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Open house for new elementary school is Dec. 3 | Mukilteo Schools

Among the most thrilling things we can do as a school district is open a new school. We had that experience in September when students arrived at the new Lake Stickney Elementary. It was fun to watch the excitement of the... — Updated 11/2/2016 Full story


Foundation breakfast to feature author Nancy Horan | Mukilteo Schools

The success of a public school system is very much tied to the support that it gets from the community it serves. In the case of the Mukilteo School District, we enjoy a tremendous amount of community support in a variety of ways,... — Updated 10/5/2016


Summer anything but quiet for school district | Mukilteo Schools

Not that long ago, summer used to be a quiet time in a school district. The students and most of the staff members would be away enjoying their summer vacations, most school buildings would be vacant, and for those of us who work... — Updated 9/14/2016


Survey tells school district where to make improvements | Mukilteo Schools

Every year for the past 18 years, we’ve conducted a survey of our parents to determine how we are doing and where we could do better. This year’s Mukilteo School District survey was conducted from mid-March through April. In... — Updated 6/15/2016


No plan yet to comply with McCleary ruling | Mukilteo Schools

Let me say at the outset, being a member of the state Legislature has got to be a challenging job. With the problems of transportation, social services, prisons, mental health, higher education and so on, there are many important... — Updated 5/4/2016 Full story


Lots of changes for elementary students next year | Mukilteo Schools

When elementary students return to school next fall, they are likely to notice a number of changes. Some of the students will be attending a brand new school, some will be going to a different school, they all will start school at... — Updated 4/6/2016


Enrollment expected to grow next year | Mukilteo Schools

We gaze into the future every year at this time. Our purpose for the annual look-ahead is to begin planning for the next school year. A big part of that planning depends on the number of students we think will be sitting in our... — Updated 3/2/2016


Board adopts new boundaries for elementaries | Mukilteo Schools

We’ll have two new schools in the Mukilteo School District in the near future: Construction of the new Lake Stickney Elementary is now underway and on schedule to be opened this coming September, and planning is underway for a... — Updated 2/3/2016


Levy renewal to appear on February ballot | Mukilteo Schools

At the end of next week, voters in the Mukilteo School District will receive a ballot in the mail asking them to consider the approval of a Capital Projects Levy. You might wonder what that is, what it does, and how it’s... — Updated 1/13/2016


School board to welcome its newest member | Mukilteo Schools

Our teachers and administrators work hard every day to make sure the children in this community are well served by the school system, but another group of people are also dedicated to that goal and often don’t get the... — Updated 12/9/2015


School levy to go to February ballot for renewal | Mukilteo Schools

Let’s talk about taxes. Few subjects carry as much passion and misunderstanding as that of taxes. We all like to complain about paying taxes, yet we also like the services that we get from those taxes. Where would we be without... — Updated 11/4/2015 Full story


New elementary school under construction | Mukilteo Schools

Construction is underway on the new Lake Stickney Elementary School, which is being built toward the southeast corner of the Mukilteo School District service area. After years of dealing with overcrowded elementary schools, and... — Updated 10/7/2015


How school district gets its good reputation | Mukilteo Schools

Last week was the beginning of another school year and, as the days approached for the students to arrive, I had the pleasure of attending an event that is always one of my favorites as each year gets underway. It was an... — Updated 9/9/2015 Full story


Summer is busy at Mukilteo schools | Mukilteo Schools

People often ask me at this time of year whether I work during the summer. While many school district employees are off during the summer months, another large group of us have jobs where we work 12 months a year. We use vacation... — Updated 7/1/2015


Graduates: Approach each day with a positive attitude | Mukilteo Schools

Our high schools held their graduation ceremonies last week. One of the biggest thrills we get in education is to see these young adults, many who have been in our classrooms since they were in kindergarten, finally receive their... — Updated 6/10/2015


Early learning important for students’ futures | Mukilteo Schools

As we learn more about how children grow and develop, we have a greater understanding of how early-learning programs help lay the foundation for their futures. It’s during those early years of life when children gain physical and... — Updated 5/6/2015


An update on school improvement projects | Mukilteo Schools

A year ago in February, the voters in the Mukilteo School District approved a package of construction projects to increase the number of classrooms to accommodate our growing enrollment, as well as to make a number of other... — Updated 4/1/2015 Full story


Assessment test can save steps in college | Mukilteo Schools

I wrote two months ago about the state’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts, and how that means the academic standards in those two subjects are now the same for students in Washington... — Updated 3/4/2015


New assessment tests to offer challenges, benefits | Mukilteo Schools

Last month I introduced you to the Common Core State Standards, a set of academic standards for math and English language arts that have been adopted by 43 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories. Academic standards... — Updated 2/5/2015 Full story


How Common Core will change school | Mukilteo Schools

In my last column, I referred to all the changes that are happening within the education world, especially in this state. I mentioned the challenge that the state Legislature will begin facing this month in providing adequate... — Updated 1/7/2015


Lawmakers in tight spot over education funding mandate | Mukilteo Schools

There is a great deal going on right now in the education world. At the school level, change is everywhere. Schools and teachers are busy implementing new education standards for mathematics and English language arts that are... — Updated 12/3/2014


What Mukilteo schools do to keep children safe | Mukilteo Schools

Sadly, a school shooting has captured the headlines again, this time very close to home. Tragic events like the one that occurred at Marysville-Pilchuck High School make all of us feel great pain for those who were impacted and... — Updated 11/5/2014


Students’ day off is day of training for school staff | Mukilteo schools

Getting proper training is an important part of any job. No matter where you work, there are times when you will need to get trained on something, whether it’s a new skill related to your job duties or training related to the... — Updated 9/30/2014 Full story


What happened while students were off for summer | Mukilteo Schools

While many teachers and staff are the busiest between September and June, others see the summer months as their busiest time of the year. Summer is the time when many large repairs and improvements are made to school buildings,... — Updated 9/10/2014


As the school year winds down, other programs gear up | Mukilteo schools

Spring has arrived, which means the days are getting warmer, flowers are blooming and summer is just around the corner. The school year is starting to wind down. Students are busy taking state assessments, getting final projects... — Updated 5/7/2014 Full story


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