Letter: Mukilteo as a Job Haven


Last updated 11/1/2017 at Noon

We often hear discussion about "living wage" legislation. It sounds so fair and compassionate. Those laws also kill jobs! Living wage means jobs for some but job exclusion for others. No hourly paid work allowed below a set figure--the minimum wage!

Such rules ride roughshod over vulnerable citizens who need freedom to choose amongst multiple lower paying jobs where they gradually gain experience, knowledge and confidence and handicapped may take part in normal wage competition.

Even a "moron" might agree job killing is bad. Countless politicians cannot grasp it though likely a large majority of them are political science majors!

I'll offer a neat solution: establish "Job Haven for the Unemployed." Minimum wages declared null and void!

The inevitable lawsuits to follow could be paid by streams of added income from happy new employers and employees!

Switzerland, Scandinavia and Hong Kong allow free job markets. Supply and demand freedom. Their unemployment numbers low!

Could Mukilteo become first in our state hosting a Job Haven?

Gunnar Unneland



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