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 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion 

Greed and excess helping to fuel country's economic distress | Worship

When I was growing up in the 1960s, a social movement challenged the values of our country seeking to end racial discrimination and end the war in Southeast Asia. Those protesters... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By David Parks    Opinion 

The whitest denomination | Worship

It's true. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is the least racially diverse in the United States. I am humbled and troubled by that. Lenny Duncan has written, "Dear Church,... — Updated 9/23/2020


Editorial cartoon for week of Sept. 23

 — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Joanne Mulloy    Opinion

The History of Forest Park and the Zoo | Muk Revisited

When I tell people about my memories of visiting the bears at the Forest Park Zoo. I get strange looks. When discussing it with those from this area, we differ on what zoo animals... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Gordon Nishimoto    Opinion 

Love and Service | Worship

“Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all . . . “ (Holy Bible Galations... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Glen Pickus    Opinion 

Virtual worship during a real pandemic | Worship

In pre-COVID-19 pandemic times right about now, with the Jewish High Holy Days approaching, I would be psyching myself up to spend a lot of time in worship services at Temple Beth... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion 

The screen is always greener on the other side | Chuck's World

Toward the beginning of COVID time, I made a half-serious joke. A half-joke. It was along the lines of, “I’m eating plain flour tortillas, watching cat videos, and shopping... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Michael Gold    Opinion 

The insanity of gas pricing | Off Kilter

There are a lot of things that make perfect sense, economically. Likewise, there are a lot of things that do not. I got to thinking about this earlier this week as I read about... — Updated 9/23/2020


Letter to the editor: Urge City Council to reject new warehouse near Community Garden entrance

Read the Signs! Contact your City Council and staff! Join me in imploring them to deny the development application for a 400-foot-long warehouse right next to the Community Garden entrance on 44th Avenue along the east edge of our... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Kevin Stolz    Opinion 

Waterfront could use some budget-friendly improvements | Reality Check

The city has begun the 2021 budget discussions. Considering the obvious impact the coronavirus will have on the budget, this month I thought I’d take a crack at suggesting some... — Updated 9/23/2020


Progress being made on construction projects | Mayor's message

As we head into fall, there is positive progress to share on a number of construction projects in the community. I will be sharing some updates this month. I would also encourage... — Updated 9/23/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The boy who lived, and other fun facts | Chuck's World

All of us will occasionally find ourselves standing in the kitchen, wondering why we went in there. In the age of COVID, I’m pretty sure this happens a lot. This has led me to... — Updated 9/14/2020


Letter to the editor: Peaceful protests infiltrated by disrupters

I feel the need to address this problem of protesting. Now, I have no problem with people protesting, but why not do it peacefully? Think of the results if this were the case. Hopefully, if people were in a peaceful mode and behave... — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Jerry Seinfeld is back, with a new show | Off Kilter

Jerry Seinfeld has been producing (and starring) in a “made for streaming” television program called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” on Netflix. As if Seinfeld needed... — Updated 9/9/2020


Editorial cartoon for week of Sept. 9

 — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Gordy Arlin    Opinion

If I knew for sure that I would die next month, part 7 of 9

Editor’s Note: See parts 1-6 at mukilteobeacon.com. They were published on Aug. 15, 2018, Jan. 9, 2019, May 29, Aug. 7, Nov. 6 and Jan. 22,2020. Hello friends! There’s hope for... — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The steps not taken | Chuck's World

There is something egalitarian about taking a tumble. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth has fallen a few times in her 94 years, losing a battle with gravity exactly as a commoner would,... — Updated 9/9/2020


Letter to the editor: Larsen should be praised for delivering support for the Post Office

The valiant efforts of local lawmakers should be applauded for actions to slow the blatant assault on our post office and on our free elections that seem to be taking place on a daily basis by the man who currently occupies the Whi... — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Sarah Kneller    Opinion

Remember to complete 2020 census | Council Corner

It’s not too late to complete the 2020 census and it’s important to remember participation will have far-reaching impacts on our city, state, and country in the years to come.... — Updated 9/9/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Just humor me for a moment | Chuck's World

My grandson is nearly 7 years old, a remarkable child in many ways, bright and curious, but also very much a normal kid. By which I mean he’s discovered puns, right on time. I’m... — Updated 8/31/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

A giant leap for mankind | Chuck's World

I’m missing the Olympics this summer, which could explain why YouTube is showing me videos of runners and jumpers lately, trying to entice me. They always succeed. I usually... — Updated 8/26/2020


Letter to the editor: Mayor, City Council gave special treatment to Black Lives Matter protesters

In the June 24, 2020 Mukilteo Beacon, Mr. Charlie Pancerzewski asked excellent questions (paraphrased) – (1) why did Mayor Gregerson and City Councilman Khan inconsistently enforce Mukilteo event ordinances/laws and; (2) why did... — Updated 8/26/2020


Letter to the editor: City Council should focus on fact-based discussions, decisions

Dear Mukilteo City Council, I am writing with regards to the recent Council Corner letter to the public regarding media literacy written by Councilmember Kneller. https://bit.ly/3h9lMND While I applaud the commitment to media... — Updated 8/26/2020


Letter to the editor: Japanese Gulch visitors should cooperate with each other

The Japanese Gulch is a treasure in our own back yard. I've been in the gulch almost daily since our COVID-19 lockdown began back in March. It has been great to see all the others who have been enjoying the trails along with me.... — Updated 8/26/2020

 By Kevin Stolz    Opinion

Masks, social distancing in short supply on the waterfront | Reality Check

The coronavirus is still very much with us and impacting Mukilteo’s waterfront and those of us who live here in many ways. This month we’ll touch on the current status of... — Updated 8/26/2020


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