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 By Chuck Sigars    General

This is how you go home again l Chuck's World

It’s an unremarkable place, even by the standards of nondescript architecture. A low-slung building with what appears to be a tin roof, a tourist stop just an hour away from the... — Updated 7/31/2019 Full story

 By Mike Gold    General

Volunteering l Off Kilter

I’ve volunteered some of my time for quite a long period. It started while I was still a relatively young worker. I was working at Raytheon in Waltham, Massachusetts, building... — Updated 7/31/2019


Of dikes, ballgames, and clambakes

Today’s Lighthouse Park parking area was once the home ballfield for the Mukilteo baseball team. Besides competing against visiting teams here, the Mukilteo team had to battle... — Updated 7/31/2019

 By Chuck Sigars    General

Sexagenarian is not just a funny word l Chuck's World

Yearbooks have lost most of their power now. What used to shock me on the rare occasions when I ran across them, the stray moments preserved in handwriting, the DNA pressed between... — Updated 7/24/2019 Full story

 By Mike Gold    General

About stuff l Off Kilter

There is a TV show called “Hoarders.” It is about people who have a mental disorder that does not allow them to get rid of anything. You will see someone (usually the Real Estat... — Updated 7/24/2019


Don't waste your time! l Worship

Billy Graham, who died at the ripe old age of 99, was once asked in his later years what surprised him the most about life: “To me,”# he said, #“the greatest surprise is just how short life really is." Life really is... — Updated 7/24/2019


Nearly wed, need advice

Dear SharonAnn, Getting married is certainly complicated. We are in our 60’s. We’ve talked about many important issues during our dating time—family, hobbies, health, money, beliefs about God, lifestyle, even politics. Did we... — Updated 7/19/2019

 By John McAlpine    General

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.” – Erma Bo... — Updated 7/19/2019 Full story


Where to get help paying your Medicare costs

Dear Savvy Senior, Are there any sources you know of that can help me save on my Medicare coverage? I’m 65, and live primarily on my Social Security, and am having a hard time paying my Medicare out-of-pocket costs. Need Some... — Updated 7/19/2019


Botanicals for stress support

Every day, we navigate the countless stressors hurled our way. We all have our strategies to adapt and stay balanced. Maybe we go for a walk, spend time with loved ones, stream that new Netflix special, take a bath, or simply... — Updated 7/19/2019


The Rick Roll of a lifetime l Chuck's World

A few years ago, while visiting family in Texas, I was watching the local PBS station when I noticed a familiar face. They were having a pledge drive. I don’t know why I feel the need to note that, as if it were a special... — Updated 7/17/2019


The wonder of flight l Travel Sketcher

We have three museums featuring the world of flight in our area. The Historic Flight Foundation is often overshadowed by Boeing’s Future of Flight or Paul Allen's Flying... — Updated 7/17/2019 Full story


Over the moon l Worship

I’ll never forget that night. We had been invited over to the neighbor’s house because they had a bigger TV. My brother, sister and parents all sprawled in their living room watching a gritty grey soup of pixels in black and wh... — Updated 7/17/2019

 By Mike Gold    General

Animal trapping l Off Kilter

We’re in the process of building a new home. It’s located on a now empty lot down on the water in Edmonds. Turns out we have colonies of mountain beaver living underground on... — Updated 7/17/2019 Full story


Larger than the lunar landing

Fifty years ago this month, humankind set foot on the moon for the first time. It was one of the few times when calling an event historic was an understatement. Yet the Apollo 11 flight wasn’t the most important event in my life... — Updated 7/10/2019

 By Mike Gold    General

Annual physical

OK, for those of you a bit squeamish, you need not read further. I just took my annual physical exam. Let me start with the “check in procedure.” First, you fill out at least a... — Updated 7/10/2019

 By Chuck Sigars    General

Looking at the big picture through older lenses

We entertained a couple of friends from out of town a few weeks ago, although I’m not sure how entertaining we were. We didn’t tap dance or anything. It wasn’t unusual. A... — Updated 7/10/2019


Celebrating a free press

For the last 243 years, newspapers large and small have protected our freedom by keeping us informed. A free press is essential to our survival as a nation. Thank you to The Beacon... — Updated 7/3/2019


Fearlessness and faith go hand-in-hand

Well, it’s been five months since I last wrote about our new grandson. Then, he was four months old; now he’s nine months and venturing out as far and as fast as he’s allowed to go. Take your eyes off him for not even a... — Updated 7/3/2019 Full story

 By Mike Gold    General

Stephen Hawking: A brief history of time

We lost one of the most brilliant minds last year. Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. This genius spent his entire academic career trying to explain the universe: Why it... — Updated 7/3/2019

 By Chuck Sigars    General

A modern life in airplane mode

A quarter of my life has passed without my father being around to hear about it. I used to enjoy calling him on Saturday nights, catching him up and just chatting about whatever,... — Updated 7/3/2019 Full story

 By Mike Gold    General

Things that simply don’t make sense

We live in very complex times. What I mean is that sometimes things get so complex as to defy logic. For example, did you ever consider traffic lights? There you are driving along... — Updated 6/26/2019


Rosehill School history

Have you ever wondered what it was like to go to Rosehill School in the “olden days” over 100 years ago? The original Rosehill School was built in 1893. It burned down on St.... — Updated 6/26/2019

 By Chuck Sigars    General

Taking the first step

I heard two ugly travel stories last week, not very soothing as summer season takes off. Both involved planes that were supposed to be flying, and were not. Both of these people... — Updated 6/26/2019


Is the fat sticking to you really— inevitable?

Dear SharonAnn, I’m concerned about my 37-year-old daughter. She is always going on diets, losing a lot of weight, then over-eating and putting it back on again. Of course, I can’t tell her what to do, but I’m worried about t... — Updated 6/25/2019


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