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 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Unmasking the falsehoods around wearing masks | Darn Wright

How dare the government of the free take my parental rights away, such as making me send my daughter to school to be brainwashed that she is equal to my son? How dare the... — Updated 9/15/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

A labor of love and compassion | Darn Wright

It's only fitting with Labor Day in view on Sept. 6 that we discuss the woman who is credited with ending child labor, for the establishment of safer working conditions, fair wages... — Updated 9/8/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

We responded to our nation's 9-11 call | Darn Wright

Over the past two years I have opened parts of my Pentagon 9-21 to 10-15-2001 mental health professional (MHP) volunteer journal to my DARN WRIGHT readers. Now, following this tradi... — Updated 9/8/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Reading comics in public, oh my! | Darn Wright

When I was just a youngster, my mother would let us read the daily newspaper comics, but it was a no no for her three boys to even think about reading those communistic and... — Updated 8/25/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Those who excel should all be acknowledged | Darn Wright

Mask? No mask? Is there going to be classroom teaching? Or is teaching again through Zoom? No matter how we do it, teachers will be there for their students. As the school year prog... — Updated 8/18/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Our history of trying to holster guns | Darn Wright

"If guns don't kill people, why do mass killers arm themselves with guns?" DaShanne Stokes' gun violence question would have fit nicely into Joseph Connor's article, "Putting Down... — Updated 8/5/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

The wonders of 41-year-old Sue Bird | Darn Wright

A phone call from an avid fan of the Women's National Basketball Association's Seattle Storm, who happens to be my daughter, Karen Michelle, led to a wonderful July 11th... — Updated 7/31/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Our ferries and alcohol don't mix | Darn Wright

Even though the Washington state chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) website indicates that every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash, we voters... — Updated 7/24/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

A nation looking for its birth date | Darn Wright

Hip, Hip, Hooray! We are heading into July 4th and our nation's 245th day of birth! But is July 4th, in fact, our Great Nation's begetting day? Being polite, maybe it's not a good... — Updated 6/23/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

When fathers know best | Darn Wright

For the few who do not have it as a pop-up, I am your alarm. Sunday, June 20, is Dad's Day! This day must be a red-numbered date on all our calendars since it is set aside to focus... — Updated 6/9/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Sunnier times means pickleball time | Darn Wright

Here comes our sunnier times and with the sun shining down on us it's time to once again bring out the pickleball equipment. I'm told the Everett Garfield Park is a designated... — Updated 6/2/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

It's a disorder, but really what is 'IT'? | Darn Wright

Due to their symptoms and a long history of belittling labels, a WWII general slapped these infirmed soldiers. Those GIs, who were assaulted by their superior, belong to a long... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Medal of Honor recipient remains identified | Darn Wright

In 1964 our Uncle Sam sent a young 20-year old Army private, who proudly wore on his uniform collar a brass medical symbol, Caduceus (kuh-doo-see-uhs), to Korea. This upstart medic... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

'Be a good boy' | Darn Wright

What happens when a son listens to his mother? To answer my own question, all Hades can break loose throughout our land. And this is what happened when a son stepped forward to... — Updated 5/5/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Identifying, educating, preventing sexual assaults | Darn Wright

Every calendar month and its days are set aside for us to focus our attention on some specific topic, with many of those being bizarre or wacky ones. Be that as it may, additional... — Updated 4/7/2021

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

The vaccine is starting to protect us | Darn Wright

Editor’s note: Beacon columnist Chuck Wright recently received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Beacon asked him to share his experience. Most of the process went like... — Updated 2/3/2021

 By Chuck Wright    A & E

It's officially Christmas movie time | Holiday Cheer

Tis the season of “Joy to the World.” Sitting down with friends and loved ones exemplifies the time-honored truism: that the togetherness of watching those oldies-but-goodies... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Self-quarantine fever

Almost 24 hours a day it's discussed on every major television station. Our friends are constantly talking about it. Even when we are using social distancing, one can overhear... — Updated 3/18/2020

 By Chuck Wright    A & E

The Dark Ages have returned to McCollum Park

Hear ye! Hear ye! Care to return to the Dark Age and Renaissance years of yore when chivalry and heroics on the battlefield – not to mention rescuing damsels in distress – was the... — Updated 3/4/2015 Full story

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Holidays are a time of many different emotions | Guest View

The holidays are now upon us. It is the time of year that brings out many different emotions. There are the strong feelings of laughter, happiness, caring, loving and the desire... — Updated 12/5/2014

 By Chuck Wright    News

Snohomish County’s hidden Victim’s DUI Wall

It could be a “Where Is George?” type of question. Do you know in the southern end of Snohomish County there is a Victim’s DUI Wall, which is sad to say is out of sight, thus... — Updated 11/26/2014


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