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Do your part to help keep Mukilteo beautiful | Guest View

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leighton Serrano. I am 13 years old and I am fairly new to Mukilteo, but have quickly fallen in love with the beauty of this city. I became... — Updated 3/29/2023

 By Caitlin Duff    Opinion

FYI upcoming Medicaid changes | Guest View

On April 1, the Washington State Health Care Authority anticipates returning to normal operations and will begin to mail renewal notices to confirm the eligibility of Medicaid (Apple Health in Washington state) recipients in... — Updated 3/8/2023

 By Strom Peterson    Opinion

How to make most of legislative session | Guest View

The 2023 legislative session started on Jan. 9. Some of you may be interested in participating in the legislative process. There are several ways to stay informed and involved... — Updated 2/8/2023

 By Mary Peterson    Opinion

A part of it: A holiday story | Guest View

“This darkness. Why does it have to get dark so early!” I grumbled to myself. Well, at least I didn’t have to cook tonight – I had ordered Chinese from our favorite Chinese restaurant and was headed to go pick up my order.... — Updated 12/20/2022


What to know about health insurance after turning 65 | Guest View

Medicare health insurance plans are now open for enrollment for the 1.4 million Medicare beneficiaries in Washington. Deciding what type of Medicare plan is best for you can be a confusing task when not informed of all the... — Updated 12/7/2022


Enough is enough: Bad behavior by coaches, parents and fans must stop | Guest View

Editor’s note: This column was submitted by Dr. Karissa Niehoff, chief executive officer of the National Federation of State High School Associations, and Mick Hoffman, executive director of the Washington Interscholastic... — Updated 9/28/2022


Feeling stressed or in pain? Alternative treatments can help | GuestView

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy are hundreds and thousands of years old, and are meeting a need for flexible and non-invasive therapy for chronic pain, stress and more today. Dr. LuAnn Chen, senior medical... — Updated 9/7/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Environment, equity: Children, poor to suffer

Who will face the biggest continuing impact of environmental decline? We are all affected, but it is clear that children and the poor bear the brunt of dramatic ecological change. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund,... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Joleen Sims    Opinion

City considers new options to keep Lighthouse Park safe | Guest View

Editor’s note: Mukilteo resident Joleen Sims was among those the Beacon interviewed for a June 29 story on the increase in littering and illegal fires at Lighthouse Park this summer. After sitting down with City Council... — Updated 8/3/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Getting back to nature | Guest View

We have a long, long way to go, but several agencies in Snohomish County and the surrounding area are making a noble effort to restore natural function to important habitats. Projects include removing dams, culverts, levees, and... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Rick Steves    Opinion

Bologna airport plane bump is no baloney | Guest View

I've already enjoyed a cappuccino with a Capuchin monk – and now I've had a baloney sandwich in Bologna. How can a hungry traveler interested in "going local" do much better?... — Updated 6/29/2022


Curbing gun violence: Do something | Guest View

The National League of Women Voters has supported measures to increase public and school safety and decrease gun violence since 1999. The League believes that “the proliferation of handguns and semiautomatic weapons in the... — Updated 6/29/2022


Remembering a time: When will it stop? | Guest View

We watch the news and see children in Ukraine clutching their favorite toy as they are forced to leave home. They and their parents are fleeing from the advancing Russian army. And it evokes memories of my own family’s retreat fr... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Our changing oceans | Guest View

Ours is a water planet. Seventy percent is ocean and, when seen from space, we are a blue-and-white marble. What happens in the oceans is important to us land dwellers – and not just for giving us canned, hard-smoked, Quinault... — Updated 5/25/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Here come the all-electric houses | Guest View

The road to a healthier, safer life, and planet starts right at the front door. The new, modern, all-electric house does not rely on flammable fuels, does not produce toxic combustion byproducts, and does not emit greenhouse... — Updated 5/4/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

The environment and equity: Children, poor will suffer more | Guest View

Who will face the biggest continuing impact of environmental decline? We are all affected, but it is clear that children and the poor bear the brunt of dramatic ecological change. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund,... — Updated 4/27/2022

 By Austin Wright    Opinion

A student's view: The journalism gauntlet

Editor's note: Austin Wright is a senior at Kamiak High School who contributes to the school's newspaper, The Gauntlet. Austin will write occasional columns for The Beacon on his... — Updated 4/13/2022

 By Adam Maxwell    Opinion

Mixed bag for climate needs; sunny outlook for solar energy | Guest View

The Washington State Legislature concluded regular session March 10 in a whirlwind that saw many needed environmental bills shortchanged by the 60-day schedule. A few critical wins,... — Updated 3/23/2022

 By Austin Wright    Opinion

A student's view: The mask mandate at school | Guest View

Editor's note: Austin Wright is a senior at Kamiak High School who contributes to the school's newspaper, The Gauntlet, which will be released this month. Austin will write... — Updated 3/16/2022


At-home COVID-19 test kits: Common questions answered

With the recent COVID-19 omicron variant surge, Americans have been asked to increase their use of testing to help control the spread of the virus. At-home testing kits have become a popular and convenient option, but many... — Updated 2/9/2022


Show your support for vital services provided by schools | Guest View

"You've been given a great gift, George: A chance to see what the world would be like without you," says the angel Clarence to Jimmy Stewart's George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful... — Updated 1/26/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

What if Galileo were a modern climate scientist? | Guest View

One of the great revolutions in our history was the invention and, after lots of turmoil, adoption of the scientific method. Galileo is called by many the "father of the scientific... — Updated 1/12/2022


Sno-Isle budget includes updates, express lockers | Guest View

The end of the year is swiftly approaching, and with it a flurry – maybe with snow? – of library activities to get ready for the start of 2022. At the Sno-Isle Libraries... — Updated 1/5/2022

 By Kim Voetberg    Opinion

Mukilteo Kiwanis names 2022 board | Guest View

The Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo has been serving this community for decades, having been initially sponsored by South Whidbey Kiwanis Club. With a rough nearly two years, we... — Updated 12/15/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Where the rubber meets the road | Guest View

It is interesting to pick something that we use as part of our daily lives and take a look at the impact of that use. The car tires that we all ride on need to be made, they wear out, and they need to be thrown away. About 20% of a... — Updated 12/1/2021


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