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When will the Trust of God, latent in the reality of man, emerge? (Part 6) | Worship


January 6, 2016

Without ceasing, our good Lord is always waving His arms at us dramatically, trying to get our attention. What must He do to have us finally be enchanted by Him?

In the past, tribes and communities without access to or benefit of Holy Writs/Scriptures have had to puzzle over: “How is it that whenever I put one kernel of corn into the dirt, just add water, and then, Lo! The dirt is pleased to give me 12,642 perfect delicious brand new kernels of life-sustaining corn? Is the Earth sentient?”

Many of them were compelled to conclude: “Something invisible is providing in sufficiency for us. Whatever it is, we respect!”

Many of them chose to be impressed, and then maybe called the invisible “The Great Spirit” or some other maximum honorific, and with due respect and ardor, sublimated themselves before the (invisible but nonetheless) Evident.

The punchline is that these groups were discerning enough to recognize (and honor!) sustaining Grace in the fabric of their lives; and more to the point, their only clue was Mother Nature.

But, that evidence is just plain not enough for many.

Our wavy-arms God has a second type of testimony for those many.

For those of us that are still not giving due respect to nor are enchanted by the Universe’s “one kernel of corn + water = endless new kernels” dynamic, God gives us a second set of evidence, a second chance to perhaps reconsider all things.

At divinely appointed intervals, God taps a man on the shoulder and proclaims: “Tag! You’re it!”

That man hears our Creator talking to him: “As My agent, go and tell the people of My glory, of My directions to them, of My paths which alone will lead them to the perpetual experiences of abiding peace and joy in this world and in the next.”

These men, newly anointed and perfect Mirrors of God’s Will then yield their lives to the task of assuring that every one of us are made clear that there are some very heavy and very-completely-self-future-impacting choices to be made in each of our life-walks.

So, God calls us quietly through nature, and He also calls us again, loudly this time, through His Prophets and Their Scriptures, in a double-attempt to jar us out of our worldly complacency, a redundant testimony to insure that the masses see that for each of us, there is a most important decision to be made: to honor our God, or not. To obey our Creator, or not.

In this day, God’s most recent Revelator is Bahá’u'lláh (“The Glory of God”), who relays to us:

“And since there can be no tie of direct intercourse to bind the one true God with His creation, and no resemblance whatever can exist between the transient and the Eternal, the contingent and the Absolute, He hath ordained that in every age and dispensation a pure and stainless Soul be made manifest in the kingdoms of Earth and Heaven.”

If Mother Nature alone has not compelled you to be in love with God, please give yet another look at the Humans specially sent to us, the tangible and vocal Ones.

They have gifted us with His Words, and these Words, kindly left behind for us, delineate the only paths to enduring fulfillment and joy.

Please consider a revisit to the Words of Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Zoroaster, Muhammed, Bahá'u'lláh, each “a pure and stainless Soul,” each and all perfect Mirrors of the One Light.

I know that you moan “I’ve already done that!” Please note that all of the sweetest things in life are awarded to only the persistent.

Did you suppose that the sweetest plum of all (enduring fulfillment and joy in this world and in the next) is to be awarded to anyone but to those who press mightily for the brass ring?

Press again! Say to God that you refuse to be without The Whole Truth, and that here you are again. Tell God that you are going to ignore the wrongful heinous deeds performed by His well-meaning but still ill-informed followers.

Rather, you will cleave to the words revealed by His Messengers, alone. Have no patience for any mere mortal’s error making deeds as any kind of a “standard” for discerning the truth of any of the Manifestations of God. To the Source, please!

To look again is to embrace an uphill chore; please do it anyway. The stakes are too high, and the needs for enlightened soldiers, their examples and their efforts are too pressing.

Turn on the news, reflect upon the fates of children whom you adore, and please, please try again.

The Words themselves, from God via His hand-picked “pure and stainless Soul(s)… of Earth and Heaven” are absolutely The Secret. I promise.


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