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Letters to the Editor: Election season


Last updated 7/17/2019 at Noon

Change Mukilteo’s government

Thank you for publishing the candidate statements regarding positions on our city's form of government.

I was interested to see the opinions of former Mayor Joe Marine, Councilmember Richard Emery, and Mr. Peter Zieve, who agreed with keeping on a full-time mayor.

I did a little digging on the Public Disclosure Commission website, and noticed that Mr. Marine has received over $1,000 in contributions from Peter Zieve and Richard Emery. All three of these individuals have both publicly and privately declared their interest in running for the mayor's office.

I don't believe their position on our city's form of government is a reflection of what they believe is best for our city; it seems to instead be based in fulfilling their own ambitions. In view of the blatant cronyism and lack of transparency and ethics that has characterized our current City executive, I don't think that another dose of that with "The Good Old Boys' Club" would be in the best interests of our city.

This behavior is a clear example of why we need to remove the politics from the day-to-day management of our city, and vote for the council and city manager form of government.

Matthew Hansen


Editor’s Note: We just wanted to quickly clarify the dollar amounts Joe Marine has received from Peter Zieve and Richard Emery. Zieve donated $1,000 to Marine’s campaign, while Emery donated $75.

Emery backs Khan, Crawford, and Marine

There are four City Council positions up for election, and each has three candidates, which means all four positions are on the Aug. 6 primary ballot.

Having 12 people interested in serving on the council is amazing and admirable. It is my hope that all the candidates will find a way to remain engaged with our City and its future, regardless of the outcome in the primary and general elections.

Serving on the council has its rewards, and its challenges.

The rewards are the opportunity to be part of decisions that keep Mukilteo safe and sustainable. It is also the best way to learn about everything that affects Mukilteo and the communities around us.

The challenges are managing the budget and having to make decisions that can not please everybody.

Here are my thoughts on the qualities that can help councilmembers be effective in working together and be respected by voters. It’s important to be inquisitive and interested in learning.

Almost every issue or decision has many facets and consequences. It’s helpful to be open to information or a perspective that may change one’s mind about some topic.

Better decisions are made when there is as thorough and complete discussion of pros and cons as possible. No one gets every vote the way one might prefer. It’s really helpful to find a way to let go of the disappointment when that happens and not let it affect other issues or one’s relationships with other councilmembers, with whom one has to continue to work.

The candidates I believe that best meet these expectations are Elisabeth Crawford, Riaz Khan and Joe Marine.

Richard Emery

Mukilteo City Councilmember

Editor’s Note: Richard Emery is a current Mukilteo City Councilmember. He currently holds Position 6, and is running for Position 4 in this year’s election.

Gregerson is best candidate for County Council

Mukilteans face a rare opportunity during primary balloting this month.

In a crowded position 2 field for Snohomish County Council with eight candidates, the standout candidate is our very own Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.

Jennifer’s involvement in County transportation and housing issues is well documented and has earned her the respect she needs to make an impact at the County level.

While there are many people vying for this position, only Jennifer has the trifecta of legislative, executive, and County leadership experience.

On a personal note: A couple years ago I ran for City Council in Mukilteo. Having served on the City’s long-range financial planning committee, Mayor Gregerson encouraged me to stay involved and grow in my commitment to helping the community.

Though my bid for a City Council position was unsuccessful, I valued Mayor Gregerson’s encouragement and help through the process and continue to admire her resiliency in Mukilteo’s challenging political climate.

Jennifer has earned the right to be our voice at the County through experience and leadership on important issues.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jennifer Gregerson in the primary for County Council Position 2 and advance her to the general election.

Tony Markey



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