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Smiling leads to happiness | Health and Wellness

As we enter the busy holiday season, many of us may be feeling stressed, anxious, and lonely. An easy way to combat these feelings and help to increase our mood is the simple act... — Updated 11/22/2023


Health benefits of grounding: Connecting with nature for wellness | Health and Wellness

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to become disconnected from the natural world around us. However, a growing body of research suggests that reconnecting with... — Updated 10/25/2023


Senior suicide prevention: A caring approach to saving lives | Health and Wellness

September is Suicide Prevention Month. When people think of those that die by suicide, many do not think of seniors. Yet the elderly have significant higher rates of suicide than... — Updated 9/20/2023


Foot health – Why it is important | Health and Wellness

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes And there’s one area that often goes overlooked: foot health. For older adults, proper foot care is not merely a matter of comfort... — Updated 8/16/2023


Stay heat-safe during summer

As we enter the summer months, it is important that we make sure that we stay hydrated and keep our bodies cool. We have been lucky as this summer has, so far, not been as hot as... — Updated 7/19/2023


Loneliness: A silent epidemic | Health and Wellness

You may know that I work at the Edmonds Waterfront Center, where I have the pleasure of working with Sue Shearer, our nurse. Twice a year we lead a workshop, “Aging Mastery.... — Updated 6/28/2023


The healing power of water | Health and Wellness

We all understand the benefits of drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps with joint health, our complexion, helping deliver oxygen throughout our body, and much more.... — Updated 5/24/2023


Stretching your food dollars | Health and Wellness

Food is expensive, and it seems that it keeps getting more expensive. If you are on a fixed income, grocery shopping can be a challenging and stressful experience. Because... — Updated 4/26/2023


Protein, and why it is important as we age | Health and Wellness

We all hear how vital protein is for building and maintaining muscle strength as well as a healthy weight. A 2018 study by The Journals of Gerontology suggests that having adequate... — Updated 3/15/2023


Gratitude and your mental health | Health and Wellness

I think we have all heard that the practice of gratitude, being grateful for things in your life, has a positive effect on one’s mental health. I believe that for some people,... — Updated 1/18/2023


Breathe | Health and Wellness

According to Merriam Webster, breath is a noun and means the air taken into or expelled from the lungs or an inhalation or exhalation of air from the lungs. Most of us do this... — Updated 11/17/2022


The importance of advanced directives | Health and Wellness

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp morning air, the changing colors on the trees, the feeling of the ending of summer and the beginning of the coziness of winter. As a... — Updated 10/19/2022


Music and dance: It's not just for enjoyment | Health and Wellness

Several years ago I watched a documentary on how movement and music played a significant role in helping people manage Parkinson’s and dementia. I was fascinated by how someone... — Updated 9/21/2022


Fraud: How you can protect yourself

In the age where everything is digital or online, many of us are on high alert for scams. When I make a purchase online, I always use my credit card, knowing that it is easier to di... — Updated 8/17/2022


Prescription costs: There's help | Health and Wellness

I know that it is no surprise to hear that prescription drug prices are out of control. Even with insurance, many people have difficulty affording their medications. Some even have... — Updated 7/20/2022


You can't wait to feel better to feel better | Health and Wellness

Now that the weather is improving, many of us will notice improvements in our moods. We have more energy; our mood is lighter; we are more motivated to do tasks. Yet, for some, a... — Updated 6/15/2022


Sun, vitamin D, and you | Health and Wellness

If you are like me, you are lamenting the lack of sun and warmth this spring in the Pacific Northwest. I feel as if the sun comes out with its shining rays and warmth to tease me a... — Updated 5/18/2022


Emerging from our COVID cave | Health and Wellness

Several weeks ago, soon after the mask mandate was lifted by Gov. Jay Inslee, I was having dinner with a dear friend. It was the first time we had seen each other in several... — Updated 4/20/2022


Back in the routine: Your vital health checklist | Health and Wellness

As it looks like we are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of us may be realizing that we have put off routine appointments and exams over the last several years. Now is a gr... — Updated 3/16/2022


Nightshades: Have they gotten a bad rap? | Health and Wellness

I have been noticing that nightshades have been in the news lately. Like many, I have believed that nightshades can negatively impact inflammation and arthritis. There has actually... — Updated 2/23/2022

 By Michelle Reitan    News

Prime Living | Compassion = Better health for us and others

We are entering our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. When many of us thought the worst was behind us, we are hitting record levels of infections … hospitals are again... — Updated 1/20/2022

 By Michelle Reitan    News

Vital documents checklist | Prime Living

I wrote this article a few years ago, and as I was thinking about what to write for this month’s article, I realized that this is a perfect time to revisit it. A lot has happened... — Updated 12/15/2021

 By Michelle Reitan    News

What's for dinner? | Prime Living

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to this Thanksgiving. I love everything about Thanksgiving, the food and the coming together with family and friends. We ho... — Updated 11/17/2021

 By Michelle Reitan    News

Are we really OK? | PrimeLiving

No one will deny that the last year and a half has been difficult, and for many it has been life altering. If you are like me, the last 18 months have been different, but not terrib... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Michelle Reitan    News

Feeling blue … not a normal part of aging | Prime Living

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Much of this time is focused on younger people experiencing depression. But seniors make up a disproportionate amount of death by suicide... — Updated 9/15/2021


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