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Worship | An alliance of Muslims, Christians, and Catholics

The recent movie “The Two Popes” fascinated me, mostly because I believe Pope Francis embodies the saint who talked peace with Muslims. I remember when Muslims around the world congratulated Catholics on the election of Pope Francis Bergoglio,...


Worship | Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect

In 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving Day during a time he was trying to hold our nation together. Today, the holiday is seen as a reminder of the Native American and pioneer families who, more than a...


Show gratitude and thankfulness l Worship

One week ago was the anniversary of Ashura, when Muslims around the world fasted in recognition of the day God rescued Moses and his followers from the Egyptian Pharaoh. It’s a story that serves to remind us about the human weaknesses of pride and...

 By Aziz Junejo    General    June 12, 2019

Making amends as obedience to the one God

Eid al Fitr is the three-day celebration, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan, important to Muslims as Christmas or Hanukkah is to others of the Abrahamic faiths. Eid al Fitr is one of two equally major holidays for Muslims around the world,... Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    General    May 8, 2019

Ramadan provides a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our creator

For Muslims around the world, the holy month of Ramadan began Monday, a month-long ritual of fasting, offering Muslims the opportunity to increase one’s spirituality and appreciate God’s countless blessings. Muslims will fast each day from sunris...


How is your neighbor? l Worship

Who couldn’t appreciate Fred Rogers in the PBS television show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”? He was an early role model of a friendly neighbor, singing, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Being neighborly in America in the 21st century has... Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    General    October 3, 2018

Columbus Day and our coexistence l Worship

Monday is Columbus Day. The story of the Italian explorer’s arrival in the New World is familiar to us all, but history often overlooks an extraordinary chapter that affected the commissioning of his voyage. Columbus was persistent, trying for...

 By Aziz Junejo    General    June 20, 2018

Misconceptions Hurt All of Us l Worship

During Ramadan, I’ve been thinking more about the Qur’an and about my faith in general, wondering why there are STILL so many misperceptions about Muslims. Perhaps it’s American Muslims’ lack of visibility in society that may be feeding... Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    General    May 16, 2018

Fasting for spiritual growth l Worship

For the majority of Muslims worldwide, the confirmed sighting of a new crescent moon Tuesday evening ushered in the holy month of Ramadan, a 1,400-year-old ritual, a reminder to practice self-restraint, increase one’s spirituality and appreciate...


Faith through actions and deeds l Worship

Faith can mean different things to different people, but when a person’s religious teachings guide them to act ethically and perform good deeds for no other agenda than to please the creator, I call that faith in action. For many folks, having fait... Full story


For humanity’s sake, choose humility over arrogance | Worship

This Saturday is the anniversary of Ashura, when Muslims around the world fast in recognition of the day God rescued Moses and his followers from the Egyptian Pharaoh. Muslims believe Jews and Christians share much in common, and this story serves...

 By Aziz Junejo    General    June 14, 2017

Being frugal may be a blessing in disguise | Worship

This year, Ramadan has local Muslims fasting for 18 hours every day, though I have never taken fasting as a hardship; it’s a discipline – a powerful, spiritual discipline meant for God alone. Giving up comforts such as that mid-morning cappuccino... Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    General    May 24, 2017

Fasting takes discipline, inspires us to be thankful | Worship

Ramadan this year will begin on Friday evening, May 26 – a time when Muslims around the world are required to fast from pre-dawn to sunset for 30 days as a form of worship. The Qur’an says: Ramadan is the month during which the Qur’an was...


Remembering a kinder, gentler nation | Worship

I remember a kinder and gentler nation, where folks always gave up their seat for a woman (especially a pregnant woman), came to the aid of a lost child and never thought twice about checking on an elderly neighbor. Today, I am worried. Leading up...


Islam: Leadership is a trust from God | Worship

As our nation has elected a new president, I can’t help but think about how some of our early presidents’ beliefs, values and leadership shaped our nation. There could not be a better time to... Full story


A life lesson from the honey bee | Worship

In 2006, an extraordinary occurrence happened across America, one that put our food supply at risk. Without a sign, millions of honey bees disappeared from their hives, a phenomenon that raised awaren...

 By Aziz Junejo    General    June 8, 2016

Ramadan: A gift that returns each year | Worship

Ramadan began Monday and, for the next 30 days, for Muslims in Mukilteo and around the world, its an annual opportunity to be extra thankful for God’s countless blessings, obtain forgiveness for...

 By Aziz Junejo    General    April 27, 2016

Islam-bashing threatens freedom of religion | Worship

The following is an open letter to the senders of the anti-mosque postcard. The postcard campaign regarding the building of a mosque in Mukilteo does not serve our city or neighbors well. People of all faiths have a responsibility to defend each othe... Full story


Through our faith we must overcome violent impulses | Worship

The president’s call to tighten control and the enforcement of firearms in our nation should give us pause. America has a problem with gun violence – more people now die by guns than by cars. It reminds me of how essential it is for good people... Full story


Muslim, Christian faiths unified by belief in Jesus | Worship

I love this time of year, a time when Muslim-Christian dialogue becomes less complicated because Muslims worldwide love, respect and revere Jesus and are also awaiting his return. Jesus’ spiritual legacy offers Muslims and Christians a unique...


America’s guardians of peace | Worship

America has a rich history, and it was exactly five years ago in a speech President Barak Obama praised Muslims’ contributions to American history and culture by saying: “Islam has always been part of America.” Many folks may not know hundreds... Full story

 By Aziz Junejo    General    July 1, 2015

Ramadan brings a sense of gratefulness | Worship

Today, Muslims in Mukilteo and around the world mark the half-way point of fasting for the holy month of Ramadan. This year’s fast occurs during the longest days of the years, a 1,400-year-old ritual reminding the faithful to practice... Full story


Show your mother she matters every day | Worship

In two weeks, many of us will join in the national observance of Mother's Day by expressing respect and fondness for our mothers. No matter what your faith or your belief, mothers are loved, and we must show them our appreciation. All of the... Full story


Muhammad was ‘Trustworthy One’ – are you? | Worship

Do you consider yourself trustworthy? How often we think about trust? Trustworthiness may be a measure of how well they’re working for us. Trust is a worthy moral principle for everyone that can give our society a sense of security. For me, it’s...


We have much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving | Worship

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving Day during a time when he was trying to hold our nation together. Though today this holiday is mostly seen as a reminder of the Native American and pioneer families who, more than one hundred...


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