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Letter: Let's discuss gun control


October 25, 2017

Following the tragedy in Las Vegas where 58 innocent concertgoers were gunned down, many have called for a discussion to ban pump stocks – the device used to make a semi-automatic weapon fire like an automatic weapon.

Some fear such a discussion will lead to more gun control laws and further erosion of America’s Second Amendment Rights.

I say, let’s have that discussion, but in that discussion let’s be sure to discuss the effects of:

  • An organized RESIST movement to undermine our currently elected government
  • Open disrespect given to our duly elected President
  • Our younger generations being actively taught in public schools that this country is bad
  • Open defiance of our immigration laws
  • A former President ORGANIZING FOR ACTION to disrupt our current president’s agenda
  • People inside our government operating to disrupt our leader’s agenda
  • Allowing the killing of unwanted human lives before they are born
  • Disrespect for our law enforcement officers
  • The media politicizing what they report on and ginning up fake news
  • Single parent families on our society
  • Distribution of sexually explicit material by the media

The unfortunate and tragic killing in Las Vegas could be an opportunity for our entire nation to come together in unity and understand that the above issues and more can lead to hate, hate can lead to anger, anger can lead to mental instability and mental instability can lead to pulling a trigger or wielding a knife or driving a car into a crowd of people.

Having a discussion might be helpful for us to learn that a person, a member of our society, pulled the trigger that killed so many in Las Vegas and no written laws could have prevented it from happening but that sensible human laws, the kind that we should learn from our earliest ages could have prevented this from happening.

The sensible human laws I am referring to include (but are not limited to) respect for human life and others.

As American citizens, we have an opportunity to teach future generations and show the rest of the world that there are effective ways to stop the violence.

Let’s have that discussion.

Jeff Scherrer

Edmonds, Washington


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