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 By Jeff Dutra    Opinion 

The fly on the wall

Editor’s note: The Beacon is revisiting Worship columns by some of our retired writers. This piece that ran March 18, 2009, is by Jeff Dutra, former pastor of Family Life Center.... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion 

Would you take the pill?

It was suggested I read the June 2022 AARP Bulletin’s “Health redefend – Longevity Pill? Maybe” article. I thought about this intriguing presentation and of course I had... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Money does not buy happiness, but it does buy ice cream. With the recent heat wave, we made the decision to have ice cream for lunch on Sunday. It felt more like logical thinking... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion 

Anna Curtis: Which town was named for her?

Have you visited Joyce, Florence, Beverly, Addy, Arletta, Amanda Park, or Lebam? Those are all towns in Washington named for wives, daughters, and lady friends. There are certainly... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Micheal Gold    Opinion 

PNW: How do Florida, NYC compare?

Most of us take for granted what the trials and tribulations are when living here in the Pacific Northwest. I thought this week I’d compare some of these against living elsewhere. Specifically, east coast (New York City) and... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion 

Environment, equity: Children, poor to suffer

Who will face the biggest continuing impact of environmental decline? We are all affected, but it is clear that children and the poor bear the brunt of dramatic ecological change. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund,... — Updated 8/10/2022

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Psychobabble | Off Kilter

I guess I’ve been interested in psychology ever since I took a basic course as an undergraduate. Over the years, I’ve both read and experienced firsthand, the science of... — Updated 8/3/2022

 By Joleen Sims    Opinion

City considers new options to keep Lighthouse Park safe | Guest View

Editor’s note: Mukilteo resident Joleen Sims was among those the Beacon interviewed for a June 29 story on the increase in littering and illegal fires at Lighthouse Park this summer. After sitting down with City Council... — Updated 8/3/2022


Editorial cartoon for week of Aug. 3

 — Updated 8/3/2022

 By David Parks    Opinion

The kids are in trouble | Worship

Kids are in trouble. They feel more isolated, forgotten, and detached than ever before. The pandemic has made their lives difficult, but the crisis started long before that. In... — Updated 8/3/2022

 By Tim Raetzkloff    Opinion

A story with two happy endings | History Files

In my last column, I wrote about former Seattle Mariner third-base coach Rich Donnelly, his daughter Amy, her losing battle with cancer in the 1990s, and a couple of nearly forgotten baseball players who deserve to be remembered.... — Updated 8/3/2022

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

We are the walking wounded | Darn Wright

“I am the voice of Violence. You know me. You do. I’ve made my presence clear though you may pretend otherwise. We need each other, you and I.” – Ellen Hopkins Parents, teac... — Updated 8/3/2022


Letter to the Editor: Democrats have passed legislation to help the 'working man and woman'

Thanks to the letter writer last week who called out the anonymous senders of a postcard sent to Mukilteo residents. If the senders feel strongly enough in their beliefs, why be... — Updated 8/3/2022


Letter to the Editor: Publisher provided a 'town square' for residents to interact, gain understanding

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are... — Updated 7/27/2022


Editorial cartoon for week of July 27

 — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Mark Smith    Opinion

Honoring our parents | Worship

Editor’s note: The Beacon is revisiting Worship columns by some of our retired writers. This piece that ran May 7, 2008 is by Mark Smith, former senior pastor of Mukilteo Presbyte... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Keep on rockin' in a free world? | Moment's Notice

Neil Young wrote the song “Rockin’ In a Free World” in 1989 after a bandmate nonchalantly uttered the line (or “We’ll have to keep on rockin’ in the free world,” to... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Life lesson: Always look behind the obvious | History Files

The chicken runs at midnight. This isn’t ancient history. Much more recent. It dates from 1992, but it seems appropriate this year when the Seattle Mariners may be making a... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Jim Miller    Opinion

Savvy Senior | How to hire in-home help for aging parent

Dear Savvy Senior, I would like to hire an in-home helper for my 82-year-old mother to assist with household chores like housekeeping, grocery shopping and driving her to the... — Updated 7/27/2022


Letter to the Editor: Questioning candidate's position on women's rights

Here in the Lake Serene area of Lynnwood, I see a whole bunch of yard signs for the state senate candidate Janelle Cass. I reached out to her campaign via email and social media... — Updated 7/27/2022


Letter to the Editor: Petra Bigea is the best choice for state representative Position No. 2

Petra Bigea grew up under communism in Romania. English is her second language. She is well aware of the dangers we presently face. She was "let go" from Summit Cardiology for... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Simply a matter of programming (SMOPS) | Off Kilter

A fellow entrepreneur friend of mine, who founded two companies in the same industry as the one I worked in (providing computer systems for publishing companies), used to say this... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Getting back to nature | Guest View

We have a long, long way to go, but several agencies in Snohomish County and the surrounding area are making a noble effort to restore natural function to important habitats. Projects include removing dams, culverts, levees, and... — Updated 7/27/2022

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Everything eventually comes to an end | Off Kilter

As a New Englander, I had been rooting for the New England Patriots ever since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick assumed control of the team. I had a very slight acquaintance with owner... — Updated 7/20/2022

 By Kevin Stoltz    Opinion

City should address waterfront parking management issues | Reality Check

Mukilteo has a waterfront parking management problem. Mukilteo officials need to get smart about their responsibilities to Mukilteo residents and stop the ongoing parking misinforma... — Updated 7/20/2022


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