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 By Paul Archipley    News

Movie actor’s heart-rending story spotlights domestic violence

A 12-year-old boy walked into his local police station, and stripped off all his clothes. Officers were aghast; his body was covered with bruises, welts and burns. He said his... — Updated 10/11/2017 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Citizens’ group forms to fight Zieve candidacy

Mukilteo’s normally sleepy election season is anything but this year, mainly due to the candidacy of one person: Peter Zieve. Zieve, founder and owner of Electroimpact, an... — Updated 10/11/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Council on Aging brings action, power to growing populace

Senior. Retiree. Pensioner. Oldster. Golden ager. Old fogey! People “of a certain age,” particularly the baby boomers who are entering that stage of life at the rate of 10,000... — Updated 9/15/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Separate but one, magnified by the Great American Eclipse

Bill McAulay was in high school when his mother made him get up in the middle of the night to look at a comet that was streaking across the dark sky. This week, in Madras, Oregon,... — Updated 8/24/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Want a long, happy life? Volunteer!

You may have seen the statistic: baby boomers are retiring at an average rate of 10,000 per day. Tired of work, but not tired of living, many are seeking satisfaction by turning... — Updated 6/21/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Pair walk away after single-engine plane crash in Mukilteo

An Oregon man and his passenger walked away from a plane crash in Mukilteo Tuesday, counting their blessings. The 30-year-old pilot told investigators he was taking off in his... — Updated 5/2/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Want a good death? Prepare now

Note: Following an article on Advance Directives published in last month’s Prime Living section, Dr. Richard Stuart contacted us about other opportunities for people to plan their... — Updated 4/20/2017 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

New restaurant review site targets senior citizens

There’s nothing like going out for a good meal. Except when it’s accompanied by loud noises. Or a hard-to-read menu. Or a lack of handicapped parking. Or comfortable seating.... — Updated 3/29/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Want a good death? You need an Advance Directive

Most people agree there are two subjects that should be avoided at parties and other general gatherings: religion and politics. But there’s a third one that might as well be... — Updated 3/29/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Bruce Brown makes lasting mark on family, community

Having visited more than 80 countries around the world, Bruce Brown could easily be remembered for his adventurous, cosmopolitan life. Instead, he’ll be remembered for his love... — Updated 2/22/2017 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Dig out those LPs; there’s a vinyl revival going on

Tucked away in closets, garages and storage units across the land are a whole generation’s memories. They’re on 12-inch, flat discs of vinyl, the soundtracks of baby boomers... — Updated 2/21/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

What goes around comes around: Multigenerational living on the upswing

“The Waltons,” a popular 1970’s TV show based on the book “Spencer’s Mountain,” over nine seasons recounted the story of the Walton family eking out a living in rural Vi... — Updated 2/21/2017 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Paine Field opponents ask appeals court to reconsider

Opponents of scheduled passenger service at Paine Field got up off the mat Monday, filing for reconsideration of a Jan. 23 Court of Appeals decision that blocked efforts to stop con... — Updated 2/15/2017

 By Paul Archipley    Opinion

Let’s try listening to each other | Our View

We were heartened by an incident in downtown Edmonds on inauguration day when a group of anti-Trump protesters faced off against a few Trump supporters, both making use of their... — Updated 2/8/2017 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Appeals court nixes Paine Field opponents’ challenge

Efforts to stop or slow plans to build a terminal for scheduled passenger air service at Paine Field took a hit Monday from the state Court of Appeals. The city of Mukilteo and the... — Updated 1/25/2017

 By Paul Archipley    News

Terrorism elsewhere strikes fear in Muslims here

Imagine a total stranger, apparently assuming he knows who and what you are, walking up and saying, “Go back to your own country. We don’t want you here.” Aziz Junejo, who... — Updated 12/28/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Mukilteo to lose a gem

Like the rocks they polished in a tumbler her father invented, Toni Geiger is one of the gems that helped make Mukilteo a “favorite city by the bay.” Geiger, owner of Harbour... — Updated 12/21/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Staff turnover contributes to critical Auditor’s report

The good news is the state Auditor’s Office gave the city of Mukilteo a clean audit on the city’s 2015 financial statements. The bad news is the city filed those statements... — Updated 12/21/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Don’t get fired up over the holidays

A quick-thinking Mukilteo resident stopped a kitchen fire from spreading a few weeks ago. Firefighters were called to a house fire on the 4800 block of 99th Street Southwest, where... — Updated 12/14/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    News

Mariner student faces discipline following vague threat

A Mariner High School student could face severe penalties after posting a threat on the social media site Instagram at around 1 a.m. Monday. Mariner principal Nate DuChesne said... — Updated 12/7/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    A & E

It’s Friday night, cruise the sock hop!

Dig out the poodle skirt, and polish up those saddle shoes. Roll up your T-shirt sleeves, and slick back your hair (or what’s left of it). The Mukilteo Seniors Association, in... — Updated 11/30/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

‘Miracle on Broadway’ helps those most in need

Inside the 1902 Victorian home that houses Christmas Gifts On Broadway, customers find an enchanting shop that’s chockablock with gift ideas for the season. Everything from one-of... — Updated 11/30/2016 Full story

 By Paul Archipley    A & E

Christmas Spectacular variety show to celebrate life

Monty was a typical kid, all energy, on the go. Then one day, his parents noticed the whites of his eyes had turned yellow. Doctors couldn’t have given them worse news: Monty was... — Updated 11/30/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Calls increase for school bus seat belts in wake of tragedy

Last week’s Chattanooga school bus crash that killed six children revived discussions among parents everywhere about their children’s safety when that precious cargo climbs... — Updated 11/30/2016

 By Paul Archipley    News

Attorney says killing suspect still can make ‘positive contribution’

Allen Ivanov’s attorney said Tuesday he will submit mitigating information about the young man on Friday in an effort to convince prosecutors not to seek the death penalty... — Updated 11/30/2016


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