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Letters: Parking and initiatives


October 17, 2018

Voters Pamphlet decided me

Our Voters Pamphlet just arrived. I had been undecided about a few of the initiatives and wanted to read the actual text before deciding.

Reading the actual text of Initiative 1631 decided me. I urge you to also read the text, not just the summary of the measure. It’s the “fine print that takes away.”

The reasons it decided me are the following:

1: The administration of this program will involve not one, or two, or three government agencies, but 14! And their cost over just five years is 185 million dollars including local utilities! Who will pay – the taxpayer – you and me!

2: The cost of gasoline for our cars and natural gas for our homes will go up significantly.

3: It “would not apply to facilities that generate electricity by burning coal” for the first seven years. Isn’t coal burning one of the worst pollutants?

4: Their Fiscal Impact Statement states these fees will cost us (that’s you and me) a total of 2.3 BILLION dollars in the first five years alone.

5: We have no control of the government and private agencies that collect and administer these funds.

We do have a responsibility to care for our environment but there is a limit and, as with this case in point, government is inherently wasteful and inefficient.

Has Washington state not taxed us sufficiently (Sound Transit, gasoline taxes, tolls, vehicle registration, ad nauseum)? This is not the best way to handle this problem. Vote “NO” on this initiative.

Sherwood Sage


Stop taking handicapped parking spaces

I was wondering why healthy, normal people insist on taking the handicapped parking places. Rain or shine.

I’m one who is handicapped and I don’t like getting wet any more than the normal, healthy ones.

I wonder how they would like it if they were in my shoes and needed one of those parking places.

Murta Currie


Vote “Yes” on Initiative 1639

In less than 30 days, Washington voters will be deciding on one of the toughest pieces of gun legislation our country has ever seen. Initiative 1639 is on our ballot, and the country is watching.

A yes vote means that the age to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles is increased to 21, enhanced background checks (like hand gun requirements) and required training course to handle such weapons. This initiative will also hold irresponsible firearms owners accountable if an unauthorized person accesses their weapon and causes harm.

This is not a violation of the Second Amendment, which was written in 1791.

In 1791, a musket could fire 3 shots per minute, if the shooter was skilled.

In 1791, there were only 3.9 million Americans, that the Seattle Metro area today.

In 1791, there were 14 states.

It’s time we modernized our policies to reflect the changes of today’s world.

As a community, we must do what we can to prevent vicious attacks on our children while they are at school, while our friends are at concerts, and while we’re at movie theaters. Vote YES on I-1639 to keep our community safe and prevent further tragedies.

Amy Evans



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