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Organizing your records l Insightful Investing

Staying organized and paying attention to details can make you money. I have written on this subject before. This column is going to deal with organizing your financial records. It takes a certain amount of time and effort to get... — Updated 10/9/2019


Tips for those who need help, part 2 l Insightful Investing

Last month, I started a two-part series on how to catch up if you have found yourself behind where you envisioned. Hitting roadblocks and speed bumps is part of living. The only constant I have seen in life is everybody faces... — Updated 7/17/2019


Tips for those who need help

It is never too late to start, either keep going, or get going. This month's article is for those people who may have had hit a bump or two and ended up somewhere other than where they expected and they feel stuck, sidetracked... — Updated 6/5/2019


Rational and irrational fears: What’s the difference?

Rational and irrational fears. How do you know the difference between the two? From August of 1980 to April of 1988 I was a computer programmer in the United States Army. I was responsible in part for creating the Y2K bug that was... — Updated 5/8/2019


Things I've learned along the way l Insightful Investing

I entered the financial service business in April of 1988. The U.S. Army had received my service for the preceding eight years. Much has happened in these 31 years, and this column is a reflection of some things I have learned and... — Updated 4/10/2019


Prepare yourself for the unexpected l Insightful Investing

It is not my intention to enter into a gender debate. This article is intended for the real world challenges women face. And though it may spark an intense emotion or two, I mean to offer concrete action steps if you find yourself... — Updated 3/13/2019


Officially enrolled in Medicare l Insightful Investing

I enrolled in Medicare today. It was pretty simple in my case. I am not sure I am ready for this, as I have not gotten used to the fact that I am old enough for Medicare. I did it anyway. Friends have been calling me to ask, "H... — Updated 2/13/2019


Technology has narrowed the gap l Insightful Investing

I just returned from a trip to Europe. I flew coach. I had extra legroom, but an extremely small table. It was so small I was not able to put my laptop on it. I ended up watching five movies on a tiny screen about the size of a... — Updated 1/23/2019


Fa la la la la, la let’s tune out the noise l Insightful Investing

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la! I am not sure what “fa la la la la la” means, but it sure sounds fun. I have been in the financial service business for many years and I wish fa la la la la happened all... — Updated 12/12/2018


Thankful for the country we live in l Insightful Investing

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I come from a very hospitable family background. I am thankful for this tremendous heritage. Both of my parents came from farms. My father was a “cornhusker” from Nebraska and my mot... — Updated 11/21/2018


What’s your plan? l Insightful Investing

Market volatility seems like a bad thing. The news networks have a way of creating programming that keeps you watching. Fear is one of the strongest emotions in human beings. And the media has a way of playing to our basic fears.... — Updated 10/31/2018


How much are you willing to invest? l Insightful Investing

Recreational marijuana is legal in the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada and Alaska. Maybe that explains the horrible traffic in western Washington - just kidding. What does this have to do with... — Updated 9/19/2018


Here are five things I look for when picking a stock l Insightful Investing

Every day at 2 p.m. on CNBC is a show called “Fast Money.” Right after that is Jim Cramer and “Mad Money.” Maybe once or twice a year I watch these shows. They are entertaining. I really like Karen Fineman. I like her... — Updated 8/22/2018


How to plan ahead

My brother died on July 4. This will be the last column on this topic for a while. I have been writing about his journey and how it relates to financial issues for a few months, and I want to tie a few topics together as an... — Updated 7/18/2018


Threats to secure retirement l Insightful Investing

In my opinion, there are three main threats to having a secure retirement. They are sequence of returns, inflation and longevity in that order. There are also five major fears that people have about retirement. They are running out... — Updated 6/20/2018


Importance of life insurance l Insightful Investing

I suppose today is as good as any to talk about insurance. Last month, I wrote that one my best friends is fighting stage 4 pancreas cancer. I will let you know that it is my 62-year-old brother. He started chemo today and... — Updated 5/16/2018


Ask yourself what a perfect day looks like l Insightful Investing

If money were no object, what would your “perfect day” look like? How would you spend your day, week, month, or year? If you think this is an easy question, then get out a yearly calendar, one with days broken down into... — Updated 4/18/2018


A volatile stock market l Insightful Investing

Volatility has returned to the stock market. What does this mean? Let me put it simply. Go down to the Mukilteo beach on any given variety of days. Some days Puget Sound is pancake flat, and some days there are white caps. The... — Updated 3/14/2018


Reasons I will never retire l Insightful Investing

In the past few years, I have been on the receiving end of age discrimination. I have grey hair and that is just about enough to do it. People think I should be retired. Some people think I am just tired. I have no intention of ret... — Updated 2/7/2018


What to know about tax laws l Insightful Investing

Happy New Year! 2018 has begun. The new tax law will be in effect starting now! And if you are like me then your eyes are probably glazed over. How does this affect me? I am not sure yet. So I will try to break some of this down... — Updated 1/3/2018


In my honest opinion I Insightful Investing

This is an opinion column, so here is my opinion. Lets talk about the stock market and politics. I think the current stock markets’ run is far from over. That is not to say it is a screaming buy either. I am not an economist, I... — Updated 12/6/2017


Movement to help elderly age in place gives me hope | Insightful Investing

There may be more options for end-of-life planning than you think. This sounds horrible as I see it in writing. I started this journey of weighing end-of-life health care options as the debate over the Affordable Care Act was, and... — Updated 10/4/2017


When there’s no cure, long-term care becomes critical | Insightful Investing

Welcome to my third column on the complicated topic of health care insurance, which, if you’re not careful, could land you in the poorhouse. Last month, I wrote about how having the right supplemental Medicare insurance policy... — Updated 9/6/2017


Making sense of Medicare made easier by asking an expert | Insightful Investing

Health care insurance is complicated. If you are not careful, it can put you in the poor house. Last month, I began a multi-month discussion on health care. I wrote that although I am open-minded about health insurance, I am not... — Updated 8/9/2017


Can health care insure a good death? | Insightful Investing

This is a financial opinion column, so here is my opinion: Health insurance can be a nightmare or a dream come true. Lately, I’ve been pondering this question: Who is the real boogeyman? I have an opinion, but I really don't... — Updated 7/5/2017


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