Who is the hot dog man? l Travel Sketcher


February 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is the wood carving used to promote the old Neener Neener Weiner restaurant that used to be in Old Town. Nonetheless, go talk to Terry about the statue, and anything else you’d like, this Spring!

Does anyone know the story behind this wood-carved man that watches the Speedway at 4th Street? If you do I would love to hear it.

Thinking ahead, in response to requests, I will be scheduling Travelsketching workshops in the Spring, specifically for those who think they can’t sketch, but would like to keep a travel journal.

Terry - the Travelsketcher is a Mukilteo resident who sketches anything interesting that catches his eye. To see more of Terry’s sketches, visit http://www.peninkandpaint.com or follow him on Instagram at “thetravelsketcher.” Email him at terrylchristo@gmail.com.


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