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Last updated 7/24/2019 at Noon

Schmalz throws support behind Melnichenko

Hey Mukilteo voters!

The primary is only a few days away, and I am voting for Kristina Melnichenko for Mukilteo City Council (Position 7) and I am asking you to do the same.

Kristina is smart, and her priorities are public safety (keeping the Mukilteo community safe), preserving the quality of life, and keeping the small town feel of Mukilteo.

Kristina also feels that too much of the tax burden falls on Mukilteo residents and would like to see a restructure of the business tax code.

She is running against a former mayor whose claim to fame was trying to install red light ticket cameras, annexing the high crime area off Highway 99, running huge budget deficits, and was against the resident parking program (parking permits) at Lighthouse Park.

Let’s continue to move Mukilteo forward and elect Kristina Melnichenko for City Council Position 7 and not “return” to a bunch of bad ideas.

Steve Schmalz

Mukilteo City Councilmember

Cook: I’m supporting Elisabeth Crawford

I am very pleased to be supporting Elisabeth Crawford for Mukilteo City Council Position 6. Elisabeth has valuable experience in public health and a strong desire to make Mukilteo a better place for everyone: young families, seniors, and people of all ages and backgrounds.

She has a refreshing, data-driven approach to problem solving, seeking out information and ideas from a variety of sources to make thorough and informed decisions.

As a Mukilteo Parks and Arts commissioner, Elisabeth understands the need to maintain our community’s natural beauty and charm and the amenities our residents enjoy. I believe she will accomplish this with a fiscally responsible, transparent, and sustainable approach to governing. Elisabeth Crawford is both a skilled leader and a dedicated public servant.

With your support, as my term ends, I look forward to leaving our City Council in her capable hands.

Christine Cook

Mukilteo City Council President

Ex-Councilmember Lord gives recommendations

After three terms on the Mukilteo City Council, I am no longer actively involved with City and regional politics.

However, I am still an engaged citizen, interested in our local government.

Once filing was completed, I began to do my homework so I could provide my recommendations for the 2019 Mukilteo City Council candidates, plus County Council Position 2.

I’ve learned that it wasn’t necessarily the political leanings or experience that predicted a candidate’s potential effectiveness, but their willingness to set aside personal differences, and work together in a respectful, rational and civil manner, to use facts and data to focus on what they could do to improve our community.

Note that I didn’t mention their party, level of education, background, or type of work they do (or don’t do), because our democracy best functions when a cross-section of interests come together to bring in their perspective, then respectfully debate the best course of action for the many needs, within the confines of a limited budget.

By having a diverse set of voices at the table, it enhances the chance the final decision considers many viewpoints and addresses the greatest number of needs.

Position 4: Richard Emery.

After only a short time working with him, I learned that he was a thoughtful, conscientious, and fair person. I then confirmed it after working with him for many years. I know he will carefully consider all viewpoints when he makes a final decision.

Position 6: Elizabeth Crawford.

She is a newcomer to the local politics, but has a passion for service, a quick and fair mind, is a strong thinker on her feet, and has already established herself as someone that can work with a wide variety of people. She’s impressed me every time we talked.

Position 7: Joe Marine.

Over the eight years that we worked together in City government, we were consistently able to find common ground to focus on what was best for the City. His constant passion to serve, combined with his positive manner and leadership, will help to make him successful again.

County Council Position 2: Megan Dunn.

She is an energetic, fair, and intelligent proponent that has made a name for herself advocating for critical policy issues. I am confident in her decision-making processes.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Now it is your turn to serve. Get out there and vote!

Randy Lord

Former Mukilteo City Councilmember

Emery responds to past letter

While I am flattered that there appears to be speculation on my alleged mayoral intentions, wherever Mr. Hansen heard that I publicly and/or privately stated an interest in that position, it did not come from me, since I have had no conversations with him. Neither have I indicated such an interest in any public statements.

I very much appreciate The Beacon’s clarification of the donations to Joe Marine’s campaign.

Richard Emery

Mukilteo City Councilmember

Stay safe

I was distressed by the July 10 Beacon report of a murder at the intersection of Glenwood and Merrill Creek Parkway. This is just two miles outside of Mukilteo.

In addition, in the June 26 Beacon, a woman was held up at knifepoint inside of Mukilteo. For comfort, I reread the December 26, 2018 letter in The Beacon from Chief Kang that our crime rate is “one of the lowest for cities of comparable size in the region.”

Chief Kang invited the public to visit the Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs website, which I did. On the site was crime data for 2017. Our crime rate of 47.7 per 1,000 is better than the state average of 69.1. Our crime rate is half of the Seattle rate, which is 94.5. Our crime rate is only 43 percent of the Everett crime rate, which is 110.1 Everett has a serious crime problem and in many places Everett and Mukilteo share a boundary.

To all my Mukilteo friends and neighbors, please stay in Mukilteo and stay safe.

Peter Zieve


Vote for Emery

I tell my friends to vote for Richard Emery!

Richard is a good mediator, which is crucial in resolving conflict. He is solution oriented, reasonable, experienced, and promotes sustainable energy. He looks at all sides of an issue and carefully chooses win-win solutions.

During his 10 years of serving on the council, Richard has helped Mukilteo improve public safety, school crosswalks and obtain and protect Japanese Gulch.

On top of all that, he is honest and respectful. Thank you Richard!

Kay Wagner


Rohrbough is listening

People need someone to listen.

As I listen to people, I hear their concerns about safety in their neighborhoods.

A mom pulling weeds with her toddler told me that she doesn’t like to see druggies shooting up in public. She wants someone to stop the negative impact of drug abuse and crime in our county. Those are not partisan issues – they’re our challenge to overcome as leaders work together in Snohomish County.

Another woman told me that she’s not about to vote for any Republican because of some of Trump’s policies. I stood on her doorstep and listened for several minutes before she took a breath. Then I agreed that some of the national level politics seem uncivil.

I sure hope we don’t do that on a local level when it comes to Snohomish County leadership. It is far more effective if we learn to resolve the issues together. Her demeanor changed and she seemed to relax and look at me as a person, not a political party, for the first time.

Who will listen? Anna Rohrbough is listening.

She puts people over politics. She’s been listening to the citizens of Mukilteo for years as a City Council member and now she wants to hear from other folks in Snohomish County.

Please consider a vote for Anna for Snohomish County Council District 2 on your primary ballot.

Darcy Welch


Marine is a professional leader

My name is Mary Toews and I am the Executive Director/founder of Mari’s Place for the Arts. Both Joe Marine and I are board members of Campfire and I have known him since 2016.

Last year, Mr. Marine joined the board of directors of Mari’s Place for the Arts as a member.

In February 2019, Mr. Marine was voted to be the president of the board of Mari’s Place for the Arts. Under his leadership, our organization has grown immensely. In just the short period of time of having him on the board, the organization has flourished.

Joe Marine has strong principles and always makes sure we focus on what is best for the children. He treats the board with respect and gives them the opportunity to voice their own opinions. He is excellent in representing both sides and making sure everyone’s voices are heard. Mr. Marine gives people confidence to take risks and explore things that they never thought of.

Joe Marine is professional, confident, respectful, resourceful, well organized, and an outstanding leader in the community.

It is an honor to have him as part of the board of directors at Mari’s Place for the Arts and I would highly recommend him for serving on the Mukilteo City Council.

Please feel free to contact me at

Mary Toews

Executive Director, Mari’s Place for the Arts

Emery is best for effective government

Effective government depends on having elected officials who approach the challenges facing the community with honesty, integrity, and most of all, civility.

That’s why we support Richard Emery for reelection to Mukilteo City Council. We have known Richard for 20 years, meeting when we volunteered together with Habitat for Humanity, and know him to possess all of these attributes.

Richard has accomplished a lot in the two terms he has served the people of Mukilteo as a member of the City Council. He has been an effective advocate for public safety and quality of life in Mukilteo, resulting in improvements to our streets and roads, the hiring of additional police officers and Fire battalion chiefs, the creation of the Peace Park, and protecting Japanese Gulch.

We believe Richard is the right choice to help guide Mukilteo to be an even better place to call home. He will be a voice of calm and reason, focusing on the issues that matter, not personal agendas.

Richard has a positive attitude, is a team player, and has a vision for Mukilteo that includes improvements to the waterfront, a continued focus on public safety, responsible budgeting and financial planning, and funding for the arts and a senior center.

These ideas are how we ensure our town continues to be the great place it is.

We can help make those ideas a reality by voting for Richard Emery as City Council representative in Position 4.

Phil and Chris Salditt


Firefighters back Gregerson

We are proud to endorse Mayor Jennifer Gregerson in her bid to replace Brian Sullivan on the Snohomish County Council.

Mayor Gregerson has proven to be a tough, but fair, representative of labor issues throughout her tenure as mayor. She has demonstrated a unique ability to balance the interests of all stakeholders on complex issues and is always open to the ideas of others.

In our opinion, Mayor Gregerson's professional demeanor throughout some of the more tenuous political attacks she has faced has made her an even more capable leader.

She has been endorsed by several labor groups, including the Snohomish County Labor Council, and is strongly supported by the men and women of the working class. Snohomish County would be lucky to have her serve in a more regional role as our next Councilmember.

Jim Mewbourn

President, IAFF Local 3482

Anna Rohrbough - a Snohomish County Council Candidate with integrity

Anna Rohrbough, the top candidate for the Snohomish County Council for Position 2, deserves your vote because she is a woman of integrity.

I got to know Anna on the sidelines of a soccer field. Over the years, as our boys played, we would have long chats about “life” – how to raise morally responsible children, how to handle difficult situations at work, how to live on a budget, and so on. I learned that Anna carefully considers all angles of a dilemma and strives for excellence in all situations, not just for herself, but for all of those involved. She truly wants others to reach their full potential.

As a leadership coach, Anna has helped many people on that journey, including myself. Several years ago, I discussed my vision for a new company with her. At the time, the dream was dauntingly overwhelming to me. She sensed my fears, encouraged me to get the company registered and told me that she would hold the dream until I was able to fully embrace it. As my company grows, I still rely on her business acumen and advice.

Anna understands what is needed to create environments where families and businesses can thrive. That in turn, creates strong communities.

With Anna’s determination and integrity she will lead our Snohomish County community to be better and stronger.

I urge you to vote for her.

Debby Mycroft



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