When will the Trust of God, latent in the reality of man, emerge? (Part 4)


August 12, 2015

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We are here to know God and to worship God, which is to 1) Seek and discover what it is that God calls us to do, and then 2) Do it. i.e: Proactively, for the long haul, step into the fields of studies, deeds and relationship with the Divine, as directed, as ardent obeying students.

So, in a hopefully wise and measured attempt to get these paramount issues addressed responsibly and correctly, maybe a person might say: "Hmmm... In this life I know for sure that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. So, OK, in order to see if This all works or not, I'm going to give This my best deeply sincere investigation/experience.

“I'll just pencil in, say, a 1-3 year plan; by then I shall certainly know if I'm pleased to stay on this particular path of truth finding."

Having made the decision to see what results actually appear after a while in the project of simple obedience to God's Scriptural directions, what exactly should one do?

One must stir some mysterious dynamics from deeper within that may not have had much motion lately, and might even be in complete hibernation. Dynamics not of muscles or atoms, but rather that set of energies that Bahá'u'lláh refers to as "the reality of man” – the God-given supernatural energies of the realms of the spirit, the soul, the heart and the higher mind.

God has adequately equipped us with energies of two types: Those for the physical aspect of man (sight, smell, growth, running, blood circulation, touch, etc.) and those for the spiritual aspect of man (love, mercy, communion with God, etc.).

Those for the physical aspect are given to us quite fully formed and are universally self-evident, whereas energies for the spiritual aspect are vastly different – they are latent. They will not develop at all unless we proactively A) decide to nurture them, B) actually nurture them, and then C) persistently continue to nurture them as a normal matter of course.

Regarding the energies particular to the spirituality of man, the "reality of man,” from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh:

"Energies with which the Source of heavenly guidance hath endowed the reality of man lie, however, latent within him, even as the flame is hidden within the candle and the rays of light are potentially present in the lamp.”

To me this Scripture says, even though your physical being is a complete clockwork marvel, you are not completed, and you have some specific work to do on the best of you.

We are in a decades-long school. God hopes that I will notice and that I will respond appropriately to it: the Scripturally revealed truth (and the always-verified-by-history confirmation) that I devolve to the basest beast if I decide to ignore God's call of common sense to me – His call that I now do my portion by energizing and nurturing my more subtle, deeper, truer aspects of being.

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If I choose to ignore the nurturing of these God-given energies and capacities of spirit, love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, fostering unity, mercy, charity and prayerful interaction with God, which are all, again, the "reality of" me, the beyond tragic result can only be that I never even begin to approach my primary purpose in life!

This, unfortunately, would be much like the candle that was interesting, but never on!

It would be the biggest bummer to have to reflect on that gaffe-of-inaction during my goldenest years. And... uhh... eternity. Maybe the greatest remorse possible?


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