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Letter: Zieve, Matthews running ‘dishonorable’ campaigns


September 20, 2017

I was just down in your fine city working with your fine mayor to improve transit access to Paine Field destinations. It seems to me as if the Mukilteo City Hall is “Jennifer Island” in a sea of insanity.

I walked off the rhetorical island Sept. 13 to a fresh reminder from the Mukilteo Beacon of this sea of insanity where one fellow male brags about his marital status and how many children he's sired on all of his campaign signs, and another fellow male runs another ad bragging about the number of children he's sired and conducts a dishonorable, offensive of campaign finance regulation based on “hearsay.”

As someone secure in my masculinity, much more so than my photography, I find those fellow males having this pressing need to publicly discuss their private parts' performance beyond sanity on so many levels.

We can start with the work of actually governing and advocating for a better Mukilteo. That does not require showmanship or acting like Tim Eyman is your role model, but calm, mature management, dealing with such tedious tasks like planning bus shelters, getting the county executive to listen, and applying for financial aid.

These tasks do not make reality television or splashy headlines, but they are the quiet work behind the scenes that makes awesome possible. Hence my endorsements of Bob Champion, Jennifer Gregerson and Sarah Kneller.

Furthermore, I've had and will continue to have conversations with fellow transit community regional leaders at the grassroots and the transit agency levels. One message we all agree on is a Mukilteo vote against Jennifer Gregerson is a vote against our efforts to get the proper amount of transit service between Mukilteo and Paine Field.

Folks, we transit advocates are all taking very personally the negative campaign against Jennifer Gregerson, and this election in several races has now become a referendum on not just winning fair transit services for Mukilteo and Paine Field, but also whether the dishonorable campaigns of two candidates for public office are acceptable.

Oh and one last thing: A vote for Jennifer Gregerson is a vote to have a more than fair opportunity to keep Mukilteo's seat on the Community Transit Board just as new transit routes and extended transit services come online. As your friend, Mukilteo, please vote accordingly.

Joe A. Kunzler Skagit County


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