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Last updated 11/22/2017 at Noon

The Mukilteo Fire Department proudly serves the residents and visitors of the city with the guiding vision statement “Excellence in Public Service.” Through a series of “Did you know” articles, I will be sharing information concerning operations, emergency medical service (EMS), emergency preparedness and prevention.

The Mukilteo Fire Department operates two stations, Station 24 on 5th Street and Station 25 in Harbour Pointe. Each station is staffed with three members around the clock. Each crew has a fire engine and a medic unit (ambulance) assigned to them. The nature of the call determines which apparatus the crew uses for the response.

With a total workforce of 29 men and women, 24 are dedicated to the station staffing and the rest fulfill the administrative functions of the department. The station staffing consists of captains, firefighter/emergency medical technicians and firefighter/paramedics. This dual-role capability allows the crews to manage a wide variety of calls and is more efficient for a smaller community than a single-role system.

The department has pre-determined what resources are needed to respond to any given call. This ranges from a single apparatus to an eight-unit, 20-person response for a commercial fire. Since the department can only respond with two apparatus, automatic aid agreements with our neighbors are in place to provide the remaining resources. These agreements also cover response when there are more than two calls inside the city limits. A separate agreement provides resources to manage a technical rescue or hazardous materials response.

The department’s 2017 budget totals $4.6 million. The largest portion of the budget, 85 percent, is devoted to personnel. Other line items include operations (eight percent) and intergovernmental transfers (seven percent). Funding for the department comes from the general fund (48 percent), the EMS Levy (40 percent) and billing for EMS service (12 percent).

In a nutshell, those are the basics about the Mukilteo Fire Department. Living here in the Mukilteo community, you will see me out and about quite a bit. Feel free to ask a question or let me know how we are doing. We also have a series of pages on the city’s website, http://www.mukilteowa.gov/fire, including a link to a survey on our services. Thanks for reading!


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