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 By Austin Wright    Opinion

The solace of summer vacation | Student View

People often equate high school graduation as very freeing. To some extent, yes. The final few days were very happy, if not bittersweet, as final exams made way for yearbook... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Adam Fortney    Opinion

Here's why the Sheriff's Office is reassigning deputies to the streets | Guest View

In 2019, the residents of Snohomish County gave me the opportunity to lead the Sheriff's Office and deliver police services to unincorporated Snohomish County and our contract... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Highway 20: The ride of your life | Darn Wright

A drive on the longest state highway, 436 miles across the northern areas of Washington, can only happen on Highway 20, the Cascade Loop. After traveling east on the Cascade loop,... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Fred Obee    Opinion

Constitution tested by silos of belief, spread of lies | Guest View

Much is lamentable in our political discourse. It can be senselessly coarse, wildly inaccurate, insulting and cruel. But it also can be inspirational and move us to courageously... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Who is a law-abiding citizen? | Darn Wright

“If you pass gun laws, you’ll be taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.” That is the common mantra from many who do not want any common-sense gun safety laws. This... — Updated 6/8/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Never the last laugh | Moment's Notice

“He who laughs last, laughs longest.” – English proverb Why on earth would someone want the last laugh? Laughing last and alone, to show victory over someone else, well, that... — Updated 6/8/2022


Nurses are district's 'first responders' | Mukilteo Schools

In my March column I referenced the dawn of every school year for students and families, more specifically at Pathfinder Kindergarten Center, and the first welcoming to school for... — Updated 6/2/2022

 By Austin Wright    Opinion

The future adults are talking | Student View

As I now talk with Kamiak High School senior class president Nahoum Giles, it is evident that this is a far cry from the same person who did the splits a couple of weeks ago at our... — Updated 5/18/2022


Sun, vitamin D, and you | Health and Wellness

If you are like me, you are lamenting the lack of sun and warmth this spring in the Pacific Northwest. I feel as if the sun comes out with its shining rays and warmth to tease me a... — Updated 5/18/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

When home is not a home | Moment's Notice

“Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in.” – Dr. Asa Don Brown Like many of us, travel is a magical escape, an opportunity to see the... — Updated 5/12/2022

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Mother's Day | Managing Editor's Note

I wasn't going to write a Mother's Day story. But this year was different. It's hard to appreciate Mother's Day when you're a little kid. It's only as you age that, if you're... — Updated 5/11/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Where we find hope | Moment's Notice

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Bishop D. Tutu Hope (n) 1a: desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment... — Updated 4/27/2022


Emerging from our COVID cave | Health and Wellness

Several weeks ago, soon after the mask mandate was lifted by Gov. Jay Inslee, I was having dinner with a dear friend. It was the first time we had seen each other in several... — Updated 4/20/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Embracing the existential angst | Moment's Notice

"One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion." – Simone De Beauvoir A friend recently... — Updated 4/6/2022


Pathfinder Kindergarten Center - littles, firsts, and thanks

The dawn of every new school year is ripe with anticipation for students and families, but none more so than the first day at Pathfinder Kindergarten Center (PKC). Nestled behind... — Updated 3/30/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Second chances, for all of us | Moment's Notice

Recently, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS, brought a team of staff and volunteers to Hickman Park in Edmonds to release a rehabilitated bald eagle back into the wild... — Updated 3/30/2022


Back in the routine: Your vital health checklist | Health and Wellness

As it looks like we are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of us may be realizing that we have put off routine appointments and exams over the last several years. Now is a gr... — Updated 3/16/2022

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Seattle is on the Stanley Cup. Not the Kraken, yet | History Files

I call Skykomish my home away from home. But due to COVID-19, I haven't gotten there as often in the last two years as I would have liked. Fortunately for me and others, there is a... — Updated 3/9/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Beware the clock strike at midnight | Moment's Notice

“When the clock stands at 100 seconds to midnight, we are all threatened. The moment is both perilous and unsustainable, and the time to act is now.” – Bulletin of the Atomic... — Updated 3/9/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Masks off: What happens next? | Moment's Notice

“When people build up walls, they keep other people out but end up keeping themselves in.” – Karamo Brown Gov. Jay Inslee recently announced that the majority of restrictions... — Updated 3/2/2022


Paraeducators – Co-pilots in our classrooms | Mukilteo Schools

Today’s classroom teachers are revered as some of the most influential persons in the lives of our youth and that extends far beyond their schooling days. On many occasions,... — Updated 3/2/2022


Nightshades: Have they gotten a bad rap? | Health and Wellness

I have been noticing that nightshades have been in the news lately. Like many, I have believed that nightshades can negatively impact inflammation and arthritis. There has actually... — Updated 2/23/2022

 By Jim Miller    Opinion

Super cheap smartphone plans for scrimping seniors | Savvy Senior

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you direct me to some really cheap wireless smartphone plans for seniors who don’t use much data? I use my smartphone primarily for texting and talking but... — Updated 2/23/2022

 By Judy Schwab    Opinion

Behind the scenes of district summer work | Mukilteo Schools

Do you ever wonder what happens before we open our school doors? Before I began as a school board director 24 years ago, I had a small idea about the important work that happens... — Updated 9/1/2021

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Rage: It's all the rage | Moment's Notice

“Rage,” from the Latin meaning “frenzy” or “madness,” is a noun referring to explosive anger or furious intensity, and a verb meaning “to act or prevail... — Updated 8/18/2021


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