Police Beat: 5/14 - 5/22


Last updated 5/29/2019 at Noon

May 14

Speed Racer

Officers checked on a report of three juveniles riding mini-bikes on campus. They were not located. 2600 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.


The caller reported that the neighbor's front door was partially open. The door was open to allow a cat to go outside. 5200 block of 84thStreet Southwest.

May 15

Free the pup

The reporting party (RP) advised there was a vehicle parked a few blocks away with a dog inside. Officers found the owner of the vehicle had locked their keys inside and they could not get inside. Officers used a lock out kit and unlocked the doors. 59thAvenue West and Club House Lane.

May 16

Probably fired

The officer responded to investigate a report of employee theft at Arnies. The incident was not occurring when the report was made. The report is under investigation. 700 block of 2ndStreet.

May 17

Bart Simpson wannabe

An officer witnessed a juvenile male tagging under the bridge. Officers swooped in from all directions, walked into the area and took the subject into custody. The Durango was impounded to the police department for evidence. The subject was transported to the PD and his father responded and took custody of him. The case is under investigation. 1300 block of Mukilteo Boulevard.


A caller reported hearing someone screaming in a foreign language and possibly asking for help at the location. Officers met with the family and did not find any problems. It was possible the sounds heard had been one of the children playing an Xbox. 1400 block of Goat Trail Loop Road.

May 18

“Bootleg garage”

The RP reported loud vehicle exhaust noise. While enroute a 2nd RP called to report a "bootleg garage." The officer checked and there was no noise coming from the house. The call was cleared unfounded. 4900 block of 88thStreet Southwest.

Late night donut stop

A caller reported up to 100 people loitering in the Henry's Donut parking lot. Officers contacted a large group and explained that the property manager had specifically requested that a policy of no loitering/trespassing be enforced. The group was cooperative and agreed to disperse. 10900 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.

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May 19


The Animal Control Officer (ACO) and officers responded to the location for two dogs that attacked another dog and her owner. The dog owner fell down and suffered a fractured wrist and abrasions. It did not appear that any bites had taken place. The ACO contacted the other two dogs' owner and determined someone inadvertently left the back gate open and they got out. The case is under investigation. 7600 block of 49thAvenue West.

Preach it, brotha!

RP requested contact in regards to several subjects preaching "the gospel" at Lighthouse Park. He was contacted and reminded of the 1st Amendment. There was no crime.

May 20

Go home, you’re drunk

While on patrol, the officer contacted a subject in the parking lot at the Staybridge Suites. He was intoxicated and explained that he had just been kicked out of the hotel. Management at the hotel confirmed that the subject had made inappropriate statements to the staff and that they had terminated his stay as a result. They provided a trespass letter, which was presented to the subject. At the subject’s request, the officer transported him to the La Quinta Hotel in South Everett.

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May 21

Staff meeting time

The officer was dispatched to an alarm at GE Aviation. The officer found employees on scene who set of the alarm by accident. The officer spoke with the employees about the recent large number of false alarms at the location. It appears many employees are not aware of how to operate the alarm. 8200 block of 44thAvenue West.

May 22

He gone

The officer was dispatched to an area check for a suspicious male dressed in black and riding a bicycle through the complex. The subject was GOA. 11100 block of Chennault Beach Road.


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