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Letters: Paine Field, fake news, Girl Scouts, and city spending


Last updated 11/7/2018 at Noon

Mukilteo getting the short end

The public hearing, held last Monday night at the Lynnwood Convention Center, for the Paine Field Supplemental Draft EA was yet another farce intended to give citizens the idea that our concerns mattered.

The people who took the time out of their busy lives to show up spoke heartfelt and intelligent truths about the impacts the airport currently has on their lives and their valid concerns about how the commercial flight ramp-up will multiply those impacts.

Not one area politician showed up to support our position at the hearing.

Those politicians who did show up, along with a parade of developers and homebuilder representatives, were very clear that impacts to homes, schools, churches, and parks absolutely did not matter.

What matters is the supposed economic boom this will bring for Everett and east county development. Business interests have been steering this ship from the start and the city of Mukilteo is the sacrificial lamb.

The purpose of the hearing for the proponents, it seemed, was to publicly thank county leaders and FAA staff for so handily managing their project. So, now instead of Propeller and the airline industry paying their own way, the costs associated with noise abatement, traffic mitigation, reduced property values, and a diminished quality of life will fall squarely on the shoulders of the rest of us - the unrepresented and voiceless majority. But, who cares, right? People need cheap flights to Vegas and Uber jobs.

And, around here, what developers want, developers get.

Kristin Kirk


Thoughts on fake news

Editor's Note: Guest View columns by Layne Bruce and Dave Zweifel ran in the Oct. 10 Mukilteo Beacon for National Newspaper Week. The article titles were “Time to stand up for a free press: We’re not the enemy” and “Journalism matters because democracy matters.”

Mr. Bruce is the executive director of the Mississippi Press Association and Mr. Zweifel is the editor emeritus of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin.

Rarely read your paper anymore, or for that matter, send Letters to the Editor, but just so happened to notice a Guest View article about fake news in your Oct. 10, 2018 publication.

As I recall, your publisher was quite adamant to me awhile ago how his primary news purpose was, and, is hyperlocal, and that my Letter to the Editor about what I considered to be of local interest, fell outside his so called arbitrary hyperlocal boundary.

Anything outside his boundary must be addressed to some obscure national news outlet. No bias represented by his so called purpose, of course.

Then Mr. Bruce, from the Mississippi Press Association (no less), has his article published where he expresses concern about how certain individuals lately have attacked or disparaged various national news organizations for their bias or “fake” news, as some call it.

Unsure what bubble Mr. Bruce lives in, but his fellow denizens have brought it upon themselves.

We can look no closer than the recent Justice Kavanaugh hearings as evidence of the progressive left news angle that Mr. Bruce’s cohort represents, well deserving of the title, “fake news.”

Most all national news anchors, journalists, pundits and commentators fell right into line with the progressive left political agenda and talking points with intent of derailing Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings and confirmation process with no consideration for due process, or presumption of innocence, and the mantra, “we must believe her.”

Perhaps Mr. Bruce might consider some self-reflection upon his own bias expressed in his article, because it was clear to this untrained eye, he has.

And perhaps the publisher of this paper might consider some self-reflection on his own bias when it comes to what he conveniently considers hyper local versus national news.

It would certainly have helped had this assortment of news outlets devoted a smidgeon of balanced coverage to avoid the fake news moniker.

And for the record, an independent conservative here, even as the progressive left tries to shut us down by using the term to describe this Letter’s content as hate speech, I could go on with many other examples of media bias that have gone on for years, but perhaps you get my point. Just say’n.

Terrill Cox


Girl Scouts give thanks

Girls from four local Girl Scout Troops joined our Troop to collect food at the QFC and Albertsons the weekend before Halloween for our Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat food drive to help Packs for Kids.

Packs for Kids is the group that makes bags of food for needy kids in the Mukilteo School District to bring home, so they can have food to eat on the weekend.

Thank you for donating so kindly to Packs for Kids!

In total, we collected 1,746 pounds of food in a day and a half!

We were so overjoyed with your generosity! We would like to make this a yearly event, so please watch for us in our costumes before Halloween again next year outside the Mukilteo grocery stores.

Annelise and Genevieve

Girl Scout Troop #41137

Seeking outside legal advice doesn't pass the sniff test

We currently have a Washington state audit taking place in Mukilteo.

It is both a financial statement audit and an accountability audit.

It is my understanding that the audit may be concluded by the end of the year or sooner (approximately eight to nine weeks). I also note that the auditors "have talked with each councilmember about any issues that may arise."

The State Auditors Office website notes that, "As an agency led by an elected official, we have the independence to perform audits and investigations objectively. Our audits are designed to comply with professional standards and to satisfy the requirements of federal, state and local laws."

Why this rush to spend $10,000 on this cockamamie scheme? Why not wait for the state audit to be completed?

Councilmembers Rohrbough, Schmalz, Whepley and Cook have decided that there should be an "independent review" by an attorney to the tune of $10,000 dollars.

Weren't these the same councilmembers who not long ago were nipping at the mayor's heels about the severance pay for some employees? They are back nipping again, and they don't want to wait for the completed state audit? Why not?

Is it because "a citizen told one of them they would sue the city"?

If we used that as a reason to hire outside help, we'd be in debt to our necks.

I hope each of the four plans to pony up $2,500 to pay for this outside legal advice. Otherwise their attempts to convince us that it is about taxpayer dollars rings hollow. Some among them say that, "it comes down to the separation of powers of city government."

That's baloney. This is political gamesmanship, nothing less.

Kudos to the councilmembers who want to wait until the state audit is completed before determining next steps.

Elaine Knapp



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