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Eggs: low and slow | Chef Dez

One of the many reasons I write a food column is to inspire you to get into the kitchen, to embrace the opportunity to unleash gastronomic adventures in your home. One other reason of great importance is to hopefully make things easier for you throug...


Mardi Gras gumbo never tasted so good | Chef Dez

This year, Tuesday, Feb. 28, is the Fat Tuesday celebration of Mardi Gras. It is the last day of the carnival season in New Orleans and always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday. The term Fat Tuesday represents the last day of eating richer, fatti...


How to cook a juicy Thanksgiving turkey | Chef Dez

Thanksgiving weekend is almost here. The aroma of a turkey roasting in the oven on a cool autumn day revives many warm and comforting childhood memories for me. Although not all of us eat meat, the... Full story


Warm up this winter: Add spice to your meals | Chef Dez

As winter is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to add a "kick" to your menu at home. It is very satisfying to curl up with a bowl of comfort food when the weather is blustering cold...


Peanut butter can do more than top your toast | Chef Dez

I still remember when I first tasted a peanut butter and banana sandwich as a child. As I chewed, I wondered how many others knew about this phenomenon. The contrasting flavors of salty nuttiness and... Full story


Don’t be afraid to bring coconuts into your kitchen | Chef Dez

What is hairy, unattractive and available in almost every grocery store's produce isle? No, it's not an unshaven produce manager in need of a makeover. The answer is coconuts. Yet most shopper... Full story


Make ‘sun dried’ tomatoes in the oven | Chef Dez

If you like tomatoes, chances are you also love the taste of sun-dried tomatoes. These robust tomatoes can be purchased either packed in oil, vacuum packed, or dehydrated. When buying them from the...


Food adventures: Tackle a new recipe | Chef Dez

I guess it goes without saying that I love to cook. For me, a perfect Sunday afternoon would be in the kitchen, with music playing, and having fun with ingredients. However, I do realize this passion...


Try these nutritious school snacks | Chef Dez

This week marks the start of yet another school year. If you pack a lunch for your child, that’s about 180 lunches from the first day of school to the last. For many, packing kids lunches is seen as a chore, so its not uncommon for parents to opt... Full story


Get kids cooking with these easy recipes | Chef Dez

Kids are still out of school for about another month. Their spare time is a great opportunity to get them to help out with the family meals. Here are some great "no cook" sauce and dressing recipes that kids of any age can prepare. Getting... Full story


The best Philly cheesesteak sandwich | Chef Dez

It is rare that I eat out at a restaurant, but when I do, as with everyone I presume, I want to be satisfied with the flavor of my purchase. One dish I have found that has always fallen short of...


Try flank steak for Father's Day | Chef Dez

Flank steak is one of my favorite cuts of beef for the barbecue because it offers big beefy flavor and is extremely tender when cut and prepared properly. Due to the fact that there are many people wh... Full story


3 wicked sauces for your steak | Chef Dez

One of my favorite meats on the barbecue is a good steak. I used to be somewhat of a purest and insist on only salt and pepper gracing this grilled wonder, but I have lightened up over the years. Although I have never been (and never will be) a fan...


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