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Letter: Concerning mass murders


November 15, 2017

First of all, let us establish the goal. Why do people want heavier gun restrictions?

The answer is simple: to reduce the amount of murder in our nation. The goal itself is good, but the problem boils down to whether guns or people are at guilt (technically, other factors are always involved, but they often trace back to one of the two).

If murderers are innocent, maybe guns are the problem. However, no one ever asks the question “is the murder the gun’s fault or is there a murderous person behind the weapon?”

No one asks the question because few want it answered.

The gun did not get out of its safe one-day and think, “Today, I’m going to murder dozens of human beings.”

No, as they are not sentient.

We humans, however, are sentient beings with will and determination, even will to do terrible things.

Say, hypothetically, I have a pistol that I take to a public location. People do not die because I took my pistol to the location; people die because I shot real people with real bullets (again, because some people have selective reading, I write hypothetically).

To put another way, the gun is the method of action. However, the action, not the method, is wrong.

When mass shootings take place, people mourn because fellow Americans are dead. Within a half-second, the media blames the guns, not the shooter.

My point is that we as society, and individuals, are at fault for caring about the method for murder rather than the action of murder.

In closing, I raise a proposition. Over the years, gun control has become a euphemism for mass murders. At the heart of every actual crime and sin is a will to act, not a weapon. Will we, as the city of Mukilteo, continue to abdicate civil responsibility for such murders by calling them gun violence or shall we call them what they really are, as mass murders? The issue of mass murder would be very simple if we got back to the basic concept, do not murder.

Nate Edwards



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