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 By Chef Dez    Opinion    December 24, 2019

Chef Dez | Homemade Crackers for New Year's Eve 

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, many people are looking for unique foods to serve at their midnight soiree. One of the recipes we always turn to for our cheese and cracker platter is my wife’s Cheddar Sesame Crackers. These are very simple...

 By Chef Dez    Opinion    December 11, 2019

CHEF DEZ | Peppered cheese bread

People are always amazed when I say I make fresh bread, hot out of the oven, for Christmas dinner. “How do you find the time?” they always ask. My secret is this recipe for peppered cheese bread. Although it is not a yeast bread (it is a quick br...

 By Chef Dez    Opinion    November 27, 2019

Chef Dez | Making food prep easier

One of the most common reasons as to why one doesn’t cook from scratch more than they currently do is because of how long it takes to prepare ingredients for the meal. Whether it involves slicing, dicing, measuring, or simply getting ingredients...

 By Chef Dez    Opinion    November 20, 2019

Chef Dez | Cranberry pistachio banana bread

Since my last column entry was all about quick breads, I thought it would be appropriate to share one of our family favorite recipes. I am certain that we all have made a banana bread in our...

 By Chef Dez    Opinion    November 13, 2019

Where are you getting your information? 

My son is 13 years old and I have noticed that over the past year he has started devoting more attention to his appearance. He recently asked me for a couple of spoons that he could put in the freezer. “Why do you want to put spoons in the freezer?...

 By Chef Dez    General    June 13, 2018

Cooking is just cooking l Chef Dez

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that cooking is a chore, I would be a rich man. The act of cooking a meal is just that: "cooking a meal." It is not negative, or even positive for that matter, it is just something we do.... Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    May 16, 2018

Sauces for topping your pasta l Chef Dez

In previous columns I have suggested on several occasions that one should try their hand at making fresh pasta instead of always relying on purchasing it dry from a bag or box. Congratulations to you if you took my advice and tried your hand at this... Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    April 18, 2018

Start with a blank canvas l Chef Dez

When was the last time you unleashed your culinary talents? I don't mean cooking from your favorite cookbook, I am talking about making something in the kitchen completely from the ideas in your head and following your taste buds along the way.... Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    April 4, 2018

Rediscovering enjoyment at the table

Throughout my years involved in the culinary industry, I have encountered many people who have either become bored of cooking, or don't think the result is worth the effort. Everything is perception; appreciation through levels of Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    January 24, 2018

Should we ban lobster boiling? l Chef Dez

The best way for cooking almost all foods is from the freshest possible ingredients. Seafood is no different, and if anything, even more imperative to do so for premium texture and flavor. With shellfish specifically, it has been long standing... Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    November 22, 2017

The importance of shopping local I Chef Dez

How well do you know your local butcher, baker or candlestick maker? I realize that local candlestick makers are less prevalent than they use to be, but if you had one in your community, they would be just as important as your other local merchants....

 By Chef Dez    General    January 11, 2017

Soup from scratch all the more comforting | Chef Dez

Here we are in January. This is the time of year that is filled with healthy resolutions, but because of the cold temperatures and still limited daylight hours, we also yearn for comfort food. Allow me to help you satisfy both in a single recipe....

 By Chef Dez    General    April 20, 2016

One chef’s praise for braising | Chef Dez

Have recent increases in the price of meat leave you with the thought of becoming a vegetarian? With no disrespect to my vegetable eating friends, there is a great technique to bring extreme flavor and tenderness to cheaper cuts of meat. It's...

 By Chef Dez    General    March 23, 2016

Inspiration for leftover Easter eggs | Chef Dez

It’s been a family tradition of ours to decorate eggs for Easter. As far back as history can take us, the egg seems to have served as a symbol of continuing life and resurrection. Therefore, it was natural to decorate them and give out as gifts...

 By Chef Dez    General    March 16, 2016

Black beer for St. Patrick's Day | Chef Dez

My annual salute to the Irish always includes a pint of Guinness Beer, a delicious black stout from Dublin, Ireland. This full-bodied beer has a considerably smooth finish despite its bold characteristics –and is delightful to drink anytime of the y...

 By Chef Dez    General    February 25, 2016

Why so serious about food? | Chef Dez

One of the aspects of the food and wine industry that I have realized over the years of my career as a chef is that a lot of people take it very seriously. Yes, I take pride in what I do, and I think that the role I play in the industry has an...

 By Chef Dez    General    February 24, 2016

Why so serious about food? | Chef Dez

One of the aspects of the food and wine industry that I have realized over the years of my career as a chef is that a lot of people take it very seriously. Yes, I take pride in what I do, and I think that the role I play in the industry has an...

 By Chef Dez    General    February 17, 2016

The ‘F word’ in the kitchen is ‘flavor’ | Chef Dez

Hard-nosed chef Gordon Ramsey has enthralled many in his repeated seasons of TV's reality show "Hell's Kitchen.” Although his language is somewhat colorful – to say the least – the "F" word we should focus on in the kitchen is...

 By Chef Dez    General    December 30, 2015

Culinary resolutions for the New Year | Chef Dez

Ah, the start of a fresh year. What better time is there to make a pact with oneself to start anew? As a cooking instructor, I encounter many situations with people wanting to improve areas of the culinary arts within their home kitchens and...

 By Chef Dez    General    December 16, 2015

The science of baking pies | Chef Dez

The fondest memory I have from my childhood is one that I hold dear to my heart: Fitted with an over-sized apron and a smile from ear to ear, I was 6 years old, on a stool, rolling out pie pastry... Full story

 By Chef Dez    General    December 9, 2015

My Christmas gift to you: Crème Caramel | Chef Dez

Christmas is the season for giving, and probably the best gift I can give to you is our much-loved recipe for my all time favorite dessert: Crème Caramel. Although the process of this recipe requires a bit of care and attention, this is sure to...

 By Chef Dez    General    December 2, 2015

Appetizers for the holiday season | Chef Dez

Whether it's a formal champagne event, or just a get-together with loved ones, tasty appetizers are a must for any successful holiday season party. In today's market place, there are many outlets for one to buy appetizers pre-made from the fr...

 By Chef Dez    General    November 4, 2015

Eat just the seeds of this seasonal fruit | Chef Dez

What could be more appealing to the eyes and the appetite than the appearance of a pomegranate that has just been pulled apart? The sight of the large cluster of seeds glistening like a crimson beehive makes my mouth water! The taste of these juicy...

 By Chef Dez    General    September 30, 2015

A classic soup done Chef Dez style | Chef Dez

Recently, I featured a recipe on Global TV and then in my column for Italian Sausage & Gnocchi Soup. The amount of positive feedback I received from this recipe was overwhelming, to say the least. One of the requests I received within this...

 By Chef Dez    General    September 16, 2015

Peaches don't get sweeter after they are picked | Chef Dez

What is your favorite seasonal fruit purchase? For many, it is peaches. Believed to have originated in China over 4,000 years ago, peaches now make up a large portion of the fresh fruit crop sales in British Columbia, where I reside. Similar to many...


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