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 By Paul Archipley    News

Map Your Neighborhood; prepare for ‘the Big One’

Although the big Northwest storm over the Oct. 14-16 weekend fizzled, a lot of people were ready for worse. Residents had the advantage of warnings from a trove of meteorologists,... — Updated 10/27/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Council OK's roads fund, but income sources are an unfinished puzzle

Lest he be accused of chickening out, Mukilteo Councilmember Randy Lord put a winning motion on the floor Monday to establish a transportation fund aimed primarily at street... — Updated 10/27/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Business owners have last chance to weigh in on license fee hikes

The Mukilteo City Council put off a decision Monday on whether and how to raise business license fees, although their action on a related item suggested some kind of increase is a... — Updated 10/27/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Couple proves dogs are no problem when people are properly trained

If John and Kim Sparks called their Sparks K9 services a people training company, they might not attract too many clients. But the Sparks, who specialize in solving tough behavioral... — Updated 9/28/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Mukilteo boy brings awareness to veterans’ issues

There’s no moss growing on Tyee Eliason. A typical 10-year-old, he is in constant motion. He’s usually running, carrying an American flag on a staff. Tyee stopped running last w... — Updated 9/28/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

City eyes rate hikes for business license fees

Whether it’s the city, county, state or federal governments, business owners can expect some agency is always reaching into their pocketbook. The city of Mukilteo is getting... — Updated 9/28/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

City gears up for annual budget balancing battle

It’s a challenge the city has faced before – trying to balance the income with the outgo. That challenge will be much on the minds of the Mukilteo City Council next Monday, Oct.... — Updated 9/28/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Turn anger into action

When last week’s Mukilteo Beacon was delivered to our office, my heart sank. Why? Along with an updated story on what was arguably the biggest tragedy to ever hit Mukilteo, our... — Updated 8/17/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Health District copes with exploding heroin epidemic

It was the kind of police report about a June 24 incident in the 1100 block of Mill Creek Boulevard that might have been front page news in another era: A man was found... — Updated 7/20/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Religious bigotry comes to Mukilteo

Anger and distrust are hindering efforts to find common ground and understanding over a proposal to build a mosque in Mukilteo. Peter Zieve, the founder and CEO of Electroimpact ... — Updated 5/11/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

City to lobby for park & ride upgrades

The city of Mukilteo has long wished for a park & ride, and finally that wish may be coming true with a facility planned on Bernie Webber Drive on the east side of the Mukilteo... — Updated 5/11/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Once scorned, City flirts with annexation

Mukilteo voters resoundingly rejected an annexation plan in 2010. In an advisory vote, 70 percent said no to annexing neighborhoods south and east of the city, including Picnic... — Updated 5/11/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Mukiltean trains future leaders here – and across the world

When talk turns to questions of leadership, cronyism, corruption, obstruction, democracy succumbing to oligarchy, and other national failings, onlookers naturally might assume the d... — Updated 3/10/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Unexpected gym closure exercises everyone

The closure of the Mukilteo Athletic Club last week left members looking for refunds, employees wondering if they’d see their final paychecks, and the property owner and gym... — Updated 3/10/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

City mulls parking options for Old Town

Summer or winter, if the sun comes out, Lighthouse Park fills up, and parking is at a premium. That’s among various parking challenges the city faces throughout much of Old Town.... — Updated 3/10/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Airport passenger service for Paine Field clears court hurdle

Opponents of commercial passenger service at Paine Field are looking at their options after losing a court fight to block the proposed service. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of... — Updated 3/10/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

City seeks a bridge over troubled alternatives

Unhappy Mukilteo councilmembers and members of the public unloaded on state transportation officials recently after seeing two proposed alternatives for improving pedestrian and... — Updated 3/2/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    A & E

Local crime novelist puts out a page-turner

Fans of crime novels appreciate writers who understand the power of character, place and plot, and are able to mix the right proportions of those ingredients when cooking up a... — Updated 12/21/2015 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    Opinion

The right to bear harms | Our View

That a gun rights advocate should suggest the victims of the Charleston shooting were themselves to blame because they hadn’t armed themselves demonstrates yet again how far down... — Updated 7/1/2015

 By Paul Archipley    News

It’s a wild(life) time when it’s not wet

While humans haven’t yet managed to drive all wildlife out of suburbia, the sightings have seemingly dwindled over time – until this year. Deer, raccoons, quail, and rabbits ... — Updated 7/1/2015 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Planners urge compromise in Japanese Gulch improvements

An eventual plan for improving recreational opportunities in Japanese Gulch may very well rest on people’s ability to embrace a concept that has become too dirty in today’s... — Updated 6/3/2015 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    A & E

Chuck Sigars’ new book invites us into his ‘world’ | Book review

I’ve been reading Chuck Sigar’s column “Chuck’s World’ in The Beacon for some 14 years now. His Will Rogers, “every man” style is comforting and accessible. He... — Updated 4/1/2015

 By Paul Archipley    News

New gallery features affordable art

Stories about the latest auction of a Pablo Picasso painting, a Beate Kühn ceramic or other renowned artists’ works reminds the 99 percenters that great art is simply out of our... — Updated 2/18/2015

 By Paul Archipley    News

Noise ordinance balances making a living with quality of life

When your next-door neighbor told you about the remodel he was going to do, you probably congratulated (and envied) him. But when the construction crew began showing up at the... — Updated 2/5/2015 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Local cities to flex muscle in Olympia

Drawing on the old adage that there is strength in numbers, cities are joining forces to lobby for their priorities when state legislators meet next year. Snohomish County Cities... — Updated 12/7/2014


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