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 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Islam: Leadership is a trust from God | Worship

As our nation has elected a new president, I can’t help but think about how some of our early presidents’ beliefs, values and leadership shaped our nation. There could not be a... — Updated 11/23/2016 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

A life lesson from the honey bee | Worship

In 2006, an extraordinary occurrence happened across America, one that put our food supply at risk. Without a sign, millions of honey bees disappeared from their hives, a phenomenon... — Updated 9/14/2016

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Ramadan: A gift that returns each year | Worship

Ramadan began Monday and, for the next 30 days, for Muslims in Mukilteo and around the world, its an annual opportunity to be extra thankful for God’s countless blessings, obtain... — Updated 6/8/2016

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Islam-bashing threatens freedom of religion | Worship

The following is an open letter to the senders of the anti-mosque postcard. The postcard campaign regarding the building of a mosque in Mukilteo does not serve our city or neighbors... — Updated 4/27/2016 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Through our faith we must overcome violent impulses | Worship

The president’s call to tighten control and the enforcement of firearms in our nation should give us pause. America has a problem with gun violence – more people now die by guns... — Updated 1/13/2016 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Muslim, Christian faiths unified by belief in Jesus | Worship

I love this time of year, a time when Muslim-Christian dialogue becomes less complicated because Muslims worldwide love, respect and revere Jesus and are also awaiting his return.... — Updated 12/2/2015

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

America’s guardians of peace | Worship

America has a rich history, and it was exactly five years ago in a speech President Barak Obama praised Muslims’ contributions to American history and culture by saying: “Islam... — Updated 9/16/2015 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Ramadan brings a sense of gratefulness | Worship

Today, Muslims in Mukilteo and around the world mark the half-way point of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan. This year’s fast occurs during the longest days of the years, a... — Updated 7/1/2015 Full story


Show your mother she matters every day | Worship

In two weeks, many of us will join in the national observance of Mother's Day by expressing respect and fondness for our mothers. No matter what your faith or your belief, mothers are loved, and we must show them our... — Updated 4/29/2015 Full story


Muhammad was ‘Trustworthy One’ – are you? | Worship

Do you consider yourself trustworthy? How often we think about trust? Trustworthiness may be a measure of how well they’re working for us. Trust is a worthy moral principle for everyone that can give our society a sense of... — Updated 1/13/2015


We have much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving | Worship

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving Day during a time when he was trying to hold our nation together. Though today this holiday is mostly seen as a reminder of the Native American and pioneer families who, more... — Updated 11/26/2014


First Granny a symbol of American family unity | Worship

I always shy away from politics, but there is something going on in the White House that should bring us all to pause: President Barack Obama’s mother-in-law, America's First Granny, lives in the White House, making it a... — Updated 9/10/2014


Summer fast a transformative experience | Worship

Very few experiences can produce such an intense spiritual and social impact on a Muslim as fasting the month of Ramadan. Its annual honorable exercise in self-discipline and self-restraint are for God alone. Refraining from food,... — Updated 6/25/2014


What true happiness is really all about | Worship

What is real happiness? No doubt it’s something we all want, but how many of us know how to achieve it and really feel? Material wealth is obviously not the answer. We live in a materialistic society, but seriously, an excess of... — Updated 4/23/2014


Thanksgiving is about being thankful | Weekly Worship

Next Thursday, our country will observe Thanksgiving Day, marking a time when the Native Americans and pioneering families gave thanks. Traditionally, we use this occasion to gather for a family meal that can include roasted... — Updated 11/20/2013

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Constant communion with extended family

I believe we ALL share the same basic needs to feel needed, appreciated respected and loved. Without these needs, we cannot really be said to be human. They are the foundation to a... — Updated 9/25/2013 Full story


Summer fast a time for reflection

Just after sunset on Monday, July 9, Ramadan will begin. Ramadan is a month-long ritual that requires Muslims to fast each day from sunrise to sunset and for local Muslims, they will be 18-hour days. The lunar calendar has pushed R... — Updated 7/3/2013


Caring for your parents can bring you joy

Our county has many occasions to show appreciation for special people and events, such as Presidents Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. I am grateful for the importance of these occasions, but... — Updated 5/29/2013


The Quran: Science and miracles in a book

My father was from India where he grew up in a small village memorizing the Quran in its original Arabic language, taught to him in the same one-room schoolhouse as generations in his village had done for hundreds of years. In the... — Updated 1/16/2013

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Next week our nation will celebrate an annual tradition that transcends religion, race or culture. For this, we can thank President Abraham Lincoln who, in 1863, proclaimed the... — Updated 11/14/2012


Hajj begins next week

One week from today millions of Muslims of every ethnicity will begin arriving in Mecca for the annual Hajj. My wife and I made the annual Muslim pilgrimage just a few years ago, and it is life changing to say the least. Hajj is... — Updated 10/10/2012 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Fasting helps achieve new spiritual goals

Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims is in its second week. It’s an annual opportunity to practice self-control, cleanse the body, mind and soul and feel the peace that... — Updated 8/1/2012

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

The rewards of gardening

Summer gardening can be one of the many rewards of the season. Having already seeded my composted soil with the usual northwest favorites after careful cultivating and nurturing, I... — Updated 5/23/2012 Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

Interfaith dialogue for religious understandings

In the 1970s I experienced my very first interfaith dialogue when I invited Camp Brotherhood, an interfaith retreat center near Mount Vernon. It had a tremendous effect on my life.... — Updated 2/29/2012

 By Aziz Junejo    Opinion

America fosters religious tolerance

A survey recently reported that more than 90 percent of people in our country believe in God or in a universal power, which confirms what I have always believed about the religious... — Updated 11/16/2011


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