giving Peter our full support.

Rosalie Remick


Elect Anna Rohrbough

Hey, fellow Snohomish County Residents! Let's not follow the lead of Seattle! If you haven't seen the very sad video produced by KOMO's Eric Johnson, "Seattle is Dying," then I encourage you to find it on the internet.

After watching it, do a little research and learn about a great candidate for the Snohomish County Council – Anna Rohrbough!

She believes Seattle is an example of failed policy. She wants to drastically reduce crime and increase your safety. Our cities in this county are being held captive by the policies of the County.

She believes in holding the sheriff and prosecutor responsible for the seemingly failed policies that prevent officers around the county from being able to effectively enforce the law.

She believes that enabling criminals and drug addicts is not compassion for them or for our community. She wants to bring in a dual diagnosis center that focuses on treating addiction, not just for the short-term, but using longer treatment programs when needed. As someone who has experienced addiction in my own family, I assure you enabling is not the path we should be taking.

Please get to know Anna and support her election so she can help our community become safer and healthier!

Jeannette Sumpter


Zieve has demonstrated skills to be on council

One of the most important factors to keep a community alive and balanced is to offer jobs and growth to the community at large.

Peter has demonstrated that through his community outreach, his generous use of his facilities to encourage the youth to learn cutting-edge skills, as well as his donations to community activities.

Peter also has a good ability to work with others to achieve things needed in Mukilteo for cost containment for the community, while providing a safe environment for Mukilteo’s children and homeowners.

I endorse Peter for City Council and he is worth taking another look for this year’s election.

Good luck, Peter!

Deborah Fazekas


More Zieve support

I would like to endorse Peter Zieve for City Council.

Peter has many talents, but one that is crucial for the future of Mukilteo is his ability as a negotiator.

The redevelopment of the north coast, ferry area, and Old Town is a once-in-a-century opportunity for our town, and Peter Zieve can provide the leadership in this opportunity that we have not seen from the City so far.

This is not only the time for Peter Zieve, it is time for the future of our town to be realized.

James Sanchez


Mukilteo City Council, get our house in order!

It’s campaign season for sure. County and City Council candidates are promising to “fight for me” with multi-worthy causes – meaning more spending and more taxes! Oh, not again!

Since the last election cycle, every possible tax has been raised in Mukilteo: sales tax, property tax, every utility except PSE, sales tax, and most fees. Out of 429 cities in Washington state, Mukilteo is one of the smallest cities with the highest city taxes and the highest school salaries.

This is too much and too unreasonable. Therefore, this Aug. 6 primary vote is most important to sort out the best eligible people to restore discipline and accountability to Mukilteo governance.

Our County and City councils operate as a bureaucracy. These bureaucracies should be filled with people of clear character, relatable talent, and commitment to our communities – not to political parties more taxes.

We expect honesty, trustworthiness and transparency of all our elected representatives. We must believe councilmembers will do the fair and right things for all constituents and avoid even the appearance of preferential treatment.

A councilmember must uphold the oath they swear to take office. Lying afterward for political beliefs or crony favoritism are the worst form of voter betrayal. We are a nation of laws or we are nothing.

For the Mukilteo City Council, I am voting for a team of individuals with proven strengths best able to put our Mukilteo house in order.

Position 4: Scott Whelpley. Scott has been diligent in his council leadership, scrutinizing budget priorities and expenses. Scott deserves your vote again.

Position 5: Chris Maddux. A mid-career IT specialist and strong volunteer in Mukilteo schools.

Position 6: Peter Zieve. Proven philanthropist and visionary for economic development in Mukilteo. He is the primary individual sponsor of the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club of Mukilteo.

Position 7: Joe Marine. A proven leader of high reputation for himself and Mukilteo. He kept a balanced budget. We remember and appreciate that.

Obviously there are other people in the candidate field that have offered themselves for election, but they have no public exposure to validate your trust or a record of community commitment deserving of your vote.

These people have. Vote wisely.

Patricia Morrison


Peter Zieve endorsement

I have resided in Mukilteo for the last 22 years. I am endorsing Peter Zieve in the upcoming primary election.

Contrary to popular opinion, local government has far more impact on our day to day lives than the federal government. That's why I'm supporting Peter Zieve for Mukilteo City Council.

Inefficient and costly government is the norm, not the exception, in Mukilteo. Mukilteo residents are burdened with some of the highest sales and property taxes in the state, thanks to the current mayor and council majorities.

Peter Zieve is the founder of local aerospace powerhouse, Electroimpact. This company provides over 600 family wage jobs, of which 100 are held by Mukilteo residents. Electroimpact was once a small business, where Peter learned the importance of spending every dollar wisely. Peter will work tirelessly to improve government efficiency, while also reducing the tax burden.

Peter is also passionate about protecting single-family neighborhoods from higher density due to up-zoning. Up-zoning would allow high-density housing units throughout Mukilteo, destroying the high quality of life residents currently enjoy.

Furthermore, Peter Zieve is a local philanthropist and civic leader. Peter was a significant contributor to the Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club, while Electroimpact hosts a youth technology camp in the summer, and also employs interns from Kamiak.

The choice is clear. Peter Zieve for City Council.

Diane Symms


I support Khan

I wish to voice my strong support for the election Riaz Khan to the Mukilteo City Council.

Riaz is a man devoted to seeking justice for all human beings and he tirelessly does so through his participation in City government and his desire to serve on the City Council. I count Riaz as a good friend, but I have also worked with him in countering the Islamophobia that was strongly voiced by a minority of Mukilteo’s citizens stirred up by Peter Zieve three years ago. The source of that fear was the construction of a mosque (“prayer place”) to serve the needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters. Riaz has been at the forefront of this struggle.

I have found Riaz to be a person of integrity and compassion, certainly qualities members of the City Council ought to embody. Over and beyond this, Riaz has dedicated his life to serving others. Such dedication is what motivates him to seek election to political office. In fact, of all the people running for election to the City Council, it is my opinion that Riaz is the best qualified.

Accordingly, I intend vote for him. It is my hope that the majority of Mukilteo citizens will do so as well.

Dr. Paul O. Ingram

Professor Emeritus, Pacific Lutheran University

Mukilteo Resident

Lesser Mukilteo

Channeling the late Emmett Watson, I’m tempted to revive his Lesser Seattle movement here in Mukilteo.

With the coming City Council elections, grandiose ideas are being bandied about with ways that we can make Mukilteo bigger and stronger.

Considering the abundant resources we already have, combined with the plethora of resources in the surrounding metropolis, I think it’s time to step back and appreciate and take care of what we already have.

While (for those of you old enough to remember) there isn’t a need to recruit KBO agents, let’s face the fact that Mukilteo is more Mayberry than Gotham and let’s keep it that way.

Lesser Mukilteo!

Carl Clark



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