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 By Kevin Stoltz    Opinion 

City Council overlooks previous assurances made to the community | Reality Check

Sometimes a series of events occur that just scream for a Mukilteo politics Reality Check sidebar to understand what really just happened. The plight of the Hawthorne Hall gym... — Updated 9/20/2023


Letter to the Editor: Fentanyl: Border security versus the root of the problem

The recent article on Fentanyl epidemic is like every other article, which is of great concern to me. My objection is that in solving a problem (any kind) there are five to 10... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Jim Miller    Opinion 

3 vaccines seniors should get this fall | Savvy Senior

Dear Savvy Senior, Which vaccines are recommended for Medicare seniors this flu season? – Just Turned 65 Dear Just Turned, There are actually three different types of vaccines... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Scott Harris    Opinion 

The beauty of transformation | Worship

What is your favorite time of the year? Mine is autumn. I know, the Northeast dances with brilliant color, the Southeast's humidity becomes bearable, the Midwest's harvest season... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Michelle Reitan    Opinion 

Senior suicide prevention: A caring approach to saving lives | Health and Wellness

September is Suicide Prevention Month. When people think of those that die by suicide, many do not think of seniors. Yet the elderly have significant higher rates of suicide than... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Michael Gold    Opinion 

The edge of life | Off Kilter

I’ve been fortunate my entire life in not, as yet, coming down with any debilitating diseases which might put me out of commission either temporarily or permanently. However,... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion 

Who's mentoring artificial intelligence? | Darn Wright

Although it seems to be a common gospel that anything is possible, James Madison wrote in The Federalist in 1789 that, “As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is... — Updated 9/20/2023

 By Bruce Brown    Opinion

Of place names and goats | Muk Revisited

Editor’s note: This column, written by the late Bruce Brown, first appeared in the spring 2004 issue of the Mukilteo Historical Society newsletter. Brown was a longtime member of the Historical Society, and his wife, Lois, has... — Updated 9/14/2023

 By Rachel Kort    Opinion

Rosh HaShanah: A New Year's celebration of shared humanity | Worship

Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, encapsulates a tension that exists in Jewish tradition, and many other religions and cultures, between universalism and particularism. Unlike... — Updated 9/13/2023


Letter to the Editor: Border security needed in the fight against fentanyl epidemic

I read with great interest the "Guest View" article published in the Beacon on Sept. 6 by Maria Cantwell. The article was her "solution" to the fentanyl crisis. I read the article... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

To be fair: The middle of fact and fiction | Moment's Notice

“To be fair …” begins many a sentence intended to present the other side of a situation or issue. It is not a phrase we hear much these days, except in jest. If you have not... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Kevin Stoltz    Opinion

City needs to get ahead of problems on the waterfront | Reality Check Update

As the busy season winds down in Mukilteo’s waterfront area, in this edition of Reality Check update we’ll discuss some of the problems experienced this summer with the hope... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Things that go bump in the night | Off Kilter

It costs the U.S. Mint more to make a penny and nickel than the coins are worth. So why do they still make them? Simple – it would play havoc with our system of buying things... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Sara Jones    Opinion

Stand up for libraries on banned books | Guest View

In Washington and across America, public and school libraries have emerged as the latest battleground in the politically polarized culture war. Look no farther than rural Columbia County in Washington, where voters this fall are... — Updated 9/13/2023

 By Maria Cantwell    Opinion

Federal regulation needed on fentanyl overdoses | Guest View

The following is adapted from a speech by Edmonds resident and U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell at the National Tribal Opioid Summit Aug. 23 in Tulalip. The more than 105,000 people in the... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Igor Karabut    Opinion

What if I told you that your life isn't about you? | Worship

Your life is not about you. That statement might seem like a paradox, but when you understand it, it provides freedom. We live in a culture that is hyper-individualistic. Most... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Jim Miller    Opinion

How does Medicare cover preventive health services? | Savvy Senior

Dear Savvy Senior, How does Medicare cover preventive health screenings? I’m due to get a physical and a colonoscopy this year, but I want to find out what I’ll have to pay for... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Bill Trueit    Opinion

Moving forward: Electric vehicles in 2023 | Earth Matters

You have at least one family member, a neighbor, a friend, or a co-worker who already has one. This year, both production and sales of electric vehicles, EVs, are moving forward. Th... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Are we alone in the universe? | Off Kilter

I’m fairly certain that just about everyone on this planet has considered this question at some point. Oh, perhaps some native tribe who has lived isolated in some jungle and has... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Is music a key? | Darn Wright

Editor’s note: This article references suicide. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also call the network,... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

March on: Let the truth be told | Darn Wright

Sixty years ago, well over a quarter of a million freedom marchers from red and blue states peacefully paraded to Washington, D.C. Using their First Amendment rights, people... — Updated 9/3/2023

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

You can't beat Mother Nature | Off Kilter

OK, it is getting to be late enough in summer so that one actually stands a chance in keeping up with the natural growth that surrounds us 24/7. What I mean is that from about... — Updated 9/2/2023

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Proposed bill will benefit newspapers and advertisers | Managing Editor's Note

On July 26, the Mukilteo Beacon published an article by Dean Ridings, CEO of America's Newspapers, titled "Local news is good for business" ( We hope you agree with... — Updated 8/31/2023

 By Louis Harris    Opinion

Civic engagement and all voices represented | Council Corner

Cheers to those who are reading this edition of Council Corner. As we round off this hot and enjoyable summer, I'd like to share some perspectives and a call to action for the... — Updated 8/30/2023

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Better to have loved and lost | Moment's Notice

Loss, noun: The act or an instance of losing; one that is lost; the condition of being deprived or bereaved of something or someone. “Loss” is a complex word. We only consider... — Updated 8/30/2023


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