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Two hummingbirds and a leafless tree l Worship


Last updated 11/7/2018 at Noon

One day last week I was sitting at my kitchen table enjoying my morning coffee. It was one of those November mornings where a hot cup of coffee with pumpkin spice flavoring was satisfying not only for how it tastes and for how its aroma filled the room, but also for the warmth it provided on a chilly fall morning, as I cradled the cup in my hands.

While I sat there, I happened to look outside through our back window, and my eyes caught sight of a tree. There wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary about this tree, and normally I wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but there was something about it that caused me to pause and take notice, and it provided me with an opportunity to have a moment of reflection about life and faith.

The tree had all but lost its leaves from the strong fall winds that occurred just days before, and all that remained now were a few dried up, shriveled leaves that were hanging on to the branches they were attached to with every ounce of strength that remained within them. By all appearances this tree was dead, and the glory of the full, brilliantly colored red, yellow, and orange leaves that had adorned it just a couple weeks prior was now but a memory.

As I sat there looking at the tree, two hummingbirds that I have seen in that tree many times before in the summer flew up and landed in the tree, each one on its own bare branch. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe these two hummingbirds were life-mates, and that this tree had been their home. I don’t know if hummingbirds have emotions like we do, but if they do, it seemed like this must be a pretty discouraging time for them, looking around at this bare tree, and thinking about what once was, but faced with the reality of what is.

This tree and these two little hummingbirds are a good metaphor for life and faith. Life is filled with many seasons. In some seasons the sun is shining, things are bright, all is well in your world, and it’s easy to say, “Life is good.”

However, as it is with nature, another season is always around the corner, and sometimes it’s a difficult season where things we once enjoyed and possibly took for granted begin to disappear. The fullness, color, and vibrancy that once characterized our lives begin to fall like the leaves just prior to winter. By all appearances it seems like there is no hope for a better tomorrow, and we think to ourselves, “Life stinks!”

It’s in these moments when we need faith the most. The Bible in Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see.”

When we’re going through a dark and dreary season of our lives, we need faith to help us through that season, and to remind us that a new season we hope for is coming, even though we may not see it yet. If you find yourself going through a difficult season in your life right now, I want to encourage you today. Things may seem dark and dreary right now, but that new, brighter season is just around the corner for you. Things will begin to bloom and blossom once again, and life will prevail.


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