Police Beat: 5/1 - 5/8


May 1

Oh deer

The reporting party (RP) was concerned about deer that live in the area. The RP wanted the Animal Control Officer (ACO) to come out and pick them up, then relocate them. The ACO explained to the RP that this was not possible and advised the RP to drive in the area with caution. The ACO spent several minutes explaining the reasons why we don't tranquilize them unless absolutely necessary, and that they share our environment with us. 8800 block at 53rd Place West.

Prowling bust

Officers contacted a subject at his work and arrested him on probable cause for vehicle prowling. He was booked into Snohomish County jail. 800 block of 2nd Street.


The officer was dispatched to an area check for a woman panhandling who was accompanied by two small children. The RP was concerned for their welfare. The officer initially did not locate the subjects but found them a short time later at Chase Bank. The subject stated they have a home and the officer observed the children had food and water with them and appeared in good health. The subject did not request any assistance. 11700 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.

May 2

That’s a fancy bird

The RP advised a pet bird was above their front door and they wanted it removed. Officers found a fancy pigeon had landed above the RP's front door overnight. Officers tried to catch the bird, but it flew away. Officers were unable to track the pigeon and it is unknown where it went. 12500 block of Hummingbird Lane.


The RP advised they found some graffiti in the bathroom at the location. Officers completed a report and photos of the graffiti will be sent to the drug/gang task force for possible recognition. 10600 block of 47th Place West.

See Page 16 last week

Multiple callers advised of a vehicle that drove down the embankment and onto the railroad tracks. Officers contacted the elderly driver who said his vehicle accelerated suddenly and he could not stop. The driver had minor injuries and declined to go to the hospital. Mukilteo Speedway and 2nd Street.

May 3

Collision assistance

While en route to the station, the Crime Prevention Officer was waived down for a motorcyclist who had crashed on eastbound 526 next to Boeing. The one vehicle collision had just occurred and there were no other emergency personnel on scene. The motorcyclist was unconscious with serious injuries but still breathing. The CPO provided traffic control and initial aid along with another Mukilteo patrol officer until Everett PD arrived to take over the investigation. The motorcyclist was transported by medics and will likely survive. 3300 block of SR 526.

Domestic violence

The RP called to report his son had just pushed him through a wall during an argument. Officers arrived and contacted both subjects. The RP had injuries to the back of his head caused by his son pushing him. The son was arrested and booked without incident into the SCSO jail. RP was evaluated by medics for his injuries but not transported. 6000 block of Championship Circle.

Fancy rock hunting

The RP called to report a suspicious male digging a hole in the back of the business property. Officers contact a male subject. The subject was clear and said he was digging for rocks to polish to make jewelry. He said he was staying at the Extended Stay and agreed to move along and look for fancy rocks elsewhere. 11500 block of Cyrus Way.

Welfare check

Officers were dispatched to check on a possible intoxicated male standing next to a vehicle. The officers contacted a subject who was outside his vehicle in the parking lot. The subject was not intoxicated but stated he was hypoglycemic and said that he was "shaky" about 15 minutes prior to PD's arrival but had some chocolate and was feeling better. The subject declined to be seen by aid personnel. 11600 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

May 4

Ducklings crossing

The ACO assisted a mother duck and 12 ducklings across the Speedway. 11300 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.

Hang-up call

The officer responded to a hang-up call in which a female with a language barrier was heard sobbing heavily. The female was located walking along Chennault Beach Road. It was determined that she had been in an argument with some friends who then drove off without her. She was provided a courtesy transport to Casino Road.

May 5

Smoke issue

The RP requested contact because his downstairs neighbor smokes so much that he feels like he's going to pass out and "his life is in danger." The RP refused aid and stated he just wanted to talk with an officer. The officer contacted the RP and referred him to management in regards to the cigarette smoke. The RP told the officer that he was lightheaded and thought there was carbon monoxide in his apartment. The fire department responded and checked the levels and there were no problems. The RP advised he needed no further assistance. 12200 block of Greenhaven Lane.

Devil’s lettuce

Officers responded to the area for a report of a group of juveniles smoking marijuana. According to the RP they had also offered her daughter marijuana. She did not have a description of the teens and they were not located. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

Drag race

A caller reported that up to six vehicles had been racing near the train station. The vehicles were not located. 900 block of 1st Street.

May 6

Nothing there

The RP advised of hearing a strange animal underneath her deck last night and requested an officer check to see if it was still there. Officers checked the property and nothing was located. 12700 block of 54th Avenue West.

That’s sad

The RP requested an area check for a dead seal pup washing up on the beach and drawing a crowd at Lighthouse Park. Dispatch called WA Fish & Wildlife but only reached voice mail. The officer called the Marine Mammal Stranding Network and they advised the seal had already been reported to the SNO-KING Marine Mammal Department. A short time later, the officer checked the beach but did not locate the animal.

Friendship: Over

Officers were initially dispatched to a domestic disturbance in which it was reported that the RP's daughter's friend had hit her in the face. Upon arrival, officers learned there had been a disturbance but that it was domestic in nature. The RP had gotten into an altercation with her daughter's 15-year-old friend during a clothing exchange. The friend and the RP's daughter had a falling out and the subject was at the location to retrieve some of her personal property that the RP's daughter had still had in her possession. The property was eventually turned over but not before the subjects pushed and grabbed at each other. No injuries were reported and none of the subjects directly involved wanted to press charges against any of the others. The parties went their separate ways. 5400 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

May 7

More graffiti

The RP advised of finding graffiti on their trailer and fence. Officers contacted the RP who said the graffiti was done overnight and the cost to clean it up would be $20. The graffiti was similar to other graffiti found recently in the city. 900 block of 6th Street.

Domestic violence

Officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance with the RP reporting his son had punched him in the face. The RP wanted the son to leave and he was refusing. Investigation revealed that the son and his father had been in a violent altercation that lasted around 2 hours. The suspect was booked at Snohomish County Jail for Domestic Violence Assault 2nd Degree and Domestic Violence Unlawful Imprisonment. 11100 block of Chennault Beach Road.

May 8

Sharpie tag

Two trashcans and a city truck were tagged with a sharpie. The tagging occurred sometime over the weekend and there was no suspect information. 300 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Even more graffiti

Officer took a report on some graffiti that was discovered near the dog park. 1300 block of 5th Street.


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