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Letters: Parks, thanks, and liveable wages


April 25, 2018

Thoughts on park discussion

Thank you for covering the discussion concerning the motion for a new park (April 18 Mukilteo Beacon, “Proposal to build new city park fails”).

Frankly, I was surprised to see any councilmember propose that the city spend money to create a new park, particularly a park that is neither needed, nor appropriate at this time.

A couple weeks ago, the councilmember who made this “park proposal” wrote of having been “blindsided” by the revelation of a looming $1 million deficit (by 2020) in the city’s budget.

The councilmember wrote that the council needed, and were planning to review and establish the city's budget priorities going forward.

These were commendable statements by the new councilmember.

But, two weeks later, we see a proposal for new spending - for a park? How did we get there?

In the face of a huge looming budget shortfall, and other city priorities (e.g., school safety and security measures, old town redevelopment, and maintaining our existing infrastructure), do we really want to build a new park?

It seems that if we are not to spend ourselves into fiscal oblivion, we need a city council that can focus on their duty to ensure fiscal responsibility, and exercises critical thinking when making decisions that affect residents and taxpayers alike.

Paul Marshall


Kiwanis ‘One Day’ cleanup

We just wanted to thank all of the volunteers who showed up to the Mukilteo Community Garden and helped clean up the MCG grounds on "Earth Day Weekend."

All together we had approximately 35 people, including 24 Key Club members from our Mukilteo high schools, who spent five hours weeding, mulching, and erecting straw bale beds for planting produce in the garden.

A BIG shoutout to Steve and Julie Berry of Jersey Mike’s Mukilteo. They fortified our volunteers with a very tasty lunch. Thank you!

In spite of early morning rain showers, the volunteers accomplished many tasks on the never ending "to do" list.

Last, but not least, a thank you goes out to Lorie Rhynard, board member, and "fearless leader" for the event.

She kept us very busy and on task.

Kiwanis of Mukilteo appreciates the partnership that we have forged with the MCG for the past nine years. We look forward to being a part of the garden in the future.

Lynette Gardiner-Kidd and Dode Carlson

Board members, Kiwanis of Mukilteo

‘Living wage’ law kills jobs

In your April 18 issue we read: "Meury doesn't have a job and relies on Social Security for money. It is not for lack of trying…He uses public transportation to get around, and found that some potential employers who would hire someone like him would require him to take multiple buses just to get to work."

In countries where prices reflect supply and demand fluctuations landing a job is easy.

But watch out! USA legislated price control!

Imagine a $10 an hour minimum wage enforced somewhere. Citizens looking for a $9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, or even a $3 an hour temporary job but finding not a single one!

Millions of jobs outlawed with the stroke of a pen. What kind of compassion is this?

It is hurting: employees, employers, product development, customers of all kind, tax revenue, unemployment expense, citizens - often young - not capable, educated or experienced enough to join higher wage competitions, people in recovery in need of a job, and at-risk minorities in inner cities.

Minimum wages wedded unemployment in an unholy union.

Government punishing weakness - the definition of perversity.

Who wants to defend it? If a whole socialist Scandinavia rejected price control, why can't we?

Gunnar Unneland



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