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Last updated 4/10/2019 at Noon

Now is the time for a Mukilteo technical or community college

With the owner of the Harbour Pointe Technical Center located at 6500 Harbour Heights Parkway requesting to rezone the property from its current Industrial classification to a Multi-Family Residential-High Density zone; is now the time for Mukilteo residents, Mukilteo City Council and current property owner, MRM Mt. Vernon LLC, to consider transforming this beautiful parcel overlooking the Puget Sound to a trade school, technical college, or community college?

This would be a win-win for all parties involved and further solidify Mukilteo as one of the best places to live, work and educate youth in the United States.

As a former Boeing employee and current resident of Mukilteo, I have been on the campus of the Harbour Pointe Technical Center for business meetings. The facility, with its mix of administrative office space, industrial labs and ample parking, is well suited for a trade school or community college.

Not replacing the existing structure but enhancing it will preserve not only the aesthetic landscape but the character of the Mukilteo community; not to mention prevent years of construction transforming the parcel into high-density residential dwellings. The future campus may also serve the needs of a senior center with a shared recreation facility that would reduce annual maintenance costs for the organization.

Local businesses such as: Thai Rama, Umami Asian Cuisine, The Scotsman, A Burger Place, etc. would surely benefit. Also, Community Transit would see increased ridership on its 113 route from students and faculty.

A foundation can be comprised of residents and local businesses for donation in support of the college. Our local, state and federal representatives can work together to secure both state and federal grants for this venture. Another alternative would be local representatives reaching out to traditional colleges and universities such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Washington, Washington State University, etc. to form a satellite campus here in Mukilteo.

Looking at tax records from the Snohomish County Accessor’s website, the current owner of Harbour Pointe Technical Center is responsible annually for hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes. This coupled with possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual upkeep is a great risk to the property owner if the parcel remains vacant.

The time is now for a community solution and out of the box thinking! The time is now for Mukilteo’s very own college campus.

Mario Lotmore


Mukilteo needs a senior center

It has been some time since I last wrote in. In that time I have had the pleasure to engage with this community and the wonderful organizations that make us so unique and such a great place to live. That is why both as a resident and a senior citizen, I believe we can be even better!

While running as a candidate for the Mukilteo City Council in the last election, I witnessed our mayor and other City Council candidates pledge their support to have a senior citizen center built.

Since that time, that pledge has been unfulfilled and without heed!

Our community not only needs a new place for our seniors to gather and share stories of the past with the generations of the future, we also need to ensure that there is a safe place to gain improvements of the body and mind!

Our seniors need your support and they deserve to be heard, and to have the promises of our elected leaders delivered on!

We are part of this community, and we seek your support!

James Yoo


Thanks to the city

I wanted to give some props to the city of Mukilteo and the services it provides. My letter is long overdue praising the work that was done by city employees and Perteet Engineering resurfacing the streets in our neighborhood - Possession Bay Highlands - last summer. It basically went off without a hitch and good communication was an important part of this success.

Likewise, I’ve only lived in Mukilteo for 25 years (to some that means I’m a newbie), but I have always found the city to respond well when it comes to snowplowing our neighborhood streets. During the February snowstorms the city exceeded my expectations when it plowed our sloped street after the first snow – we likely had one of the most passable streets in the area, including major arterials. I know I certainly appreciate the work the drivers did and see it as another sign of a city that effectively serves us and makes good use of our tax dollars.

While fortunately I haven’t needed law enforcement, fire or EMS services directly, my interactions with these employees whether in my neighborhood or elsewhere in the city has been consistently positive. Additionally, whenever I’ve had to visit city hall or speak to a city employee on the phone, I’ve always found them to be courteous, helpful and responsive.

Finally, I want to take on the notion that our property taxes are too high and are going up exorbitantly as suggested by one letter writer a few weeks back. Yes, I did see my city property taxes going up 9.8 percent from last year and my assessed valuation going up 8.5 percent in tandem. Looking at my 2004 property tax bill, my city property taxes fifteen years later are 28 percent higher in non-inflation adjusted dollars. In constant dollars, my city property taxes are $38 less than they were in 2004. Granted one year does not a trend make, but my property taxes have only seen one major increase in 25 years and that was at the state level last year when the Legislature responded to a State Supreme Court order to increase funding for public schools.

Let’s be thankful we live in Mukilteo and continue to focus on the many worthwhile attributes and people who make this a good place to call home.

Kevin Laverty


Thanks to Councilmember Emery

Ah, the voice of reason.

I am referring to Richard Emery’s Council Corner article on March 20 regarding some other councilmembers’ haste to investigate and suggestion that the mayor resign over some employee exit monies. Councilmember Emery is tempered, thoughtful, measured, mature, and logical.

Wish this voice could serve our city forever.

Janine Tomlinson



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