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Letters: Leaders should be transparent and Mayor's response


October 18, 2017

Leader's should be transparent

My name is Jeff Wakemen, former husband to Mukilteo Mayor Gregerson.

I find it insulting that Mr. Champion and the Mayor continue to deny the relationship that has existed between them for nearly the entire length of their terms. Just own up to it!

It’s not illegal in any way as far as I am aware. It is only a matter of public concern due to it being an obvious conflict of interest with the parties being able to act, and make decisions independently of each other, when it comes to the leadership guiding this city of 20,000 Mukilteans.

What happens behind closed doors of private citizens is none of anyone’s business. However, what elected officials do behind closed doors should be everyone’s business, and I’m unhappy that it happened behind my door, but that’s done and over with.

Mukilteo deserves to be represented by people that don’t and won’t put their personal aspirations and desires ahead of the needs of its residents and then refuse to be open and transparent with the people they work for.

Jeff Wakeman


Editor’s note:

Upon receiving the letter from Mr. Wakeman, the Beacon reached out to both Mayor Jennifer Gregerson and councilmember Bob Champion. Mayor Gregerson decided to comment on the matter, Champion declined to give any comment.

Mayor’s response

I wish that Jeff and I could have resolved our differences in private, like so many other couples who go through a difficult divorce. Unfortunately, this ugliness has spilled into a divisive campaign and I have no choice but to respond. It is a lie that I had a relationship with Bob Champion for the length of my term, it is a lie that my decisions have been compromised, and it is a lie that I have put my personal aspirations ahead of our city’s needs. It is true that my relationship with Jeff ended very unhappily. I am sorry that Jeff has chosen to make our unhappiness so public.

During my first year in office, Peter Zieve threatened to fire Jeff from his engineering job at Electroimpact if I allowed a mosque to receive a building permit. Now, Peter is papering the town with the same false accusations that are in Jeff’s letter. I am sad that Peter and his campaign of hate are using Jeff and his unhappiness to attack me and Bob Champion. There are very personal reasons why my relationship with Jeff ended. And even though we are no longer married, I hope that he gets the help and support he deserves.

But when it comes to this election, I am proud of what our city has accomplished over the last four years, and I have laid out my vision for Mukilteo: a sustainable, well-run city with safe, strong neighborhoods. I am asking voters to ignore these horrible campaign tactics and focus on the issues. Readers are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns by phone (425-239-5241) or email (

Jennifer Gregerson

Mayor of Mukilteo


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