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January 31, 2018

This may be the least excited for a Super Bowl I have ever been.

Obviously I’m going to be bitter about the Seahawks not being in it, but honestly, the way they played this year and the way the injuries piled up on the defensive side of the ball it’s not surprising.

The Super Bowl this year, for those who don’t know, will be between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.

But I think I can speak for a good amount of the country when I say that I’m sick of Tom Brady being in the Super Bowl.

Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s the greatest quarterback of all time, but it’s kind of lame that since 2003, only four quarterbacks have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl.

This will be Brady’s seventh, Peyton Manning appeared in four and “Big” Ben Roethlisberger has appeared in three. The only other AFC quarterback to appear in that span? Joe Flacco.

Then you look at the NFC and see a wide amount of names such as Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan and now, the Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger himself, Nick Foles.

Now I have no problem with Foles.

Personally, I’ve felt he’s probably the best backup quarterback in the league, but he’s no Carson Wentz, who, if healthy, probably would have won the league’s MVP award.

Unfortunately, Wentz tore his ACL and missed the last few regular season games as well as the playoffs and won’t be in the Super Bowl.

I’m bummed, as is my family (I gave my grandma a Carson Wentz shirt for Christmas), because my dad’s side of the family is from North Dakota, where Wentz is from and played his college ball.

But the reason I really don’t like this Super Bowl is the two fan bases involved.

The Patriots have become the New York Yankees of the NFL where any argument against them is met with “six rings” or “Brady and Belichick are the best ever!”

There’s some sense of entitlement even though the AFC was an absolute cakewalk for the Patriots this year.

First round bye, a home game against Marcus Mariota and the Titans followed by a home game against the Blake Bortles-led Jacksonville Jaguars.

I think the Patriots will win in a blowout because the best player on the other team (Wentz) won’t be playing.

I am rooting for the Eagles, but man it hurts to do so.

Their fan base is almost worse than the Patriots.

Eagles fans have been known to boo damn near everybody.

They boo their own players, they boo the refs, other teams, hell, they even booed Santa Claus!

They have also cheered for injuries for opposing players.

Michael Irvin, a Hall of Fame receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, caught a pass from quarterback Troy Aikman and sustained a spinal cord injury. He was wheeled off on a stretcher and Eagles fans cheered. That was the last play of Irvin’s career.

And there are other horror stories not just for Eagles’ fans, but their other pro teams like the Phillies and Flyers, and throwing things, yelling at opposing players’ families, spitting on opposing players, all of that is just so disgusting to hear about it makes me sick.

But because I love football and hanging with friends and family, I’ll watch the game. I’ll probably be disappointed, but that’s fine. I just hope I have enough Jack Daniels to help get me through it.

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Brandon Gustafson, Editor, Mukilteo Beacon

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