Letter: Kamiak students back Kneller for council


Last updated 9/20/2017 at Noon

School is in session once again; but as the 2017-2018 school year starts, election season in our community is getting closer and closer to being over.

Most of the students currently attending Kamiak High School won’t be able to vote in the November municipal elections, but that didn’t stop some of us from getting involved in city politics.

This letter is written by the following Team Kneller members attending Kamiak High School: Niko Battle (Campaign Manager), Kamila Karbanova (Fellow), Chris Poe (Fellow) and Sargun Handa (Fellow).

One thing that drove us, as students, to join her campaign is her strive to connect the Mukilteo School Board with the Mukilteo City Council. To this day, it’s quite baffling that the two entities don’t work closer together, because there is so much they could accomplish for the sake of students in the district if they were more collaborative.

Sarah is an advocate and supporter of the students in Mukilteo; she’s consistently taken meetings with members of the Mukilteo School Board of Directors, educators in the community and parents who send their kids to our public schools day in and day out.

Sarah has already offered to serve as the City Council liaison to the school board if elected. That’s true leadership; people who actively take initiative to fix a simple issue they’ve identified in our community are the people we need to rally around and elect.

Niko Battle, Kamila Karbanova, Chris Poe, Sargun Handa Kamiak students, Sarah Kneller supporters


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